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Jul 26, 2021

A Guide For Long Time Storage Packing

Want to put some unwanted items away from your house for a long time? Or are you going overseas for a few months and want to store your items?

Long Time Storage is always the best solution! Long Time Storage is stuffing your goods away for a longer-term in a storage unit. Many storage companies offer different types of storage period options.

But, you have to be careful as the goods should be well packed and stored in the unit to avoid any damage due to moisture and dust.

To pack the goods appropriately, follow the below guide on packing.


List The Items

First and foremost, make a detailed list of all the items you want to stack away in the storage unit so that you won’t miss out on any. Then, accordingly, you can purchase the materials you will require to pack your items with.


Cover Storage Unit Floor

Make sure you cover the storage unit floor with a plastic sheet or a canvas tarp below your large and heavy items. This will stop any dampness affecting the items and help in proper ventilation


Good Quality Boxes

Wooden boxes are perfect for long time storage. Unline cardboard boxes, they are not weak and rarely get affected by moisture and dust. Their strong and long-lasting features protect the goods for a longer time. Any damages are avoided.


Use of Pallets

Piling items on pallets will reduce any dampness or moisture in the unit and allow proper ventilation around it. Also, moving the items will be easy and this will also give quick access to around the unit.


Careful With Fragile Items

As fragile items are more susceptible to damage, bubble wraps, tissue paper and clothe wraps should be enveloped around them. The boxes in which the fragile items will be stored must be properly labelled. Labelling will avoid mixing up fragile with non-fragile items.


Disassemble Larger Furniture

It is feasible to disassemble the heavy furniture for easy and damage-free movement.


Do Not Use Plastic Bags

Wrapping items with plastic bags often traps the moisture inside. This can lead to the growth of fungus. That is why It is better is to wrap your items with paper rather than plastic bags.


Vacuum Sealed Bags

All the items of cloth must be stored in a vacuumed sealed bags. Any amount of moisture can help moulds and other funguses to grow on these items. Such vacuumed sealed bags can safeguard these items from moisture.


Cleaned Electric Appliances

Before packing and storing any electric appliances, they should be minutely cleaned with baking soda or bleach. This process will kill all the bacterias and avoid any moulds to grow and will protect these appliances.


Abu Dhabi Storage 

The Box at Abu Dhabi offers different storage period contracts. You will find all the packing materials such as good quality wooden boxes, plastic sheets, paper bags, vacuum-sealed bags, bubble wraps, and many more at The Box Shop.


To get more details, Contact Us at +800843269 or email us at help@theboxme.com

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Jul 21, 2021

Storage Unit - A Substitute For Warehouse?

A new trend has emerged these days. As eCommerce companies and other small businesses are growing, they tend to opt for storage units, a substitute for warehouses. 


Its varieties of benefits! They are attracting more of these companies to their storage units. 

1. Power and Digital Connectivity

Storage Units have 24/7 electricity and wi-fi access. Proper security and other functions of the Storage Units depend on power. Since there’s no shortage of power, these functions don’t get hampered. eCommerce companies can have full-time access to these units through wi-fi, thus making these units secure and digital-friendly. Digital payment options are also one of the benefits. 

2. Organized Units

Each storage unit has layers of shelves for storage. These shelves cater for keeping the crucial documents and items in place and secure, thus helping in keeping the storage unit organized. 

3. Supply of Packing Materials

Storage companies offer packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape dispensers and storage boxes. As per the storage and packaging preferences, companies tailor their services to suit the customer’s needs. All the packing needs are fulfilled at the storage centre itself. 

4. Safety and Security

Warehouses do not have any advanced security features and a well-ventilated environment. On the other hand, Storage Units are well-equipped with 24/7 CCTV cameras and an automatic locking system. These units have air-conditioned climate-controlled sensors. Such sensors prevent moisture from forming and assist in protecting documents and items. 

5. Trolley and Forklift Facilities

Though warehouses provide this facility, Storage companies offer better accessibility options to their customers by giving their customers strong trucks and trolleys within their facilities. This facility is quite useful when the contents are in bulk or more in quantity. eCommerce companies do not have to worry because their products get stowed in the unit as soon as they arrive.

6. Different Storing Contracts

Storage companies provide different storage contract terms. One can either opt for the long-term contract for one year or a short term contract like a monthly lease. Even discounts are granted by the storage companies in the long-term contract. Warehouses do not provide monthly lease contracts like storage units.

7. Cost-Effective 

Fees charged by the Storage Units are much reasonable than warehouses. These units offer multiple payment options like Cash, Card Payments and even Online Payments. 

8. Receipt and dispatch

eCommerce Companies have to receive and send many packages, this being one of the most major and essential tasks. Storage Units ensure that receipt and dispatch services are available on the site, thus making it easy to send packages right from the unit.

9. Insurance Coverage

Third-party insurance is offered to the eCommerce companies to cover any loss or damage done from the storage company’s end in case of an unfortunate event. 

Which storage company provides the best storage unit services?

The Box, an ISO certified company, offers all the above benefits to their clients plus some more value-added services, 

Do visit https://www.storageinabudhabi.com/boxshop.php to book a storage unit.

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Jul 18, 2021

What To Choose? Storage Pod Or Storage Unit?

There can be numerous reasons one needs storage space, either for business purposes or moving to a different place or keeping unwanted stuff away from the house. But which storage option to choose? Storage Pod or Storage Unit?

Let us help you in choosing the right option!

*Storage Pods*

Storage Pods are huge storage containers in which you can store your contents. Then, you can either keep it in your yard or send it to your new destination or a warehouse for safekeeping.

Pack and Unpack Once

In the Storage Pods, the contents have to be packed and unpacked only once. The storage company performs the sealing and shipping work. 

Shipping to Long Destinations

If you are moving from one state to another, this option is apt for you. You can transport your contents easily between long destinations but only if the quantity is less.

Limited Size

They come in one 3 sizes- 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot. where all the content can be stored together.

Lack of Availability 

Storage Pods are limited. Unlike Storage Units, they are not available easily.  They depend according to their availability. 

Limited Access

If you want to store your items for a longer time, then Storage Pod is the best option. Storage Pods helps in storing the items for more time with limited access. If you have a yard in your house, it can be placed there. But, if you are living in an apartment, it will be difficult to keep the pods. 


These pods cannot protect the goods from climatic conditions for a longer time.  Contrary to Storage Units, Storage Pods are not equipped with security cameras and locks. They come with simple locks that can be easily pricked by thieves. 

Time and Cost

Storage Pods are more expensive and time-consuming. As Storage Pods travel longer distances, the company charges more fees.

*Storage Units* 

Storage Units, also known as Self Storage Units, are places where individuals or companies can rent a unit to store their goods securely. 

Storage types

Storage units come in varieties of options for businesses items, personal items and vehicles. For Wine Storage, one can either book a unit or a private vault for their expensive wine bottles. 


Smooth logistic services, 24×7 security storage units via monitored CCTV cameras at every entry and exit, climate-controlled units help to curb any manhandling, theft or damage to the vehicles. 

Reasonable Cost

Storage Units are less expensive than Storage Pods as they do not charge any transport fee.


These units come in different sizes - from 5’ x 5’ft(25sq.ft)  to 20’ x 20’(400sq.ft).  An approximate estimate of the size of the items you wish to store will accordingly help you to opt for the proper storage unit. 


These units are easily accessible for the renters as they have keys to their rented units.

As above the benefits of both the options are given out, now it will be easy for you to choose!

If you want to opt for a storage unit, you can book one at our Abu Dhabi Storage Company!

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Jul 16, 2021

Packing Supplies List: An Extensive Guide

Packing is no less than the tussle. You have to plan out what you want to pack, how you will do it, and what items you require for it. Once you have decided what you want for packing, all you need are the items for it.

Below are the essential packing things that one will need.

It is the most commonly used packing material. Different types of boxes products are available.

a. Cardboard Boxes: They are the most common and classic packing material. It ranges from small, medium to large sizes, used for packing. Holding some heavy items becomes easy with these boxes.

b. Archive Boxes: These boxes are ideal for transporting crucial business or company papers like documents, magazines, and recording discs. These boxes help in easy and safe transportation and storage.

c. Port-a-Robe Boxes: They are apt in transporting clothes. Here, clothes are hanged with the help of a rod and a few hangers, thus helping to keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

d. Slider Box: Basically, they are long and thin boxes that are the best for packing TV, paintings and other thin fragile items. 

e. Home Moving Packs: They are box sets containing small, medium and large packing boxes with packing tapes and five moving bags. Being most cost-effective and secure, they are apt for packing bedroom contents.

2. Bags & Covers.

a. Moving Bags: They are carrying bags with two comfortable handles and a zip at the top. They can hold light and frail items like shoes, toys, clothes and many more. As they are washable, they are reusable. They are foldable and can be stored anywhere. 

b. Bed Covers: A good quality bed cover can help in keeping your mattress dusty free during transportation as well as storing. The different sizes of bedcovers are Single size, Queen size and King size bed covers.

c. Moving Blankets: They are used to cover furniture, protecting them against scratches, damage and dust during transit and storage. 

3. Packing Papers:   

Packing Papers are enveloped around the contents. Thus this minimizes their unnecessary movement within the boxes during transit. 

4. Padlocks. 

Padlocks are one of the vital packing supplies that help to ensure the safety and security of your goods when they are stored. You can either opt for a  Standard Key-Locked Padlock or a Combination Lock. 

5. Bubble Wraps.

Bubble wraps are used to cover around delicate and fragile goods like crockery sets, mirrors and other glass items. They work as a cushion and protect the contents from getting any scratches or breaking. 

6. Packing Accessories.

a. Tape Dispenser: Tape Dispensers help mark the boxes well. Do make sure that the boxes are well closed and tightly taped.

b. Fragile Tapes: One of the most tedious tasks is to transport fragile items. Fragile tapes mark the boxes carrying fragile and delicate items, distinguishing them from all the other boxes.

c. Packing Knife: They help unbox the contents of the package, making sure they don’t get damaged.

Do visit StorageInAbuDhabi Box Shop to find all essential packing materials for moving.

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