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Jun 11, 2012

Hosting the Euro 2012 at home?

The Euro 2012 has just kicked-off? Who are you rooting for? Last year was a blast but you didn’t quite enjoy the sports bar so you decided to cheer right from the comfort of your own home and even call in your friends and office mates. So you’re planning the entire evening out with the gang—team flags all over the place—all decorated and ready. But then you suddenly realise, that your apartment is a bit too crowded and the interior decor has a high probability of being mangled with once everybody gets into the mood of the game. What do you do?
storage facility in Abu Dhabi,personal storage

 Why not rent out a storage unit at a storage facility in Abu Dhabi and store all of your valuable decor and unnecessary furniture out there and make more space at home for your mates? Apart from making some extra space at home, personal storage will also make your living space more functional and ‘game ready’.

As for your decor and all of the extra furniture, it will be safe and sound at your nearest storage facility in Abu Dhabi. If you store with us, at The Box in Abu Dhabi, we would more than glad to help you out in hauling in all those extra items from your home that occupy unnecessary space making your house look like a complete mess. For the DIYer, our facility is loaded with trolleys and trucks to help you move your goods within our facility with ease. You can also opt for climate-controlled storage just in case you need to store something delicate for a longer period of time. Feel free to contact us at our website www.storageinabudhabi.com for all your queries and we will be more than glad to get back to you.

the box storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

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