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Nov 23, 2010

Opt for Best Storage Facility

There are many people prefer keeping their belongings in self storage facility. But they have many doubts which they like to clarify before becoming the member of storage solutions in Abu Dhabi. People have many queries regarding these storage facilities. The queries which people ask mostly are:
1) What are self storage facilities?

Self storage facilities lease space to the individuals, usually for storing household goods or to small business for storing inventory or old records.
2) Where is self storage facilities situated?

Depending upon your requirement you are been provided with storage facility. If you are looking for a small locker they are easily found in the city for bigger storage units they are found on the outskirts of the city.

3) What can be stored in these units?

There are many goods which can be stored in the storage units. But things which are harmful and hazardous to other goods are not allowed to keep in storage units.

4) What are the consequences if the bill is not paid on time?

There are many companies who auction the items to recover money. Some companies have harsh laws and may sue the client.

Storage in Abu Dhabi is a very well known storage solution that provides you with safe and secure environment for your belongings. If you have any doubts you can clarify them by visiting our website www.storageinabudhabi.com which provides detailed information relating to storing, packing and moving.

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Nov 16, 2010

Do Not Store These Things in Storage Facility

Every storage company has some does and don’ts about what should be stored in the storage facility and what should not be stored. But every storage company follow different rule book. These rules are made for the betterment and to protect the goods in storage facility. Following things are not allowed to be stored in storage facility in Abu Dhabi:
1. Things like fireworks, fuels, gun powder etc. are not allowed to be stored in storage facility in Abu Dhabi as these items are combustible and they can easily catch fire. Except for the fuel in a vehicle, stored in the facility, no other hazardous material is admitted.
2. Plants give rise to insects and pests so; even plants are not allowed in storage facility. Same is with animals; they are not allowed to be stored.
3. Perishable food items like vegetables, fruits etc are mostly not allowed to be stored in storage facility. So before storing these items it is advisable to make proper enquiry.
4. Ornaments are kept safely in locker, not every storage company would allow you to store expensive jewelleries like gold, diamond etc.
There are few companies who deny keeping these articles it doesn’t mean that all the companies follow the same rule book. Before registering with a storage company check the guidelines of the company carefully. To know about Storage in Abu Dhabi log on to http://www.storageinabudhabi.com.

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Nov 9, 2010

Move to a New Location with Best Movers

Relocating from one location to another is very exciting. When it comes to the part of moving things it becomes very tire and annoying too. To move our belongings we look out for most comfortable and best moving services. Not all the moving services in Abu Dhabi provide you with convenient shifting.
Storage in Abu Dhabi is one the most known Abu Dhabi movers. They help you in relocating from one place to another comfortably. The company has experts who solve your problems very quickly; they have apt knowledge about relocating. Storage in Abu Dhabi provides you with every single thing essential during moving to a new location. They not only help you with moving services but also help in dismantling, packaging and assembling things. No other moving services in Abu Dhabi are known for providing all these facilities. Storage in Abu Dhabi is one company known for taking extra care of your belongings. To get this privilege you just have to open your account with Storage in Abu Dhabi.
Storage in Abu Dhabi is one the most renowned storage facilities. The company is known for providing various storage facilities like vehicle storage in Abu Dhabi, record management etc. Every option offered at Storage in Abu Dhabi is designed keeping in the mind the requirements of the customers.
For more details visit at http://www.storageinabudhabi.com

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Nov 2, 2010

Store Goods at Best Climate Controlled Storage Facility

We face storage problem at our place. It so happens that the occupied space increases while the empty space almost diminishes. Also if you have enough storage facility they are not climate controlled. So things kept in storage tend to get damaged as time passes. There are storage facilities who offer various storage solutions to their customers these storage facilities also provide their customers with climate controlled units.
There are very few storage facilities in Abu Dhabi who provide with climate controlled storage units. The biggest advantage of these climate control units is that they protect sensitive belongings like antiques, paintings, musical instruments, seasonal clothing etc. The structure of these facilities are different, they have impermeable roofs to protect from rains. Also they are built at particular height to protect the goods inside the units from floods. As the name suggests climate control, the temperature is controlled as extreme conditions may spoil the paintings, antiques, musical instruments etc. The best part about storing goods in climate control units is that, your wooden furniture is prevented from termites. Pests are also kept at bay through tough concrete and metal construction.
Storage in Abu Dhabi is one storage facility which provides you with the climate controlled units for your precious belongings. Apart from these facilities Storage in Abu Dhabi tries giving the best service to its customer.
For more details visit at http://www.storageinabudhabi.com

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