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Oct 15, 2009

No place for heirlooms?

Family heirlooms like antiques, mementos, etc. are great as keepsakes. But do you feel that heirlooms are filling up most of your closet space? Most of the closets in our homes are beginning to loose their functionality because these things are never able to hold the amount of stuff we want them to. Even when we manage to cram everything into them, somebody is sure to steal you happiness by opening the most unorganized closet of all time, only to find themselves toppled by all your things.

There has to be a better way to get your stuff organized as you wouldn’t want to throw any family mementos away. So the solution is to either extend your closet space or to hire a self storage unit in Abu Dhabi.

A storage facility in Abu Dhabi gives you the advantage of being able to keep your precious possessions away from you home without getting rid of them. Basically you are preserving them, but not inside your home. You are free to hire a unit that is of a particular shape and size according to the size and the amount of items that need to be stored. The size of a storage unit in Abu Dhabi would range from 25 sq feet to 370 sq feet.

There is a unit size for everything in our Abu Dhabi storage company called The Box. You can come to us whenever you need to store anything ranging from business items, household items or even personal items.

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Moving Day in Abu Dhabi!

Even though there are many moving services available in Abu Dhabi, we sometimes hesitate to trust them. This is because choosing the right services can save you time and energy, while choosing the wrong one could create a whole lot of problems. Thus, finding the perfect local moving service in UAE is not as easy as it seems.

But when it comes to moving day, outsourcing packers and movers is always a better option rather than doing all the work yourself. As far as moving and relocation in Abu Dhabi is concerned, the packaging and transportation of goods is done with due care and attention. Professional movers, ensure that each and every thing is packed according to the frailty of the items structure. They decide what kind of packing will keep your goods safe during transportation. If your goods aren’t packed well, there are more risks associated with them during transportation. Thus good packaging and modern loading equipments are the main things you need to look out for in a local moving service in Abu Dhabi.

Professional movers do all this. They even ensure that your goods reach your door step on time. As a customer using their services, you can also ask them to set up the heavy items too. For hassle free shifting you can count on the experts at The Box (our moving service in Abu Dhabi). Our moving teams will handle your goods with personal concern. Information about our services are a click away. Visit www.storageinabudhabi.com.

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Oct 14, 2009

Why Car Storage

Dirty vehicles left on Abu Dhabi’s streets are being towed away as the municipality intensifies a cleanup of the city. (Source: Highbeam.com)

Abu Dhabi is a busy city. With so much work on our hands, it does become immensely difficult to maintain a vehicle that isn’t being used very often. The maintenance of a car gets all the more worse when you have not one, but two or three vehicles to care about. ‘No parking’ is one sign that aggravates us all. That’s why the most convenient option for your car is at a storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

Parking your extra car at a vehicle storage facility in Abu Dhabi is beneficial in a number of ways. If you actually think about it, the price you pay for leaving your car on the streets on particular days turn out to be pricey. Instead of moving your car from one spot to another, just hire a short term or a long term vehicle storage facility in UAE within your area.

Then there are other reasons for passing on the storage of your car to an Abu Dhabi storage company… When you are on a long holiday, count on a storage facility that is generally inexpensive compared to heavy airport parking fees. In a storage facility you can also be rest assured that apart from your car being safe from getting towed, stolen, broken or damaged it will also be well maintained. For more affordable car storage solutions contact The Box.

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Storage Solution for Home Owners

We are all aware about the self-storage industry booming in UAE and all over the world. But this phenomenon isn’t in existence only because of house movers. There are many other reasons why self-storage in UAE is surviving for good. Storage facilities in UAE are a brilliant solution to many problems faced by business people, home owners and students as well. But home owners opt for a unit for their own special reasons:

The main convenience of a storage unit felt by many users is that of being able to rent the exact amount of space, as long as they require. Some use a storage unit in Abu Dhabi if they intend to sell their house. They do this in order to present a sizable home to their buyers. And this actually works! People also land up renting a storage unit when there is a delay in the finishing of the new home.

Similarly a rented space is also required to keep your belongings away from harm while renovating your house: If you have ever extended or re-decorated your house, you will realize how much dirt and dust settles on each and every item creating a mess for you to clean up everyday. But what about the valuables that are meant to beautify your home? Most of your belongings end up getting spoilt in the process. Thus, if you are on the look out for a good storage facility in Abu Dhabi for reasons like these, just contact The Box.

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Oct 13, 2009

Air conditioned storage... Why?

Whenever people hear the term ‘air conditioned self storage’ for the 1st time, they always seem to hang a puzzled expression on their faces. Initially, self-storage in UAE did begin as a business that provided space in exchange for money. Those days nobody had issues related to security, maintenance and customized storage in UAE. But today, it should be realized that air-conditioned self-storage units have a purpose too.

The wrong temperature conditions often deteriorate goods. Excess heat and humidity both, contribute to the spoilage of certain goods. With an air conditioned environment you could actually reduce the factors that could damage organic items like leather or wooden furniture, paper, clothes, etc. Air conditioned storage facilities are thus useful as many items we store are usually organic. Documents storage facilities in Abu Dhabi also need such storage options as many of our valuable assets are usually stored in the form of paper. The idea of storing food in an air conditioned storage unit has also been implemented since a long time. Such climate controlled storage prevents decomposition. How else would we be able to relish food from all over the world?

Of course there are additional costs all related to the electricity bill compared to a regular storage unit in Abu Dhabi. But don’t forget that an air conditioned storage unit is an investment and not an expense. For climate controlled storage, contact our storage company The Box. We make provisions for any storage requirement you may have in UAE.

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