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Sep 27, 2009

Access Denied!

Generally, every storage company has restrictions on what is allowed to be stored in their facility. But these restrictions differ from company to company. Restrictions are made for a logical reason and exist even in the storage facilities in Abu Dhabi. They are made to protect the facility as well as all the goods being stored in it. Some of the items that are not allowed to be stored in storage facilities are-

1. .Hazardous and combustible items

Any thing that is capable of exploding or causing an explosion is usually not allowed to be stored in a storage facility. This includes fireworks, fuels, aerosols, gun powder, etc. Except for the fuel in a vehicle, stored in the facility, no other hazardous material is admitted.

2. .Animals and plants

Plants attract insects and pests. Even animals might do the same. Besides, a storage facility is no place for any living thing, as the structure of the building normally doesn’t include windows.

3. .Perishable food items

Only certain storage houses store food items on a short term basis. You need to check with the facility in Abu Dhabi before you make a booking.

4. .Valuables

Jewellery, for example is best kept or is meant to be kept inside a locker in a bank. Each storage company has a different definition of what is considered as valuable.

Just because one company doesn’t allow the storage of a particular item, it doesn’t mean another company also won’t. For better decision making, go through the published list provided by each storage facility in Abu Dhabi . To find out what is permitted and what is not at The Box, just give us a call.

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