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Jun 13, 2021

Storage Guide for Military Employee

Members of the military are the pride of our country. But the problems they face due to duty calls are not like civil. They need to move to various cities and countries. They must do so without much hassle. Their families too face a variety of challenges that make day-to-day life a bit of an adventure. For instance, military servicemen and women move at least twice as often as civilians. Moving every two to three years and facing long-term deployment overseas can mean you need to find dependable storage options frequently and quickly. This guide will help you learn more about the active-duty storage options available.


Reasons You Need Military Storage While in the Military

Military moves often include complications like a transitional space between homes. Alternatively, you may face a trip overseas with limited space for possessions. 

Moving to a different 4base: When moving between bases, there could be a delay between leaving one home and the availability of the next. 

Overseas deployment: Vehicles and large quantities of possessions generally can’t travel with you overseas. 

Vehicle storage: It’s possible to have your vehicle shipped overseas, but driving requirements are often different in other countries.

Convenience for moving with a strict time limit: Deployment orders can require you to report to duty at a new military base with a timeframe as short as a few weeks to a few months. Placing items in temporary storage can help you avoid the clutter and hassle associated with the first days and weeks in a new home.

Storage Tips for Active-Duty Military Members

Storage for active-duty military personnel is a common need. But it represents potential challenges that don’t arise in most rental situations. While short-term storage for a move within the U.S. may not be difficult to find, long-term storage is typically needed. This means you need a dependable option to keep your possessions safe for long periods.

Storage features to consider

Military families are like civilian families in that they’re always growing and changing. Their priorities are different from the civilian. Lets list down some guiding factors storage unit of military personnel:

  • Location: If you’re facing deployment in various states or nations, you will accordingly have to choose between finding storage either near your permanent residence or area of deployment. It all depends on your period of deployment. This is usually close to the base, you’ll be stationed at upon your return if you have that information.
  • Climate control: If you have a lot of electronics we suggest looking for a storage unit with a proper climate control facility, to make sure they are in a safe condition. In the event of long-term storage, climate control is generally recommended, as well.
  • Accessibility: Once resumed on the base, it will be a rare scenario where you will require frequent visits and access to your storage unit. But an unplanned visit may be a major priority. So choose a unit giving you 24x7 accessibility.
  • Service and Military men discount: Many companies choose to respect their military personnel by giving those discounts for availing services. Look for companies giving such discounts to you. 

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