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Dec 18, 2015

3 Christmas Storage Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss

25 December is just a few days away. It is the day of celebrations, the day of joy, and the day of receiving and giving gifts. However, it can also turn as the day of havoc if in the hurly-burly of merrymaking you forget to store things appropriately. Yes, storage on Christmas is as important as the Christmas tree. You wouldn’t want to spoil your Christmas evening spending time finding and managing things. Here are three Christmas storage hacks you cannot afford to miss.

Jewelry storage:

Jewelry are delicate items, which if stored in a clumsy manner can get damaged. Here is a simple solution. Get a plastic storage container and several plastic cups. Put each of your ornament in a separate cup. Store these cups in the container. In this way you can store several Jewelry items without causing slightest damage. You can even re-use same cardboard and cups every year. Or if you choose to add panache, store jewelry in vintage cups!

Store tree in tubes:

Artificial Christmas tree is difficult to store as it acquires lot of space. Here’s a great solution.
Get two tubes, each having a diameter of 9 inches. Now wrap a string of yarn around each layer, shoving half of layers down the tube. Label the layers with numbers on every tube. Roll over these tubes in your garage rafters. A flawless and life-long storage solution for your Christmas tree.

Cardboard Storage boards:

Last but not the least, are cardboard storage pools; easy to create and also easy to recycle! They keep the light strings unattached and therefore spruced up, ready to use. Just take a cardboard, cut the ends as shown and it is ready.

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Nov 16, 2015

How To Increase Space In Older Home?

You have no better place to live than your old house. Why? Because the patina on the outer and inner walls of the home brims with nostalgia, beauty, and also gives ample space. Oh wait. Space? Well, not really for many people. Space is often one area many end up comprising on space. But there is certainly not one but many ways one can increase space in his older home. Here are some resourceful tips to increase space in older home.


When youtake time to analyze your home with vigilant eyes, you are able to spot otherwise neglected spaces. While you do this, you can take notes of the possible space options.

Small inches matter | Local Removal Abu Dhabi

While you analyze your home, you will soon find enough nooks and corners that can be transformed into usable space. For instance, check for vacuum under stairs, small drawers in a hallway, or crawl spaces. All these spaces can be used to store different types of things.

Create space regardless of room type

Consider you have a laundry room which only stores a washing machine leaving ample space unused. What? Do you expect me to host my child’s birthday party there? No. But you can surely use the space to fill in with cupboard, streamers, party hats, and plates. And have a more spacious hall or bedroom. You see? Get creative and be practical with possibilities.

Get furniture that also makes way for storage | Relocation Services In Abu Dhabi

For instance, instead of glass coffee table get a similar sized trunk that can also store blankets and stuff. Just think- drawers for an empty space or just an empty space.

So maximize space and have a bigger and better home.
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Oct 12, 2015

Your Home Is Worth More Than A Storage Unit!

“The spare corner or space in your home is worth more than some storage unit”

As you read this article further, you will get a clarity on the above statement as to what it really means and how it solves your storage concerns and also increase your earnings!


A Dubai resident Michael used to live in a 3 room house out of which only 2 serves for him as places of residence. The one left room was used to storebelongings like spare bed, furniture, his quad bike and so on, many of the things were not even used frequently and the room just turned out to be a dumping ground for redundant materials. All these things were veiling the “golden goose” Michael was sitting on!The golden goose was invisible for Michael until a light of wisdom struck Michael on his head through his fingers, something like this.

And then Michael figured this out:

Storing the contents in his spare room was giving him nothing. However, he realized that he could rent this room and earn around $900/month. Michael realized that even if he stores his belongings like quad bikes, furniture, paintings, and other things which he did not want to cast away in some storage and moving company Abu Dhabi, he will spend around $200/month. Michael would however make a profit of $700 dollars doing nothing every month!

Rest, Michael started living his life happily, enjoying his extra money, extra space and new friends who came in as tenants!

You can also live a happier life like Michael with the help of a reliable moving storage and moving company in Abu Dhabi
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Sep 21, 2015

3 Steps To Hire Movers & Packers In Abu Dhabi

It can be a daunting process to hire good movers and packers. With little research, you can save up to $1000 and also avoid scams. Here are 3 steps to help you get the right movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

1. Consult your friends and other allies:

First, list down those centers that are situated near your home. Then visit them individually and analyze their credibility, past record in moving services and so on. Don’t fix a deal on a phone call. Now consult your friends, colleagues and other allies and ask for their inputs.

Secondly, don’t believe that big names can be trusted. Do your research. Also don’t take help from household-goods brokerage services. They may find you a moving company that is not regulated by the laws movers must follow.

2. Evaluate online:

This is the second step to find the right movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.After you prepare a list of recommended movers, do a background check online.Ensure that the moving companies are not linked to any scams by browsing consumer-advocacy sites.

3. List down 4-5 companies and call them for an in-home estimate:

You need to clarify your critical concerns here. For instance, if you are planning to move to another state, ask whether the company will give you a written binding estimate. If the company disagrees then it may give even better choice of binding not-to-exceed estimate. Both types of estimates put a guaranteed cap on what you will pay for your move.

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Aug 18, 2015

How To Pack And Store Glass Artifacts Safely?

Anything made of glass beacons a red signal saying, “Handle with care”, in an implied manner. From packing to handling to delivering, glass objects need special care. Further, you can browse through a terse but useful list of important steps while packaging and storing glass articles-

Don’t cover with bubble wrap directly

Proper packing shields the glass material against potential breakage. However, don’t forget to cover the glass object with a paper before bubble wrapping it. Bubble wrapping directly on the glass object can leave a permanent smear. Therefore, first wrap it with a tissue paper, or newspaper followed by bubble wrap.

Ideal method-

After wrapping the glass object with one layer of paper, wrap three layers of bubble wrap. Stick it with a tape. The bubble wrap is the most suitable material to protect glass objects against wreckage as it gives the perfect cushioning.

Store it in a sturdy container

A strong and sturdy box is important to store the glass objects safely. To prevent objects colliding with each other during transit, insert a cardboard between adjacent glass items. Storage in Abu Dhabi provides boxes of varied shapes and sizes so that customers procure sufficient space to store and transport their glass items safely.

Add a fragile beacon

Label the box as “Fragile”. This alludes to anyone about the delicate material inside and therefore propels careful handling during transit.
Storage in Abu Dhabi provides storage units for safe storage of glass materials. It even provides a thorough assistance from careful packing, and handling to delivering glass objects to respective units.
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Jul 17, 2015

Two Tips To Make Your Little Home More Spacious

A small home often brings storage hassles. Read on to fill your mind with some great storage hacks you can use such that every corner of your home gets utilized in an optimum manner.

I was just taking a walk through the kitchen area when I found something empty and unused about this staircase. It clicked to me that the space beneath the staircase is significant and can be used to store things. “Why not an under-the-stairs library?” I said to myself. And then finally I turned it into one! I am a book lover, however used to scorn upon the inability of my small home to store the books I needed. But now all my books stay safe and comfortable!

Why buy when you can refurbish your old furniture?

When you update your home, it is tempting to just purchase new furniture. Nevertheless, you can always count upon some creative stuff easily doable at home. You can simply renovate your furniture. Renovating you furniture is rather inexpensive and quick. For instance, dashes of paint coupled with some new handles instantly adorn a new and refreshing look on a chest of drawers.

Last but not the least; you can always depend on us for your storage needs. We provide comprehensive storage services. You can store anything from books to bikes and valuable paintings in the safest storage units with advanced temperature control features. For more information visit our website.
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Jun 11, 2015

Three Tips to Make Your Home Spacious and More Eco Friendly

An eco friendly home means way more than merely being good towards the environment. Making your home eco-friendly means making it more spacious and also save money!

Below are three tips to make your home eco-friendly and more spacious.


Fireplace at your home is an inexpensive, pleasant and eco-friendly way to heat you up instead of turning up the expensive oil, gas or electric heater. It also gives an incredibly spacious and beautiful appearance to your abode.

Motion Sensor Bulbs:

Motion sensor bulbs give an incredulously spacious feel besides solving a grave problem. It is a great alternative in rooms where kids often leave the lights on in every room, a hidden cause of your raised figures in your light bill!

Build a garden:

This is perhaps our favorite. It is because no one understands the space it creates unless one experiences it. Try growing a little veggie garden in your yard rather than keeping it deserted. Besides, having your own fresh veggies thus saving some money on buying them, you will experience an ethereal creation of space and abundance of goodness.

Bonus tip- Create your own compost easily with things like food scraps, newspapers, and coffee grind to get your own garden growing.

Do you need assistance for your storage needs to make your home more spacious? Contact us now!
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May 18, 2015

Clever Storage Hacks For This Summer

Summer is the time to sip on cool smoothies and watermelon juice. It is the time to take a swerve to the cool hill stations or a trekking expedition to the snowy mountains.

However, apart from all these, there is something else which needs to attention; “your home”. Further you will notice some clever storage hacks, which ought to take you share of summer activities to give your home an artistic makeover.

Buckle your bookshelf:

Running out of bookshelf space? Use leather belts to store your leftover books. Pretty smart, huh?

Magnetic brush:

Adding a magnet to paintbrush prevents its getting lost or frayed, also avoiding drips to scatter here and there.

Cute yarn jars:

This is perhaps the most cutest, tidiest and transparent way to store (mason jars) to store yarn.

Mini loaf pans, not just for loaves anymore!

You are well aware of these mini loaf pans. Often they go unused and thrown away not considering what marvelous storage items they can be. Don’t believe? Check the image below-

Mini loaf pans are just perfectly sized to store your valuable makeup kit, nail polishes and perfumes.

The most elegant makeup brush storage:

This is perfect in all aspects. Fill a glass vase like the above which is a common household item nowadays with beads. Volia! You have an amazing storage container to prevent your brushes from falling all over the place.

For any other storage needs, you can always rely on us.
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Apr 15, 2015

Follow The TLC Mantra TO Store Your Precious Tools

Tools from chisel to cut pavers are your essential gadgets which you rely on for quick fixes. However, are you taking care of them lest they don’t lose their shine? Here, we reveal the TLC (Tool Loving Care) mantra to store your tools such that they sustain their life-long luster.

How to store tools such that they don’t catch rust?

Rust is the biggest enemy of any DIY toolkit. And what are the primary causes of rust? Humidity and water Rust leads to permanent damage of your tools. To prevent such mishaps, proper storage of tools is necessary.

Storing your tools in cold or humid spaces like garage or an open space is an invitation to rust. Also storing tools in metal boxes is a no-no. Instead, store your tools in wooden boxes.

Why wooden boxes?

Wooden boxes rightly support the TLC (Tool Loving Mantra) for efficient storage of tools. Wooden boxes are ideal materials for tools’ storage as they maintain heat and prevent tools from catching rust. The good quality ones are also well-equipped to keep the water at bay.

Bonus tip-

Suppose your tool gets wet. Don’t worry. Just ensure you wipe them dry with a towel. Leave the tool somewhere warm and nice so that all its moisture is absorbed.

Sharpening stones to give your tools the required edge-

This completes our TLC mantra. Tools become useless once they lose their edge. Give your worn-out tools the required edge by investing in sharpening stones. Sharpening stones scrapes off the worn-out outer surface, giving a new, sharper blade.

Finding it difficult to store too many tools in your garden or garage? Head over to Storage in Abu Dhabi where storage starts from few dollars a month.
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Mar 17, 2015

Unsettled Over Shoe Clutter? Use these Easy And Trendy Storage Ideas

Are you stashing your footwear only to find them getting dirtier and distorted? Here is a lesson to learn that you don’t need to stash your footwear. Refer this blog as a crash-course to embrace smart ideas to store all your footwear at ease.

A useless end-table turned to fashionable footwear hub:

Eliminate entryway clutter transforming a bookcase or an end table into a fashionable hub for your shoes.

Benefits- Hanging shelf dividers with galvanized tray holders, keeps your boots upright and above the floor. On the other hand, short PVC pipe sections keeps your favorite pairs neat and clean in the cylindrical shelves above.

Your easy-to-use shoe storage bench:

How about getting rid of the mess and odor of the thrown away footwear? This shoe storage idea attached to your bedside in the form of a cute bench is surely to have your notice!

Bonus tip- Make sections in the shoe bench with wood or any other preferable material. This will make your task of locating your favorite pair a cinch.

Serving trays transformed to cute storage trays:

Perhaps now you will agree that serving trays are not just kitchen items anymore, won’t you? This is the best way to park your favorite pairs in a forgotten bathroom corner of your house without dirtying the floor!

Last but not the least, storage boxes with picture labels always works, don’t they?

Further, you can always rely on our reliable self-storage and commercial storage solutions in Abu Dhabi for your storage needs.
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Feb 4, 2015

Do It Yourself: A Laundry Podium So Handy!

When you hear podium what comes to your mind? Perhaps a raised platform for a person to give inordinate speeches.

However, did you know that a podium could make the process of managing your laundry more convenient?

If that makes you inquisitive, read on to know how it is done?


Now it so happened that I was sitting behind my windowpane and was gazing the beautiful stars at night. It was a beautiful moment only until the mess of our laundry struck me. We always experienced problems in terms of sorting the clothes. Which ones to put to wash? Which ones are whites? Which ones are dark and colored? We had an idea but it was just an image in the mind like above. We wondered if we could make the idea come alive. For the first few weeks, the idea was ignored until last week. And today we are all happy that we executed the idea to make it come true. I am sure it will help you loads like how it helps us!


Get 2 similar sized frames like above. (You can use the useless wooden shelves or alike.) Attach the two frames on top of another to get an object like this.

It is very easy to assemble the frames to create a box like above. You just need few screws and adhesives. Still if you are finding it hard then take help of a professional. (This will cost very less than buying readymade stands). And when you’re done, paint the entire podium and TADA..You have you own handy laundry podium!

Now put this podium under your washer with suitable labels. You will be overwhelmed with two key benefits.

1. You will find your washer raised to a back-friendly height.
2. Even kids will be able to sort and put the items in the respective blocks easily!

For more information about our services visit our website.

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Jan 29, 2015

Get Document Clutter Under Control Today With These Easy Steps

The paper clutter is overwhelming you and your home's decor?

Maybe it is time for an overhaul. Here’s how.

Create Action Files

When you first see a document, you should be able to make a decision about the document almost immediately. There are three things that you can do with the document.

1. It can be paid
2. It can be answered
3. It can be filed

We strongly recommend that you create 3 Action Files in an accessible location. They should be labeled 'Pay', 'Answer' and 'File'. Put the document in its respective Action File within 10 seconds of reading the document.

Deal with the documents in your Action File once every week and then file away the documents after you've finished dealing with them.

This immediate sorting will ensure a dramatic decrease in paper clutter in your house.

Take advantage of the 80/20 Rule

This is the 80/20 rule.

You only need 20% of the papers you file. The remaining 80% of the papers will not be useful and will never be handled again after you file them.

Keep the 80/20 rule in mind when you are filing your documents next time. Think long and hard before you file a document instead of putting in storage.

Store away

It makes sense to put 80% of the documents in storage.

This new year resolve to limit document clutter. The contents of your filing cabinet should only contain files that you know you are definitely going to consult regularly. All other documents should be put away in storage to avoid clutter taking over your house.

Follow these simple steps and ensure that paper clutter does not get out of hand. 
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