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Jun 9, 2021

Storage Unit Size Guide

Not sure what size the storage unit you need? Let us help! 

Before we finalize the storage unit size of our storage unit, let’s decide to what keep in the closet.


What to do before choosing the storage unit size:


Perform an inventory of your belongings. For choosing the right size you need to know what to store in the storage unit. The number of boxes or maybe the cars or maybe anything requiring temperature control like paintings etc.


What to keep and what not to:


Only because you had it doesn’t mean you still want. Make sure that you only store things you still want or want to preserve. Rest you can donate or just sell off online or in a garage sale. This will reduce your cost of storage and also will require smaller transportation.


Folds as much as you can:


Let’s make sure you pack smartly, reducing the space utilized for storage. Dismantle as many things as you can. Look for DIY folding and storing videos for better storage ideas. Use good quality packing materials to protect your items.

Calculate your space:

After you are done with deciding on what, how, and how much to store finalize the storage unit size. 

We are listing the sizes and the things that can be stored for you: 

5x5: about the size of a walk-in closet, best for storing extra items like 5-10 boxes, twin mattresses, and other small miscellaneous items.  

5x10: great for storing a bedroom or office, a couple of furniture items, and 10-15 boxes. 

5x15: ideal for storing a one-bedroom apartment with multiple furniture items. 

10x10: perfect for a two-bedroom, including large appliances and furniture pieces. 

10x15: great for two to three bedrooms with a lot of furniture and appliances. 

10x20: a good size for a whole house (3-4 beds) or cars, small boats, and other vehicles. 

10x30: ideal for larger vehicles and large items, with room to spare for a whole house's worth of items. 

Measure and calculate the actual storage unit size you may require to storage, as per standard storage options mentioned in our blog, find the right fit!  

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