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Nov 27, 2020

Why storing forklifts at a forklifts storage facility is highly beneficial?


Forklifts are built for rugged outdoor work so they are made to be more resilient than their indoor counterparts. Having said that, you do not want to leave your forklift in a highly vulnerable position outside. Aside from the fact that there is always the threat of vandalism to your business property, there is a constant concern of rain, humidity, snow, or heat damaging your forklift through corrosion that can wear on the forklift’s exterior and interior parts.

Besides, a forklift is an expensive machine, so the cost of repairing or replacing it can become quite expensive. This is where forklifts storage facility can save the day for you. The storage facility will help you to protect your forklifts when it is not in use. In this article, you can get the low-down on what makes a forklifts storage facility a haven for company forklifts. Let’s delve.

The benefit of storing forklifts indoors

Indoor storage is not a necessary thing for storing forklifts. However, storing forklifts in a forklifts storage facility is recommended. It’s because a forklift storage facility protects forklifts against weather conditions which can take their toll on the forklift’s exterior as well as the interior.

The chains of the forklift, in particular, are vulnerable to rust when left in snowy or rainy conditions. If it happens you will have to replace the chains more often than not – and that is a costly matter. Worse, oils in the forklift’s hydraulic system lose their lubricant abilities and overall strength after getting contaminated in a hot and humid environment. So, make sure your forklifts are not sitting idle over a long period amid a hot climate.

Now that you know the possible dangers to forklifts when they sit outdoors for long durations of time, it only makes sense to move your forklift into an indoor climate-controlled forklifts storage facility.

Pro tip-

Before you shift your forklift to a forklift storage facility for a long duration, we recommend you to run it out of fuel first and then detach its batteries. You can store the batteries on plastic – it will act as a barrier against moisture. Doing this will protect the fuel and batteries against spoilage during long stretches of storage time. It also keeps the forklift out of condensation damage.

What should be the size of the forklifts storage facility?

If you’re choosing indoor storage it’s important to remember that the size of the storage space will depend on the size of your forklift in question. It also depends on the quantity of forklifts you want to store. If the forklift storage facility is providing storage units of the dimensions ranging from 10×25 to 10×35, it should work for storing forklifts. But if your business operates with forklifts of larger sizes or if there are many forklifts then you should look for a forklifts storage facility that offers storage units with dimensions 15×55 to 25×35.


Unit size is not the only important parameter to consider when looking for a forklift storage facility.

As forklifts are usually moved in trucks, we advise you to look for a forklift storage facility that offers wide aisles for easy drive-up access making it easy for trucks loaded with your forklifts to maneuver around without any trouble like getting blocked between units and so on.

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Nov 24, 2020

How a business storage unit can largely benefit small business owners


For small business owners, leasing or buying enough property for day-to-day operations may not always jibe with their budget. If you’re a small business owner looking for a cheaper alternative then a business storage unit is the way forward. This article articulates lucidly how a business storage unit can help your business. Let’s delve.

Choose a business storage unit that’s up to snuff

With necessary amenities for business operations like Wi-Fi, electrical sockets, and so on, a business storage unit is well equipped to support your operations and small business storage needs. Needless to say, it’s a much cheaper alternative to renting an office area.

Now, some may think that a business storage unit seems like a not-so-happening space to host your day-to-day business. In that case, choose a business storage unit that strives to offer its tenants advanced spaces that jibe with individual business requirements. There are many business storage unit facilities out there that offer more than just four walls and a lock on the gate.

Bonus tip –

Make sure to check if your business storage unit has a conference room with a projector and 24-hour access to the facility if it’s something your business needs to function regularly.

A business storage unit is secure

As a small business owner, or for that matter, an entrepreneur of any scale, security is of utmost priority to you. A good business storage unit offers not only gate codes surrounding its facility but also as a tenant you will have access to only those spaces where your units are situated. That means, no one else (who is not authorised) will be able to gain access to your business storage units.

A great option for small or first-time publishers

Are you an independent publisher who has quite a bit of physical commodity on your hands? Then a business storage unit is perfect for your small business storage needs. Just think about the huge piles of magazines, pamphlets, books, and brochures, which after printing, need to be shipped to a central location before sending out to their owners/readers or the retailers who want to sell them. Rather than using the attic or the basement area of for that matter any other space in and around your house which is not weatherproof the business storage unit will keep your items in a climate-controlled environment. In this way, your items will be better preserved for retail purposes.

Small business owners – online retailers

When your online shop finds success, you will feel the need to enhance your inventory by a great deal. It’s because when the people managing your small online business produce so much, they will need a space to store surplus inventory.

You may think of storing it in your garage or any other spare room but sooner or later they will grow out of those spaces. That is where business storage can come in handy.

Last but not least, ask the manager if you’re planning to implement the following changes to your business storage unit-

Install machinery or other-equipment

Arrange a meeting with customers in the business storage unit

Manage sales out of the business storage unit

Install electronic items like telephones and computers inside the business storage unit

Add any kind of extra wiring, socket, or other outlets apart from what is already inside the business storage unit

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Nov 19, 2020

Thrifting tips and tricks to upgrade your wardrobe

Going shopping at a thrift store has become a thing thanks to the rising popularity of thrift stores which offer gently used items at amazingly discounted prices. Thrifted items are those things that have been previously used by the owner, albeit are in good shape and therefore can be a good buy. But knowing how to go shopping at a thrift store is not as simple as it may sound – it takes a fair deal of know-how to make the thrifting experience worth your while. Here are some great tips to ensure you’re successful at thrifting and able to update your wardrobe seamlessly. Let’s delve.


This should be the first step. Decide what all places you want to hop to ahead of your thrifting trip. Make a list of all the stores you want to hit and then keep coming back to the list for the best thrift shops (after you cancel out those which you didn’t like of course) for future reference.

Pro tip – Remember, usually thrift stores are clustered together – knowing this will help you to not miss out on multiple thrifting opportunities in your area. It will also help you to shop efficiently and make the most of limited time. 

Browse through your wardrobe first

This is a great starting point if you are not sure what items to buy – it will assist you in determining what you need to update your wardrobe. It will also give you ideas on which items will gel well with what you already possess. 

Pro tip – 

You might find it useful to take photographs on your mobile of the clothes you’re aiming to match something with so that it helps you to thrift better and update your wardrobe.

Look and Feel 

Now, if you want to update your wardrobe, the first thing you’ll want is to raise (or maintain) the level of the clothes’ look and feel. You want your wardrobe additions to be made of comfortable, long-lasting materials. And the more you go thrift shopping, the better you get at getting your hands on good quality fabric be it silk, polyester, wool, or cotton.

Bonus tip – 

In the excitement of finding a 20,000$ coat at 20$ don’t forget to check the material for wear and tear or any other damage. 

Insider tip-

To zero in on a thrift store offering good-quality merchandise, this trick may work - find one that’s situated close to an affluent or an up-and-coming neighbourhood. Don’t take it as a surefire way of determining the credibility of the thrift store; always check the material thoroughly before making a purchase.

So that thrifting doesn’t become drifting

Shopping at thrift stores can get overwhelming. But, if you have a clear picture in your mind – like a t-shirt - you will know where to begin. On the other hand, if you don’t, you may find yourself drifting around aimlessly and involuntarily and eventually stepping out with nothing. Focus is important. So, if you want to buy coats to update your wardrobe then focus on the coat section, get a good deal and then jump on to other things on your list.

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Nov 12, 2020

How to store antiques and collectables safely? | Storing Vintage Tips


Living in a fast-paced world, many people either don’t get enough time to plan proper storage of their collectables or they consider storing collectables as meaningless trivia. However, you must know that by not storing them properly you’re damaging them. If you want your vintage antiques and collectables of high value to remain that way, you must get to organising your valuables the right way. We’ve curated a list of storing collectables tips for you. Let’s delve.

Make a list 

Keep a detailed inventory handy. You can use any of the many inventory software apps out there which can assist you in this regard. If you’re not comfortable with it, simply jot the items down on a paper. It will help you to keep track of where your collectables are stored. This will especially help you organise the items packed and stacked in boxes that remain out of sight for a long time. 

Keep it clutter-free

If you’re one of those who store collectibles alongside their possessions then sooner or later you will come across this reality check – while it may work for some time, such kind of consolidate storage habit will ultimately lead to sprouting up of space concerns, especially as collectables grow – thus increasing clutter. This can make it difficult for you to access your collectibles. 

So, it’s important to keep the clutter away for proper storage of antiques and collectibles. To begin with, start with this - clear out all the items you don’t need. You can even sell them and pump back the money into purchases you need. If you can’t sell, simply donate. Eventually, you’ll see that clearing the clutter will make it easier for you to store your collectables.

Safe display

This is one of the most important aspects of storing collectables tips. Properly displaying collectables is paramount for their safe storage. Here are some basic rules -

  • Use LED light bulbs instead of fluorescent ones for the display as the former produces fewer UV rays which decrease the chance of the light impacting the colours of collectables
  • Do not place your collectables in areas that are damp (not even on slightly wet walls!)
  • Keep artworks, in particular, away from areas that undergo fluctuating temperatures like the fireplace
  • Keep your collectables safely away from things that may knock the collectables over or damage them
  • Don’t congest display shelves or cabinets with antiques and collectables. This may lead to dents and scratches on your valued items. 

Sun can spoil the fun

Last but not least, you mustn’t place your collectables under direct exposure of sunlight. Although the sun shows up with varying degrees of intensity every day, when it comes to vintage antiques and collectibles, the more direct sunlight they touch, the worse they get. It’s because sunlight dries out, fades or discolours collectables like furniture or vintage clothing or even paper items like certain books. Sunlight is also notorious for greatly diminishing the quality of fine wine. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So, to avoid all of this mess, store them in a place where there is minimal sun exposure like basement area, garage, or a space with curtained windows.

Pro tip – Place them in a secure self-storage unit that is 100% sealed-off from sunlight exposure!


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