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Feb 15, 2016

4 Things You Should Do Before Moving

From the time you step your foot outside your current home to the time you reach your new home, the entire time you are experiencing mixed feelings. In order to ensure a desired experience, it is important to do a check on these factors to ensure you are moving to the right place.

1. Price

Some cities have low rentals while some have high rentals. So if you are moving to a new place, and planning to stay there on rent, check out the rentals across the city. And of you are planning to buy a house, calculate how much you can spend and can leave a comfortable life. The EMIs can make you go berserk sometimes. Hence, ensure you maintain a decent credit score to avoid higher EMI rates or rejection of your loan plea.

2. Estimates of essentials

Essentials comprise of list of items like basic utility items, health care, and groceries. The prices of these essentials multiply when you factor in the cost of travelling. Do you need to take public transport or private transport to access essentials? Can you walk to office or need a vehicle? Such factors hugely impact your monthly costs.

3.  Ensuring your lifestyle is retained

For instance, if a person goes to play tennis regularly around his current residence, he might want to ensure availability of a tennis ground nearby. Similarly, you might want to ensure easy access to cultural events, entertainment, parks, gyms, temples, or malls to prevent being estranged from your lifestyle. For this you can visit and explore the area before moving to get a feel of the place.

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