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Jul 18, 2021

What To Choose? Storage Pod Or Storage Unit?

There can be numerous reasons one needs storage space, either for business purposes or moving to a different place or keeping unwanted stuff away from the house. But which storage option to choose? Storage Pod or Storage Unit?

Let us help you in choosing the right option!

*Storage Pods*

Storage Pods are huge storage containers in which you can store your contents. Then, you can either keep it in your yard or send it to your new destination or a warehouse for safekeeping.

Pack and Unpack Once

In the Storage Pods, the contents have to be packed and unpacked only once. The storage company performs the sealing and shipping work. 

Shipping to Long Destinations

If you are moving from one state to another, this option is apt for you. You can transport your contents easily between long destinations but only if the quantity is less.

Limited Size

They come in one 3 sizes- 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot. where all the content can be stored together.

Lack of Availability 

Storage Pods are limited. Unlike Storage Units, they are not available easily.  They depend according to their availability. 

Limited Access

If you want to store your items for a longer time, then Storage Pod is the best option. Storage Pods helps in storing the items for more time with limited access. If you have a yard in your house, it can be placed there. But, if you are living in an apartment, it will be difficult to keep the pods. 


These pods cannot protect the goods from climatic conditions for a longer time.  Contrary to Storage Units, Storage Pods are not equipped with security cameras and locks. They come with simple locks that can be easily pricked by thieves. 

Time and Cost

Storage Pods are more expensive and time-consuming. As Storage Pods travel longer distances, the company charges more fees.

*Storage Units* 

Storage Units, also known as Self Storage Units, are places where individuals or companies can rent a unit to store their goods securely. 

Storage types

Storage units come in varieties of options for businesses items, personal items and vehicles. For Wine Storage, one can either book a unit or a private vault for their expensive wine bottles. 


Smooth logistic services, 24×7 security storage units via monitored CCTV cameras at every entry and exit, climate-controlled units help to curb any manhandling, theft or damage to the vehicles. 

Reasonable Cost

Storage Units are less expensive than Storage Pods as they do not charge any transport fee.


These units come in different sizes - from 5’ x 5’ft(25sq.ft)  to 20’ x 20’(400sq.ft).  An approximate estimate of the size of the items you wish to store will accordingly help you to opt for the proper storage unit. 


These units are easily accessible for the renters as they have keys to their rented units.

As above the benefits of both the options are given out, now it will be easy for you to choose!

If you want to opt for a storage unit, you can book one at our Abu Dhabi Storage Company!

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