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Sep 22, 2009

Shielding Vintage Furniture

Wooden furniture that has been passed down through the generations is valuable to us. We either want to use it, or would like to preserve it as a memory of the past. Such wooden furniture cannot fend for itself and thus can be damaged very easily. But sadly, very few use a commercial storage facility in Abu Dhabi to preserve such vintage.

4 Causes of Damage to wooden furniture:

Light- Light may be good for plants and trees but is not good for your wooden furniture. The damage supposedly done to furniture by light is irreversible and unstoppable. It makes the wood brittle along with affecting the surface of the furniture.

Moisture- If the environment in which it is stored has high amounts of humidity, wooden furniture swells as it absorbs moisture and later cracks or splits on drying. It also accelerates the growth of mold on wood.

Insects- They eat their way into wood, leaving holes and won’t stop until the entire piece of wood is finished. Insects are the biggest threats to your age old furniture, which is why you have to stay alert for signs of infestation.

Water- Spilling water on such furniture can lead to the formation of white coloured patches. Thus you need to be extra careful if you have tiny tots around who might accidentally do the same.

All the above causes of damage can be greatly taken care of by a commercial self storage facility with the help of climate controlled storage. The Box offers more than adequate space and unique efficiency when it comes to the storage of wooden items like furniture and paintings. Located in Abu Dhabi, our storage company can provide you with a unit that best suits your spatial requirements.

Image credit: www.rehabvintage.net

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