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Apr 25, 2014

Different Kinds of Security Systems Used In a Storage Unit – A Key Factor

Security is given the utmost priority by all storage providers. In the recent
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days, there are many technologies developed for providing users with the ultimate security. Before you sign up with a storage provider, you need to see how all the security features are implemented. Though insurance is an option you have in case of damage or theft, you need to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place. Mentioned below are some of the newest technologies used for securing a storage unit.

1.    Alarm systems – Each unit has an alarm system that is linked to the local police station. Anyone trying to manhandle the goods can be caught red handed with the security guards constantly monitoring the alarm systems.

2.    CCTV recording – The CCTV captures the entry and exit of all the people invading the premises. That’s one of the main sources that help to prevent any kind of mischief from happening in the ambience.

3.    Fire alarms – In case of natural calamities, fire alarms are bound to work. Moreover, most of the storage companies ban smoking on the site to prevent any kind of untoward incident from happening.

4.    Biometric access system – Biometric access systems are one of the most advanced systems operating in the storage premises. With such a technology, people’s retina or fingerprints function as passwords to gain entry into the storage unit. That’s the ultimate level of security adopted by companies to ensure that a person gets exclusive access to the stored goods.        

5.    Intercom systems – Intercom systems are also deployed to monitor people’s entry and exit.

6.    Concrete walls or fencing – Such walls or fences are generally created to provide additional security to the stored items.

7.    Password system – Each person has a unique password for gaining access to his or her goods. This helps to keep all the goods in a secured way and helps you to remain sure about the protection of your goods. 

However, you shouldn’t blindly rely on these advanced systems. Instead you should visit the premises to check if all these technologies are implemented in the right manner.
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Apr 21, 2014

Know More about Self Storage – Get Your Facts Right Now

Self storage has evolved all through the years and has now become one of the most profitable businesses in the world. In these modern days, self storage is
used by people to serve as an extension to their homes and offices. With new technologies coming up, security has become the ultimate priority of storage providers. Self storage has a long history tagging along it which brings us to some interesting facts about the same.  Read on to know more.

1.    It originated in China – Self storage first began in China where underground areas would be used to store food and other goods. As the middle age stepped into the picture, the British men would offer crates to people holding senior posts and noblemen who used to stay away from their homes for a long period of time. However, the emergence of modern day storage facilities began in the US where metal garages were rented out to people in need of more space. Presently, the number of storage facilities is touching new heights with each passing day.

2.    It is generally used for personal purposes – Self storage primarily developed as a means to store things that cannot be fitted within the four walls of the house. Some of the other reasons people give while renting a storage unit is reorganizing the home, shifting places, buying a new house and so on. Businessmen generally opt for such facilities to store their manufactured goods. Considering that the items are produced on a large scale, they generally opt for the large warehouse sheds.

3.    It was also used for strange purposes – Apparently, people have been using storage units as their home till the time they were caught. Even criminals use it for hiding purposes but are finally caught red handed. Some of the people have gone to the extent of converting such spaces into meth labs. There are also people using it for running illegal businesses and unlicensed work.

The storage industry is a flourishing one and it has now gained immense prominence in our lives. So when are you planning to rent one to store your belongings?
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