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Mar 13, 2010

Comfort At Your Fingertips

The aim of The Box is to solve all the issues of packing, storing and moving things. The company wants its clients to be stress free when it comes to storing or moving their belongings. We make sure to offer all the possible convenient options available to all our customers. This has made us one of the best self storage in Abu Dhabi.

Before you reserve any unit, it is necessary to know all the information regarding the unit you want. You must be in an assumption that the only way to find out all the details is to visit our company. But this is not true you can reserve a unit for yourself comfortably from home. The company website has the option Book Your Space through which you can book a unit for yourself. You will be assisted by our company professional who will confirm your reservation. You can also know the amount of rent that you will be paying for the size of unit you have selected. All your queries will be answered correctly by our personnel. We love giving comfort to our customers and hence we have designed our site in a way that makes dealing with us simple. Everything is available at your fingertips, just a click away.

The Box serves its customers with short term and long term storage units. We are fully equipped with all types of residential and commercial self storage. You can also purchase good quality packaging material in Abu Dhabi from our company.

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Mar 12, 2010

Safeguard Your Computers

Electronic items are costly and there is a special way to handle them. Very often electronic items stop functioning just because they are not managed properly. One of the most expensive gadgets is computer. Computers too can go out of order when not maintained properly. In today’s technological world every work is carried out with the help of computer. You will not find a single office without computers.

While renovating your office you will have to see to it that computers are kept safely. If each and every corner in your office is under construction then where will you keep your computers and laptops? You can not move all the computers in your office to your home as they will occupy too much of space. Moreover such gadgets require proper care even little carelessness can cost you a considerable amount of sum. The best way is to opt for commercial self storage in Abu Dhabi. A climate controlled unit will best serve the purpose of maintaining computers. You can keep all your computers safe in this store house until your office is furnished fully. Abu Dhabi movers will make shifting them back to your office easy and stress free. Along with computers you can store many other important things in the commercial self storage at The Box.

The Box offers you ample of space and advanced security to keep all your belongings safe. The company also provides packaging materials and moving service in Abu Dhabi. Efficient company professionals will guide thoroughly to give you the best service.

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Mar 9, 2010

Relocating To Multiple Destinations

Shifting is one of those few things which can not be done single handedly. At the same time to make moving easier many things have to be taken into consideration. Moving is just one part of a whole picture called relocating to a new place. If you take assistance from a specialist of moving then things become simple for you. Abu Dhabi movers at The Box provide all the facilities to make packing, storing and moving convenient.

Large offices are extremely difficult to shift. Everything needs to be handled perfectly. If you own multiple offices and want to shift to a single location then moving service in Abu Dhabi will suit best to your requirements. If the situation is opposite i.e. you have to move your large office to multiple locations then again moving and relocation in Abu Dhabi will be the best. We do understand that shifting offices becomes more strenuous when multiple locations are involved. Hence The Box offers you special option for shifting large offices. Shifting executive offices and mass moving requirements of building or hotels are also taken care of. The Box shifts things like computers, furniture, documents, telephones, printers and everything with proper care to new locations. We are one of the famous Moving services in Abu Dhabi and have variety of options for convenience of clients.

We at The Box not only look after your storage concerns but also solve your relocating issues. Our storage and moving service is equipped with latest facilities to serve our customers duly.

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Mar 8, 2010

An Easy Way To Tidy Up Your Home

Let us accept the fact that no one likes the job of house cleaning. Even those who keep their homes clean and tidy do not enjoy the chore of cleaning. If you are shifting to a new residence you will be in need of making your home completely dirt free and uncluttered. We at The Box understand your needs and serve you with all the facilities.

You will definitely design your new house with latest interiors to give it a different look. Carpenters, painters, electricians, masons will design your house and equip it with necessary things. But their work will spoil the neatness of your house, all these works leave behind dirt and stains. It is a difficult task to clean a house full of mess by yourself. Hence a self storage In Abu Dhabi will help you with that. Before the company professionals move all your belongings safely they will make your house neat and orderly. You don’t have to worry about your glassware, mirrors, gifts or any other delicate articles; everything will be cleaned with extra care. Windows are often one of the difficult things to wash but our professionals know the perfect way to clean them.

The Box is an ideal option to deal with when you move to a new location. All the problems are resolved with ease at this storage solution in Abu Dhabi. Whether it’s packing, storing or moving we have solution for everything. Along with that we relieve you with the tension of cleaning your home.

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