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Apr 17, 2017

Storage Hacks: No More Worrying About Missing Socks

Ever gone through the tedious task of find a pair of missing socks? Here are some easy storage hacks to keep your socks organised and tidy.

1. Color matters

Putting on the pair of your 3 year old son onto the little feel of your 1 year old can make you go crazy. It won’t happen when you differentiate it with the help of colors. For example, keep the pair of yellow dotted socks for your son and the pink one for your daughter to avoid any confusion.

2. Old Navy for young children

Many people love these socks for their children as they come with ‘size labels’ places on the no-slip grip on the soles. In this way, even a 5-year old child can help his parent organize socks, while also practicing and honing his number recognition ability!

3. Store the lost pair separately

You might find a lost one from a pair of socks while arranging your laundry or cleaning the floor. In any case, store these in a separate bag. This will help you pair it with its right match without further ado.

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