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Sep 25, 2009

Self Storage: An Introduction

The term ‘self storage’ is short for ‘self-service storage’. Self-storage facilities were also known as mini storage spaces or mini warehouses. These facilities are actually real estate or personal property divided into storage spaces and rented out to tenants. Customers renting a space are entitled to store almost everything they desire, as there are restrictions on what is allowed to be stored.

Self –storage in Abu Dhabi is cost effective. The growth rate of the storage industry in UAE as well as all over the world is a sign that more people are only obtaining benefits by using one. They are the best option for storing furniture, vehicles, valuables, documents, tools, artifacts, paintings and many other items that cannot be stored easily on-site. A storage space offers many advantages right from packaging to providing high levels of security at your storage unit. Customers are provided with their own key or a security code to access their unit whenever they require.

Household and office removal in Abu Dhabi can be a very hectic duty to perform. As a result, these facilities not only provide storage, but they also provide removals / moving services in Abu Dhabi. You can also buy packaging material from such facilities if you are adamant at doing your own packaging.

The facilities and kind of service provided differs from one company to the other. But The Box is a flexible storage company in UAE. Their teams of movers go out of their way to conciliate with their customers moving and storage demands.

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