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Oct 9, 2019

Here’s what you should know before using the self-storage services

The self-storageservices have made storing excessive items extremely easy and offers lots of benefits to the users. But it does have some guidelines or rules that need to be followed for proper storage of your items. 

For the users who have never used the service, this is entirely a new concept so naturally this will lead to some questions. So let us discuss the things you should know before using the self storage service in an efficient way.

Shelf life
The main objective of the service was to tackle the problem of storage of excessive items. This service is ideal for users who could not fit their furniture set in their apartment or want to store things that are unwanted at that particular time. Also people with different businesses use the service for storing goods that could be retrieved at a time ideal for their profit.

However, if you are looking to store items like vegetables or fruits, fish, dairy products etc that have an alarming shelf life then this service won’t do you any good. Since the services are usually availed for storage of items for 2-3 months, items with low shelf life should not be stored here.

Toxic Chemicals
The self storage service is used by different types of users with specific needs, which has made the service providers more efficient in terms of user experience. However if you are looking to store chemicals that could be toxic to your other stored goods or the storage itself then you should look for an alternative as this would not prove to be a good storage practice. 

You could go for specific facilities that specialize in storing chemicals.

The storage facility is ideal for storing goods like furniture, luggage or inventory items that could be used later at convenience. But if you are planning to store your valuables like cash, jewelry or any other financially important items then do not opt for the self storage service. 
Although the storage itself is secure it is not meant for your immediate valuables. So the optimum place would be your bank.

Arms and Ammunitions
For possessing a gun you need license and some businesses that deals with ammunitions do follow the guidelines laid by the government. If you own a business deals with arms and ammunitions then the self storage service is not for you. As mentioned before, the service is for general items and guns definitely do not come under the general category.
And as for explosives, NOT storing them in the self storage facility  would be a huge favour to everyone involved.

So if you are looking to use the self-storage service for items other than the ones mentioned above, then go ahead and store away.
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Sep 10, 2019

Things to remember when first moving

When you think of ‘packing’ your mind automatically does the eye rolling and tries to push back the event as far as possible to avoid any immediate efforts. Sadly most of us turn lazy when it comes to packing things for moving into a new residence or locality. But packing is an art that requires proper planning and attention so let us look at some hacks to remember when first moving.

The preparation

Like everything else, packing needs preparation. You need to make a comprehensive plan before moving anything. This is a simple step but will prove really effective in the long run. The plan could involve a to-do-list or a calendar that contains your daily moving tasks, this step will help you breakdown all the work so that you do not feel like you are drowning under the sea of boxes that needs to be moved.
While you are planning your list, you can go over the moving supplies that you already have or you might need for packing,supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap (and remember not to get distracted by this particular item) and materials required for cushioning fragile things etc.

Remember , ‘Well begun is half done’ 

Be an Early Bird

Now that you have your plan ready, you need to start immediately so no future work gets overlapped. Start with the small things that could be completed ahead of the planned schedule, this will make you confident and you can accordingly make adjustments if there are any delays in the future.
During this time you can prioritize your belongings and categorize wanted and unwanted things. Moving is a great time to clean up unwanted belongings. You can sort out the things you need to throw, donate or even want to sell. After sorting out, you will be relieved to see how easy the process has become and for that you can pat your back (if you have the time)


Assuming a comprehensive plan was made and you checked every box on the to-do-list, it is safe to say that the moving ‘will’ be hassle-free and organized. So do not procrastinate and get moving.
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Mar 20, 2018

Make us your Moving and Storage Partners

Moving or relocating to another place is an exciting proposition. However, once you get into the actual process of moving, you realize that there is no much to do. Having professional help by your side is actually helpful and you will appreciate the efforts that go into providing the removal services.

Hassles associated with Moving

Moving not just involves shifting from one home to another but involves packing and unpacking the materials as well. You have to plan your packing and ensure that all items are listed and named so that their access or retrieval is easy. Moreover, you might have to store things that will not be immediately moved including vehicles.

If it is a commercial move, you will have to take care of the documents and their security as well. You will have to ensure that the data is not accessible by anyone unauthorized. Similarly if you are dealing in things that require climate controlled environment, you will have to look for a company that offers climate controlled storage and moving units.

High Quality Movers and Packers

If you are looking for experienced movers and packers in UAE, you need not look any further. We at The Box are the ideal company to choose and partner with for all your moving requirements. We not just help in packing and moving but also provide high quality storage units for temporary or long term storage.
Our range of services as a leading storage in moving Company in Abu Dhabi includes logistics, packaging, storage and removal services. We provide all types of storage units and packaging options for commercial, residential and personal moving. You can also ask for climate controlled units if you have such objects for storage and transportation.

Value Added Services

While we offer the basic storage and removal services at the most competitive prices, we also offer a wide range of value added services that will make your task of storage and moving quite easy. Our value added services include:
  • Inventory management
  • Mailbox services
  • Delivery solutions
  • Concierge services

Why Choose Us?

There might be several movers and packers in UAE but to choose the best one that offers the best services at the most reasonable pricing could be a challenging task. Nevertheless, you can research or take reviews from those that have recently taken these services. Alternatively, you can choose us as we are:
  • Experienced and established
  • Reputed and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Recommended

We offer round the clock security at our storage facilities ensuring that your things or documents are not accessed by unauthorized personnel. Our security features include the following as we care for your things, seriously:
  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • Visitors access logs
  • Safe cargo storage
  • Pest controlled units
  • Fire detection 
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Ground security


When it is about choosing the best storage in moving company in Abu Dhabi, The Box is the obvious choice as we offer reliable services.
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Nov 20, 2017

Best tips to unpack after moving houses

When you have to shift houses, packing and moving may seem like the most difficult part, but with a good moving company in Abu Dhabi, things will be pretty smooth on that front. Unpacking in a new house, when you’re already tired from moving, can be daunting. Here are some points to remember to ensure smooth unpacking.

1. Pack by need, not category

Accepted logic says ‘Pack similiar things together’, whereas it makes more sense to pack a separate box of essential materials only. Get some packaging materials in Abu Dhabi and put together items necessary for the first day of moving - basic appliances, food items, clothes, bed linen, toiletries, etc. Open these and get settled, post which you can unpack other boxes at your own pace.

2. Get help

While the elders of the family may want to do everything on their own, you must let everyone contribute to unpacking. Young ones may be given sturdy and safe items to unpack, and if they have a say in how their room will look like, they will be more enthusiastic about moving.

3. Personalize unpacking

Each household has different priorities, and the unpacking should reflect that. If your life is centred around food, set up the kitchen first. If you can’t live without your TV or laptop, those should be the first to come out of the boxes to have a smooth transition.

4. Check against inventory

We’re assuming you will have made an inventory list to minimize loss and theft, so once all the items are in, check them against the list you’ve made. Track items that seem to be missing. Do this when all boxes are unpacked and save yourself some panic and stress.

Did you like these unpacking tips? Keep them in mind and make moving houses a breeze!

Image source: allthefrugalladies.com
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Oct 25, 2017

How to store expensive clothes to extend their life

Clothes maketh man (and woman, too). All of us have a few outfits that are the pride of our wardrobe, clothes that are high on both investment and emotional value.  Such statement pieces, however, are worn quite infrequently, so it’s the sensible thing to do is use personal storage in Abu Dhabi and save on precious closet space.

Here are some tips to store your sartorial beauties.

1. Spic and span: Your clothes, especially the ones that you have worn even once, need to be cleaned according to care instructions. Sweat, dust, perfume and makeup stains become more harmful to clothes in storage.

2. Wrap ‘em!: Most expensive pieces have studs, embroidery or other designs that can get entangled or spoiled. Wrap such pieces in muslin cloth and layer each fold with natural butter paper for utmost care.

3. Packing: This stage depends on the kind of material. Pack in a way that there is some air flow to the clothes as they will turn musty otherwise. Use hangers sparingly as they cause clothes to stretch and lose shape. Garment bags are preferable over plastic bags.

4. Storage: Use sturdy plastic boxes in place of cardboard cartons as cardboard is a magnet for fungus, mice and insects. Label each box correctly and set aside. Stack each outfit well, starting from heavy ones at the bottom, and the lighter and smaller pieces at the top.

Once you’re done, take your packed boxes to personal storage in Abu Dhabi and keep them stored for as long as you want! This way, your wardrobe is free for everyday outfits while your expensive and dear pieces are safe and secure in storage units in Abu Dhabi.

Image source: saga.co.uk
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Sep 18, 2017

How to Move Your Things Smoothly to a Storage Facility?

Once you decide on your storage company where you are going to store your things, the next step is to look for probable transport modes. If you are finding it difficult to narrow down a list of the most suitable transport modes then do read this article for some serious food for thought.

Moving trucks:

One of the most preferred and easiest options is a truck that will move all your items to the storage unit. A moving truck can accommodate as well as transport things of different sizes and be done with it in just one trip.

Rental automobiles:

If your budget is tight then we understand your plight and therefore we recommend a rental automobile. You can rent a vehicle from a company or even ask for one from your circle of family or friends. However, don’t forget to check the condition of the automobile before renting one.

Self storage transport:

Certain self storage companies offer transportation services at a lower cost than you may have seen on pamphlets or billboards outside. All you need to do is get in touch with the storage company and see if you can strike a bargain. One of the main objectives of our relocation services in Abu Dhabi is to help you decide on the best and most suitable mode of transport for your things.
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Aug 22, 2017

Storage Guidelines for Growing Families

As family grows, also grows supplies. Here are some storage guidelines that will really help a family save lot of money.

Don’t throw away the cradle

Your baby is growing fast. It longer fits the crib. You therefore decide to throw away the cradle. But wait! It is recommended to keep the cradle for it will help you save lot of money when you plan to conceive a second child. Storage issues? Have it stored in a reliable Abu Dhabi storage company.

Old is gold, even toys.

Take for instance America. In 2014, people spent around 370 dollars for toys for each child. It is sanest decision to preserve toys. They prevent parents from spending on new toys. They also maintain a sizeable space in your home because you re-use the toys instead of buying more.

Preserve the school paraphernalia

Every year, the longer list of items for schools only makes you sick. What if you would not have to buy again those rulers, folders, cards, bags, and colored pencils? It would save great amount of time, money and energy! So instead of spending say every October on same items, preserve your kids’ school paraphernalia as much as you can.

Contact us if you want to enquire about a storage space along with packaging material assistance.
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Jul 17, 2017

Essential things to Sort-out Before the Movers and Packers Arrive

The moving day brings with it a whole lot of things to keep you busy throughout. In order to make things very much simpler and quiet, we have listed some to-do hacks before the movers and packers arrive.

1. Create a no-pack area

This should be your first priority; to select a room or area where you will store all the items that will go with you to your new place. In simple terms, that area will be your no-pack zone. Make sure that you inform your movers and packers team that you intend to pack and move the items stored in the no-pack area yourself before they start to pack and move things.

Tip- To be on the safe side, stick a label with the words reading, ‘DO NOT PACK’ on the boxes that are placed in the no-pack area.

2. Prepare the boxes for the move

Just remember that once the movers have packed up and loaded your boxes of items into the moving vehicle, you will not have access to them until you reach your new place. Hence, whatever things you think you will need frequently during the moving journey, have them packed and placed in such a manner that you can access them anytime.

Contact our team of Movers & Packers Services Abu Dhabi for any moving and storage assistance.

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Jun 20, 2017

Why Choose Storage Moving Containers?

Moving containers make for cost-effective storage and moving solutions. It’s not just less price but also other features that make storage moving containers a preferred choice when it comes to storing things.


From a makeshift storage need to storing valuables in combination with a move, moving containers are perfect for every occasion. They are portable and durable. As a result, you can have the containers sit at your location for as much time as you need. The containers can also be transported to the new location during the move or simply picked up when you are finished storing your possessions.

Easily maneuverable

Moving containers are extremely portable. They make the process of storage and moving very easy. Some companies even offer the option of choosing specific packaging, loading and unloading services. This helps you to cut down on costs further. Not all storage and moving companies provides this valuable service. Hence, before signing the papers for a company’s services, make sure your company does provide such value added solutions.

Easy to handle

Moving containers puts the one seeking its services in control. It means you get more freedom as well as flexibility in terms of deciding how to manage your belongings from storage to relocation. Pricing also has no hidden costs involved.

Contact our team of movers & packers In Abu Dhabi for reliable storage and moving solutions.

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May 17, 2017

Tackling the Consequences of Less Storage Space at Home

Less storage could mean stacking up boxes upon boxes in a corner and hurting yourself when one of them falls upon your inadvertent bumping into the boxes in the night. Injuries like such can be prevented when there is less storage space at home by following some easy tips as mentioned below.

Light it up

The easiest way to prevent injuries in the night is by carrying a torch. However, if you happen to go up and down the stairs often and are less likely to carry a torch every time, we have a solution.

#Solution- Make the outdoor steps a lot safer by installing cheap solar-powered lights surrounding the borders on both sides. You can also use small porch light bulbs.

Stay safe in the snow

During snowfall, snow blobs may get glued to your boots making you stumble as you walk and eventually slip and injure yourself. Avoid all this by placing ice grips on your boots.

Stairs are not to store

Storing anything on the stairs may seem like a momentary solution. However, it is not going to help you when you fall over a protruding lamp which you didn’t notice. Stairs are not for storage at all. If you struggle to find space in your home, put all your storage woes on us. Our team of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi will provide you with comprehensive storage solutions.
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