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Jul 21, 2021

Storage Unit - A Substitute For Warehouse?

A new trend has emerged these days. As eCommerce companies and other small businesses are growing, they tend to opt for storage units, a substitute for warehouses. 


Its varieties of benefits! They are attracting more of these companies to their storage units. 

1. Power and Digital Connectivity

Storage Units have 24/7 electricity and wi-fi access. Proper security and other functions of the Storage Units depend on power. Since there’s no shortage of power, these functions don’t get hampered. eCommerce companies can have full-time access to these units through wi-fi, thus making these units secure and digital-friendly. Digital payment options are also one of the benefits. 

2. Organized Units

Each storage unit has layers of shelves for storage. These shelves cater for keeping the crucial documents and items in place and secure, thus helping in keeping the storage unit organized. 

3. Supply of Packing Materials

Storage companies offer packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape dispensers and storage boxes. As per the storage and packaging preferences, companies tailor their services to suit the customer’s needs. All the packing needs are fulfilled at the storage centre itself. 

4. Safety and Security

Warehouses do not have any advanced security features and a well-ventilated environment. On the other hand, Storage Units are well-equipped with 24/7 CCTV cameras and an automatic locking system. These units have air-conditioned climate-controlled sensors. Such sensors prevent moisture from forming and assist in protecting documents and items. 

5. Trolley and Forklift Facilities

Though warehouses provide this facility, Storage companies offer better accessibility options to their customers by giving their customers strong trucks and trolleys within their facilities. This facility is quite useful when the contents are in bulk or more in quantity. eCommerce companies do not have to worry because their products get stowed in the unit as soon as they arrive.

6. Different Storing Contracts

Storage companies provide different storage contract terms. One can either opt for the long-term contract for one year or a short term contract like a monthly lease. Even discounts are granted by the storage companies in the long-term contract. Warehouses do not provide monthly lease contracts like storage units.

7. Cost-Effective 

Fees charged by the Storage Units are much reasonable than warehouses. These units offer multiple payment options like Cash, Card Payments and even Online Payments. 

8. Receipt and dispatch

eCommerce Companies have to receive and send many packages, this being one of the most major and essential tasks. Storage Units ensure that receipt and dispatch services are available on the site, thus making it easy to send packages right from the unit.

9. Insurance Coverage

Third-party insurance is offered to the eCommerce companies to cover any loss or damage done from the storage company’s end in case of an unfortunate event. 

Which storage company provides the best storage unit services?

The Box, an ISO certified company, offers all the above benefits to their clients plus some more value-added services, 

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