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Feb 19, 2014

Perks of Self Storage - Gives You Space to Breathe

Self storage is the best way to store your stuff safely on a temporary basis. It helps you to sort out the clutter in your home or office and lets you live in a spacious ambiance. The acquired space can then be used fruitfully either for setting up new pieces of furniture or allotting a separate room for dining, sleeping and so on. Mentioned below are a few benefits of self storage.

You get more space in your home and office – Whether you are opting for personal storage or commercial storage, you get more space to use it for some other purposes. Your home looks less congested and therefore work gets done quickly and efficiently.

You get to access the stored goods as and when you want – Most of the storage companies offer the 24 hour access facility that allows you to access your goods whenever you want. You can access the stored goods anytime and keep a check on them as well.

Your beloved possessions are not lost – This is one of the most important benefits of opting for self storage. Your priced possessions that have a great value in your life are stored safely in the storage unit. You don’t have to discard them and they are kept in the storage unit in their best form.

The entire experience is very convenient – There are times when there’s a family crisis, a death in the family, or an auspicious occasion like marriage, when you need to store goods in some place at least temporarily. That’s when renting a storage unit can be extremely convenient for you. You can store all the things temporarily and then retrieve them as soon as your work gets done.

These are some of the benefits of self storage that make it a comfortable option for many.
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Feb 7, 2014

Reasons why you should move during the summer – The peak time

Summer time is one of the most important seasons for moving in to a new house. There are many reasons why moving during summer is a good idea, some of which are stated below:

1. Children have holidays – It is best to move when kids have holidays as they will have plenty of time to arrange all their stuff. Relocating while they are attending school will lead to unnecessary chaos and confusion. Hence to avoid these issues, it is best to move during summer.

2. It’s the marriage season – Often you will have to move to a new place post marriage. Summer is the time when most marriages happen, so you can conveniently move to the new house in this season.

3. The weather is pleasant – In winter, the weather is too cold to move to a new place. However, when it comes to summer, the weather is pleasant enough for people to move out. Moreover, health issues such as cold and flu will not be a hindrance in the summer season.

4. It’s also the real estate season – The summer season is when people either sell or buy a new property. Hence relocating in this season is a good idea. 

5. It’s the self storage season - Even if you wish to opt for a storage unit, you can do so comfortably in the summer season. Considering it’s the peak time, there are a number of offers and discounts in the self storage industry. So you can comfortably opt for self storage around this time.

These are some of the reasons why summer is considered to be the ideal time for moving from one place to another. It is also the right time to opt for a self storage facility. 

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