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Sep 24, 2009

Long Term versus Short Term

We often bother about the unit size, price, security and what not before storing our things in a storage facility. But if we do not settle upon the kind of storage we are looking for, then our belongings could be ruined. Have you considered how long your items or belongings will be in store before signing up with a storage company? It is important that you debate with this topic, before shifting your things to a storage facility in UAE.

Some facilities are weaponed to deal with items that need to be stored only on a short term basis. These facilities are referred to as short term storage units. You must know that such storage facilities are normally not climate controlled. But simultaneously, they are convenient and affordable.

A long term storage unit is great for goods that require climate controlled storage. Although a few long term storage facilities in UAE are not, many of the prominent companies do offer customized storage according to the requirement of the items being stored. Clearly, long term storage facilities are more expensive than short term. But if preservation is what you are looking for, the extra expenditure will go a long way.

You need to make a choice between long-term and short-term depending upon the length of time you will be storing your items, the time of the year and the level of humidity in the air in your city. For more clarifications, talk to our experts at The Box.

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