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Sep 27, 2009

Access Denied!

Generally, every storage company has restrictions on what is allowed to be stored in their facility. But these restrictions differ from company to company. Restrictions are made for a logical reason and exist even in the storage facilities in Abu Dhabi. They are made to protect the facility as well as all the goods being stored in it. Some of the items that are not allowed to be stored in storage facilities are-

1. .Hazardous and combustible items

Any thing that is capable of exploding or causing an explosion is usually not allowed to be stored in a storage facility. This includes fireworks, fuels, aerosols, gun powder, etc. Except for the fuel in a vehicle, stored in the facility, no other hazardous material is admitted.

2. .Animals and plants

Plants attract insects and pests. Even animals might do the same. Besides, a storage facility is no place for any living thing, as the structure of the building normally doesn’t include windows.

3. .Perishable food items

Only certain storage houses store food items on a short term basis. You need to check with the facility in Abu Dhabi before you make a booking.

4. .Valuables

Jewellery, for example is best kept or is meant to be kept inside a locker in a bank. Each storage company has a different definition of what is considered as valuable.

Just because one company doesn’t allow the storage of a particular item, it doesn’t mean another company also won’t. For better decision making, go through the published list provided by each storage facility in Abu Dhabi . To find out what is permitted and what is not at The Box, just give us a call.

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Climate Controlled Storage

Many people believe that storing items in a climate controlled storage facility does not help or make much of a difference. Well, it is certainly not so. You will surely have to pay a bigger sum of money to keep your goods in one, but a climate controlled storage unit in Abu Dhabi is definitely worth the price.

Unlike what people think, ‘climate controlled’ storage doesn’t only differ from a standard storage unit in terms of temperature regulation. There is a lot more to this term than you think. This kind of facility also maintains the level of dust, humidity and wind along with the temperature in a storage unit. Many items require climate controlled storage. Some of those items are oil paintings, paper documents, clothing, furniture (leather, wooden), musical equipment, instruments, perishable items, etc. Only the experts at your storage facility in Abu Dhabi will be able to tell the necessary precautions that need to be taken in your unit for the item to be preserved. Before shifting your goods to a storage company you also need to check if the entire facility has a backup, in case the power runs out. This is the only way to trust a storage company.

The Box thinks of climate controlled storage as an investment and so does its customers. Our innovative ideas for storage in Abu Dhabi are sure to please you.

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Sep 25, 2009

Self Storage: Benefits

The idea behind renting a self-storage unit is to have your own personal space. A space that is dry and clean in which you can store your belongings, knowing that they are secure. Self-storage in Abu Dhabi is needed by different people (by organizations and individuals) for different reasons like shifting residence or office addresses, document storage, clearing excess clutter in the home or office, etc.

The benefits of self-storage are as follows:

-You can store almost any item (personal items, commercial items, documents, vehicles) in your storage unit as long as you want. These units come of various sizes ranging from an average of 25 sq feet to 375 sq feet.

-With free 24 hour access to your belongings you can enter your unit anytime, with your personal key.

-The safety and security at self-storage units are features that you really can bank on. Peace of mind is what you can acquire when you trust a famed storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

-Climate controlled storage is another new important feature in self-storage. Goods that have to be stored in an exceptional environment can also be taken care of at a customized self storage facility.

-Along with packaging and storing, they also undertake moving services for office and house removal. Their team of movers will shift all your belongings till the doorstep of your destination for you.

The Box makes provisions for any storage and removal requirement you may have within UAE. They are widely known for our tailor-made services.

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Self Storage: An Introduction

The term ‘self storage’ is short for ‘self-service storage’. Self-storage facilities were also known as mini storage spaces or mini warehouses. These facilities are actually real estate or personal property divided into storage spaces and rented out to tenants. Customers renting a space are entitled to store almost everything they desire, as there are restrictions on what is allowed to be stored.

Self –storage in Abu Dhabi is cost effective. The growth rate of the storage industry in UAE as well as all over the world is a sign that more people are only obtaining benefits by using one. They are the best option for storing furniture, vehicles, valuables, documents, tools, artifacts, paintings and many other items that cannot be stored easily on-site. A storage space offers many advantages right from packaging to providing high levels of security at your storage unit. Customers are provided with their own key or a security code to access their unit whenever they require.

Household and office removal in Abu Dhabi can be a very hectic duty to perform. As a result, these facilities not only provide storage, but they also provide removals / moving services in Abu Dhabi. You can also buy packaging material from such facilities if you are adamant at doing your own packaging.

The facilities and kind of service provided differs from one company to the other. But The Box is a flexible storage company in UAE. Their teams of movers go out of their way to conciliate with their customers moving and storage demands.

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Sep 24, 2009

Storage for Collections

There is nothing wrong with collecting things. A hobby like this turns out to be very enjoyable as long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession. Most people feel a sense of satisfaction around themselves when that one extra piece is added to the existing heap. While some like holding on to little things like birthday cards, others like collecting items like antiques that can range from coins to cars.

If you are one of these people, don’t cease your hobby for the lack of space. Just go out and find a good Abu Dhabi storage company that will be able to provide you with the right kind of facilities. A self storage facility can easily help fulfill your hobby of retaining items as well as create some more space in your home.

Many people rent a storage space just so they can continue preserving items that can no longer be stored in the house. It is also not uncommon for individuals to have two or more storage units full of their personal belongings. So decide on the size of the storage unit and start getting organized.

The Box’s storage facility in Abu Dhabi offers a safe, secure and climate-controlled environment for any collection you possess. Consult with our storage solution experts in Abu Dhabi. Depending on your possession, we will devise a storage solution that will accommodate it best.

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