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Sep 23, 2009

How Much Space Do I Need?

After deciding on the number of items that need to go out of your house or your office and into a store house, the next step is to determine and select the size of the storage unit. Your storage unit must be big enough to be able to lodge all your items together. Don’t choose one that is too big or you might land up wasting your money. If unsure about what to do, ask an expert at your storage facility in Abu Dhabi to help you select the right sized unit for your purpose.

But before you do so, it is always better to have a fair idea about the standard sizes and capacities of the storage units around Abu Dhabi. They are as follows:

A 25 sq feet unit roughly holds a table with a computer, with almost equal room left for placing other smaller items.

A 50 sq feet unit is as good as a walk-in closet. It can hold the essential furnishings of a typical office cabin (like the computer, table, chair, file cupboards and extra boxes).

A 100 sq feet unit is perfect for holding the furnishings of a bedroom.

A 150 sq feet unit can easily hold the furnishings of 2 bedrooms.

A 200 sq feet unit can house all the furniture of a small house or apartment.

A 375 sq feet unit can easily accommodate a vehicle with some room still left to store other things.

Our customized storage solutions in UAE offer different sized storage units and more. Call The Box and we will send you our specialist free of cost to give you a space requirement estimate.

Image credit: www.wonderhowto.com

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