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Oct 30, 2020

Storing your kayak and paddleboards made easy with our 4 effective tips!


Kayaks and paddleboards offer one of the best outdoor thrill and fun. But storing paddleboards and kayaks? Not really. If you use them more often than not then it may not be feasible to store them offsite in a storage unit. The following are some effective storage tips to keep your kayaks and paddleboards safe and sound in your garage without giving up any space taken by vehicles or other things. Let’s delve.

1. Hang them from walls

Let’s get this straight. How many of us have really…really put in the efforts to utilise wall space no matter how many times we’ve been told to do so either directly or indirectly. It’s easy to let wall space go unnoticed. Try harder this time or just do it. Hang your kayaks and paddleboards from the wall. It’s a great way of storing your paddleboards and kayak in which case floor space is retained.

All you need to do is get a rack or a shelf. You can even build one easily using a PVC pipe.

Steps to hang-

Suspend your kayaks and paddleboards over the rack in a horizontal manner (one below the other) rather than in a vertical position to save more space. 

First of all, fasten the stern. Then place your kayak with its cockpit pointing out. If there are many of them for keeps then it’s better to get a shelf that will hold multiple items.

2. Look above you

Another great way of storing your kayak and paddleboard is to suspend them from your garage ceiling. It’s easily possible using robust straps and eyebolts. If it is a kayak just remember to suspend it with its cockpit facing up.

Pro tip – You can store more than one kayaks or paddleboards in this manner. But, don’t hang them from one another. Each item must have its own set of straps and suspenders 

3. Say no to Bubble Wrap

You want to prevent your kayak or paddleboard from dents and scratches so you get it bubble-wrapped. But, this plastic may do more damage than good.

Usually, it sticks to boards made of plastic when you leave it on for long durations. Besides, bubble wrap melts and cooks your board when you leave it in the sun or a warm room. Instead, use towels or tarp or some soft fabric. It’ll keep your kayaks and paddleboards not only intact but also safe.

4. Find space outside

When there is not enough room for storage inside then it’s practical to look for space outside as long as you cover and position it properly. Many choose to store their boards on a rack or trailer.

Pro tip – Ever tried wrapping your paddleboard up in a tarp and then leaning it against a wall? Just do it and see the wonders of this little trick. For kayak, though, you would want to store it on a soft platform. The best way is to keep it vertically aligned or propped onto its side to save space. Don’t forget to wrap it in a tarp to insulate it against dents and scratches.

Happy storing!

Happy surfing!!

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