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Jul 17, 2017

Essential things to Sort-out Before the Movers and Packers Arrive

The moving day brings with it a whole lot of things to keep you busy throughout. In order to make things very much simpler and quiet, we have listed some to-do hacks before the movers and packers arrive.

1. Create a no-pack area

This should be your first priority; to select a room or area where you will store all the items that will go with you to your new place. In simple terms, that area will be your no-pack zone. Make sure that you inform your movers and packers team that you intend to pack and move the items stored in the no-pack area yourself before they start to pack and move things.

Tip- To be on the safe side, stick a label with the words reading, ‘DO NOT PACK’ on the boxes that are placed in the no-pack area.

2. Prepare the boxes for the move

Just remember that once the movers have packed up and loaded your boxes of items into the moving vehicle, you will not have access to them until you reach your new place. Hence, whatever things you think you will need frequently during the moving journey, have them packed and placed in such a manner that you can access them anytime.

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Jun 20, 2017

Why Choose Storage Moving Containers?

Moving containers make for cost-effective storage and moving solutions. It’s not just less price but also other features that make storage moving containers a preferred choice when it comes to storing things.


From a makeshift storage need to storing valuables in combination with a move, moving containers are perfect for every occasion. They are portable and durable. As a result, you can have the containers sit at your location for as much time as you need. The containers can also be transported to the new location during the move or simply picked up when you are finished storing your possessions.

Easily maneuverable

Moving containers are extremely portable. They make the process of storage and moving very easy. Some companies even offer the option of choosing specific packaging, loading and unloading services. This helps you to cut down on costs further. Not all storage and moving companies provides this valuable service. Hence, before signing the papers for a company’s services, make sure your company does provide such value added solutions.

Easy to handle

Moving containers puts the one seeking its services in control. It means you get more freedom as well as flexibility in terms of deciding how to manage your belongings from storage to relocation. Pricing also has no hidden costs involved.

Contact our team of movers & packers In Abu Dhabi for reliable storage and moving solutions.

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May 17, 2017

Tackling the Consequences of Less Storage Space at Home

Less storage could mean stacking up boxes upon boxes in a corner and hurting yourself when one of them falls upon your inadvertent bumping into the boxes in the night. Injuries like such can be prevented when there is less storage space at home by following some easy tips as mentioned below.

Light it up

The easiest way to prevent injuries in the night is by carrying a torch. However, if you happen to go up and down the stairs often and are less likely to carry a torch every time, we have a solution.

#Solution- Make the outdoor steps a lot safer by installing cheap solar-powered lights surrounding the borders on both sides. You can also use small porch light bulbs.

Stay safe in the snow

During snowfall, snow blobs may get glued to your boots making you stumble as you walk and eventually slip and injure yourself. Avoid all this by placing ice grips on your boots.

Stairs are not to store

Storing anything on the stairs may seem like a momentary solution. However, it is not going to help you when you fall over a protruding lamp which you didn’t notice. Stairs are not for storage at all. If you struggle to find space in your home, put all your storage woes on us. Our team of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi will provide you with comprehensive storage solutions.
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Apr 17, 2017

Storage Hacks: No More Worrying About Missing Socks

Ever gone through the tedious task of find a pair of missing socks? Here are some easy storage hacks to keep your socks organised and tidy.

1. Color matters

Putting on the pair of your 3 year old son onto the little feel of your 1 year old can make you go crazy. It won’t happen when you differentiate it with the help of colors. For example, keep the pair of yellow dotted socks for your son and the pink one for your daughter to avoid any confusion.

2. Old Navy for young children

Many people love these socks for their children as they come with ‘size labels’ places on the no-slip grip on the soles. In this way, even a 5-year old child can help his parent organize socks, while also practicing and honing his number recognition ability!

3. Store the lost pair separately

You might find a lost one from a pair of socks while arranging your laundry or cleaning the floor. In any case, store these in a separate bag. This will help you pair it with its right match without further ado.

If you need any help with storage from pens to lawn movers contact our team of Movers & Packers in Abu Dhabi.
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Mar 22, 2017

Don't Overlook These Important Things On The Moving Day

Are you planning for a move to your new house? Here is a checklist you will want to go through to prevent overlooking any essentials you will need on the first day in your new house.

1. Fundamental cleaning essentials

Before your moving journey begins, you must have dreamt of your new home with spick-and-span corners with no dust. However, the reality is much different than expectations. From a personal experience, I would strongly recommend to keep your cleaning supplies handy so that any kind of dust bunnies, spider webs and so on don’t turn you off. Also, remember that the floors will get dusty during the move.

2. Corkscrew

This is a must if you happen to raise a toast on your first night in your new house. Whether you’re going to celebrate with a wine glass or beer, ensure you know where the corkscrew is or it might just screw your happy hours. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

3. Batteries

These would seem to you as a trivia, but trust me, absence of these can make you go awry. Just imagine it’s your favourite football match that is going to go LIVE, and you have everything ready from pizza to a nice chilled beer. Your friends are ready with their slices in hand. You press the button on your remote and damn! It doesn’t start. All stores are closed!

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Feb 20, 2017

Your Self Storage Queries, Answered!

You may have many questions pertaining to storage companies, or storage units. You want to make sure the storage unit you are going to store your things with has all your concerns addressed. Read on to clear the air with regards to many common doubts.

We need to buy locks or they’re provided at the storage unit?

Some self-storage companies provide locks at the facility while some don’t. We, at Storage in Abu Dhabi, provide various types of locks to suits different purposes from the common padlocks, and well mounted locks to the most reliable disc locks.

Do we need a cover to insure security for our things?

A good storage company will ensure your things are protected against any kind of damaged influenced by the internal or external factors. However, it is always wise to get an insurance cover for your things, especially if they are costly and valuable. You can also opt for insurance policies offered by the storage companies or get your own insurance cover from your reliable insurance partner.

Can we use storage units for a personal or official purpose?

It depends on your storage organisation. Some rent units even for purposes like practicing as a band or using it as an office space. But many restrict themselves to enabling its tenants use the unit for storage purpose only. In any case, it will help, if you enquire with the.

Looking for a reliable partner for smooth relocation and storage? Contact our moving company In Abu Dhabi now!

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Jan 13, 2017

Making Relocation A Stress-Free Process

The process of moving can be one of the most stressful events in one’s life. The tedious task of relocating brings with equally gruelling tasks from logistics (moving things from one place to another without damage) to ensuring everything is placed at the right spots in the new place.

We are here to make your relocation process simple and enjoyable with the help of some easy steps.

Step 1- Advance planning

Planning always results in a smooth outcome. Hence, plan how you are going to initiate the moving process well in advance. How to handle the heavy furniture? (Hire professionals), Can I move the less heavy furniture myself even before the moving day?

Step 2- Setting budgets

Impulse shopping is one of the reasons for many people’s wallets taking a huge hit. Similarly, impulse spending during moving can make your cash reserves evaporate. Hence, it is important to set budgets. It will save you sufficient money.

Step 3- Create and follow the checklist

Pen down a checklist that will be a record of everything you need to do during the moving day. Tick-mark the tasks as and when they are completed. This will help you stay on track and boost your confidence on realising the completion of all the tasks, thus keeping you refreshed and motivated throughout the journey.

Step 4- Hire professionals

Last but not the least, professional movers & packers In Abu Dhabi will save the day for you. They will offer you the most reliable helping hand at every step of your relocation process.

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Dec 20, 2016

Your Self Storage Questions Answered!

While you are busy finalising your storage company, here is a blog that you can have a quick sneak-peak to have all your common questions answered.

Can I store anything and everything with storage facilities?

You can store furniture, sports and gym equipment, documents, wines, office stock, and automobiles. But you cannot store things like paint, and gasoline that are highly inflammable.

How secure are storage units and warehouses?

If you choose a storage provider that is well-known and reliable, you can rely on the provider for 100% security. Here comes the much important task of sorting and arriving at your storage company wisely. This refers to getting all the details about past and present customer experiences, conditions of the company’s storage units, service quality, quality and know-how of the company executives and so on.

Bonus tip- Avoid a storage company that offers only padlocks and security gates as its most reliable safety gadgets.  It’s because these security manifestos can be easily breached by crooks and thieves. Look for storage companies that offer advanced and impenetrable security systems from cylinder locks and installed alarms to 360 degree rotating cameras.

Our team of Movers In Abu Dhabi offers secure and reliable self storage and commercial storage services.
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Nov 14, 2016

Must Know Indicators Of A Reliable Storage Company

There are many aspects of a good storage company. Have a look at those which will help you decide on a reliable storage company.

The units are in good shape:

Ensure that the buildings are well maintained. Make sure they don’t show any signs of falling apart or any kind of damage like holes or cracks it hints at the facility being vulnerable to leaking, or infestations of termites, pest and much more. The property should be kept clean and in a good state of repair. Dirty and messed up areas indicate lack of maintenance and amplified fire risks.

Proper arrangement of necessities is ensured:

This includes the availability of useful equipment, loading docks, parking, direct access to items, and sufficient lighting and safety precautions. There should be sufficient lighting to ensure easy handling of belongings regardless of day or night.

Occupancy rate | International Removal Services Abu Dhabi:

A high occupancy of storage units is another indicator to help decide the reliability of the storage and moving company. It is because a lack of occupancy indicates that the facility may have underlying issues. Also look out for a facility that employs friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff who’d help tenants or customers at various stages of storage or moving processes.
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Oct 18, 2016

Some Interesting Facts About Self Storage In Asia

Self-storage is acquiring an important place in the lives of people. Having being around for more than 50 years, self-storage companies continue to make the lives of citizens around the world spacious. Let’s explore some interesting know-how about self-storage.

Rising demand in Asia

It seems that people in Asia can’t get enough of storage facilities, saying so witnessing the ever increasing demand from people.

One of the biggest reasons is the alacrity of people for more space either for personal use or to set up a work-from home station. The needs differ but the solutions remains constant- A storage unit to de-clutter life and add space for productivity, or leisure.

Another thing is about the rising rentals. Instead of paying the high rental costs, individuals and businesses prefer storage spaces that are comparatively cheaper. The storage units are also equipped and secure. The need for a storage unit is not restricted to personal usage. People who want to open offices to work from home can transfer the not-so-often used materials to storage units and use the space for the purpose. Storage space has even gone commercial, with the services of storage companies appealing the corporate sector as well.

What are you waiting for? Explore our Movers & Packers Services Abu Dhabi services and make your life spacious and convenient.

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