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Dec 26, 2014

3 Little Known Spaces To Store Your Toiletries

We would love to have a bathtub in our bathroom.

But a bathtub would scarcely fit in our tiny bathroom. We have had to use a few hacks to ensure that toiletries fit snugly in the bathroom. Here in this blog post, we have listed the most important hacks we have used to ensure more storage space in the bathroom.

Store appliances in a box by the sink:

Store it by the side of the sink or if you have some space on the wall next to the sink, put it up there. This is a great way to keep your frequent-use appliances out of the way and yet not too far away

Shelves against the wall:

If you think the wall space next to your sink is useless, think again. It can be a great place to put stuff that doesn't fit on the sink. Put up shelves against the wall and use them to store toiletries and cleaning supplies.

The secret space under the sink:

The false cabinet under the sink can be used for storing your hair dryer and other bulky accessories. This way they stay safe and out of sight.

Hang toiletries in a net basket:

Not got enough space to store your toiletries. This is the best way to store them. Put them in a in a net basket that you can hang from the ceiling. The net basket will not get wet and you create space for your toiletries.

Would you use any of these ideas for your bathroom to create space? Let us know in the comments.

For more information visit our website Storage Abu Dhabi.

Image Source: dreamgreendiy.com, pinterest.com, pinterest.com, refurbished-ideas.com
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Nov 27, 2014

Packing Efficiently For Self - Storage

It can be tempting to dump all the items you do not need in a box and put them in self-storage.  This way, you de-clutter your house and you do not have to worry about the box in storage for a while.

But there is a better way to store items in storage.

If you plan and pack efficiently, you can find and access your stored items at will, whenever you need them.

Here is how you can go about planning and packing items you are going to put in self-storage.

Plan What Goes In Storage:

1) Keep aside the items you plan to put in storage.
2) Prioritize by items that you want to access frequently and those that you might not access that frequently.
3) Pack fragile items separately.
4) Pack heavier and sturdier items at the bottom of the boxes. Lighter and more delicate items can go on top.

In The Storage Unit:

1) If you are storing furniture, then place protection on the floor.
2) Store longer items along the wall of the storage units. Longer items could include: Tabletops, mattresses, and beds.
3) Use vertical space efficiently. Stack boxes of same heights on top of each other. Make sure they are stable when they are stacked so they do not topple.
4) Place heavier items in the boxes that are lower in the stack and more fragile items in the boxes higher up in the stack.
5) Place items you will access frequently near the door.

Moving Items Into Storage:

1) Put items that you will frequently use in the truck first so that they will be stored into the unit last and closest to the door.
2) Empty cupboards, beds, drawers when you are moving the items to storage.
3) Cover bigger furniture items with blankets to protect them from scratching when moving. Keep the blankets on while in storage.

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

1) Use packing boxes and not plastic bags
2) Protect fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap. It is better and safer than wrapping then in paper.
3) Wrap fragile items separately and mark them as fragile.
4) Label the boxes on the exterior. Write down which contents you've put inside.
5) Distribute the weight evenly in the boxes.
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Oct 29, 2014

Tips for Storing your Halloween Candy

At the end of Halloween there is a common dilemma posed to most households. They usually have more candy than they know what to do with. One can only eat so much candy at one time. Here are some tips for you so that you can keep your candy fresh for a few weeks.

1. Store in an airtight container:
Keep all the unopened candy in their original wrappers and store the treats in sealed, airtight containers. Then place it in a cool place away from moisture.

2. Don't mix your candies:
Try and store different types of candies separate. Candies that are hard and sugary tend to absorb moisture and become sticky. Chocolates and other softer, chewy candies tend to lose moisture and become dry. If you store the hard and softer candy together, they will lose their original texture and become inedible.

3. Put them in a freezer instead:
Almost all types of candies can survive for months if they are stored in a freezer. Except for gummies and jelly beans. Store these at room temperature in an air tight container.

4. Donate leftover candy and earn some Karma points:
If your child has had a particularly good haul of treats this year, perhaps it is a good opportunity to explain to him the joy of sharing. Donate candy to a food bank or shelter. Take your child to an orphanage to share his candy with the kids.

Contact us to rent storage space  to store your awesome Halloween accessories after the holidays. Happy Halloween from The Box. What will you do with all your candy this year? Leave us your answer in the comments.

Image credit: crafthubs, budget101
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Sep 29, 2014

Using Peg Boards as a Simple Storage Solution

Peg boards or perforated hardboards are hardboards that are pre-drilled with evenly spaced holes. Peg boards are usually used to accept pegs or hooks in their perforations, which in turn support tools or other knick-knacks. But there are more creative ways to use peg boards. Have a look:

Peg Board Yarn Holder:
A Peg board makes for easy and artsy yarn storage. This is a perfect solution for displaying and storing your yarn if you are a knitter.

Image Credit: turnerclassiccrafts.com

Home Office Storage:
Put up a peg board right behind your workspace. This way you can keep the things you love and need at eye-level. Easy, isn't it?

Image Credit: turnerclassiccrafts.com

Accessible paper storage:
Put up shelves on the peg board wall and use them to hold papers and art supplies. This is especially helpful if you have kids who love to draw and do their project work.

Image Credit: becca-homeiswheremystorybegins.blogspot.com

Untangled wires:
Put a peg board on the underside of your Office desk space for keeping wires from tangling up.

Image Credit: hackaday.com
In any case, if you feel you are running out of storage space, we are here to help! Contact us to know locations of our storage units in Abu Dhabi. Look up our website www.storageinabudhabi.com to know more.
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Aug 26, 2014

Do you need Climate Controlled Storage Facilities?

Heat, especially the dry desert heat of Abu Dhabi can wreak havoc on stored items.

Experts claim that the dry heat is not good for a lot of items. Climate controlled self-storage maintains the temperature of the vault at a safe temperature. Think of it as a 24/7 spa for your delicate items.

Several storage providers who do not offer climate-controlled vaults will tell you that there is no need for it. The truth is that while temperature-controlled vaults are not needed for certain items, most delicate items would crack or spoil unless they are kept under temperature controlled conditions.

Image Credit: servicenoodle.com
At Storage in Abu Dhabi we offer temperature controlled self-storage units. When you bring your items to us, we will let you know which items require to be stored in temperature controlled units and which don’t.

Here is a list of items that cannot stand the heat:

•  Mattresses
•  Fur coats and other fur accessories
•  Leather, suede
•  Sports equipment
•  Metal appliances
•  Books
•  Documents
•  Photographs, videotapes, cassettes, record players, LPs
•  Expensive furniture
•  Antiques
•  Wine
•  Paintings
•  Musical instruments

For items that sentimental or historical value, spending the little bit of extra money on temperature-controlled units is an investment that helps preserve them for longer.

Also note, that if you are storing the items for only a month, you might not need temperature controlled units. To be sure, ask one of our storage experts at our offices.

At Storage in Abu Dhabi we do our best to provide the best customer service in all of Dubai. Contact us for more details.
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Jul 31, 2014

7 Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Bathroom

Spaces you are not using in your bathroom. How to use those spaces to create more storage…..

1.  Shelf above the door.

Source: familyhandyman.com

2. The space above the commode can be used for stacking towels and even extra toiletries.

Source: peekyou.com

3. The sides of the washbasin cubicle can be used for storing your beauty and hygiene essentials.

Source: countryliving.com

4. The inside of the door of your medicine cabin is a good place for storing knicks knacks.

Source: ohua88.com

5. The fake drawer under the basin can be an ideal storage space for hair dresser/straightening irons.

Source: diyforlife.com

6. Side of commode. Extra roll storage.

Source: topinspired.com

7. This beautiful shower caddy allows you to store your shower essentials under the shower itself. 

Source: modcloth.com

Use these storage hacks to create some much-needed space in your bathroom.

In any case, if you feel you are running out of storage space, we are here to help! Contact us to know locations of our storage units in Abu Dhabi. With these storage units in Abu Dhabi, there is sure to be one in your neighbourhood. Look up our website www.storageinabudhabi.com to know more.
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May 21, 2014

All you want to know about Storage Units and Packaging

You have just changed your job/got a transfer and you have to move into a new location. The biggest problem for you is packaging your belongings without damaging them and making sure that they are handled rightly by the movers. You can always hire the services of professional movers and packers; they are also good at packaging as they have received professional training for the same, besides being experienced in it.

However, if you are too touchy and possessive about your belongings, you can pack them yourself too but you’ll have to handle things like crockery, glassware, etc. very carefully. One wrong move and you can end up damaging them. I am sure you wouldn’t want such a scenario.

Here we will guide you to a few ways of how you can pack your belongings in a safe yet professional way. Of course, you won’t get the professional touch but at least they’ll be safe and secure. First of all get as many boxes as you can of all sizes. These boxes are where you’ll keep your belongings in so make sure you get good and sturdy boxes. At the Box, Abu Dhabi, we provide with boxes of all sizes. Contact us for your requirements.
Source: wisepoint.org

Once you have got the boxes, start packing. Keep your crockery and glassware in long and flat boxes and be careful of not stacking them too much in one box. Too much of stacking can cause these things to fall down within the boxes and cause them damage.

Once you have packed a box, use thick brown or white tape on the boxes to protect the box from opening or your belongings to fall out.  Keep the boxes packed with your glassware and crockery separate and at ground level. Keeping them on height or any other boxes on top of it, may end up causing damage to them. So it’s better to keep them away and separately.

Pack your clothes and other clothing’s separately as well. Try and keep bubble wrap on top of your clothes and around them so that moisture and harsh heat stays away from your clothes and prevents them from further damage.

Pack your books according to their weight and size. Don’t over pack them in boxes because if the boxes become too heavy, they can get damaged and you’ll have to re-pack them all over again. Follow some of these tips and you’ll do well. Ideally, you should get professional movers for packing your belongings because they are much more professional and adept at packing your belongings then you are!
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May 13, 2014

File Storage in Abu Dhabi made easy

Abu Dhabi is one of the fast growing regions in the Middle East. Its close proximity to Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean Sea makes it a central hub for many merchants, traders and companies to set up their regional offices in the region.

More than the property rates, it’s the problem of space constraints which really bothers these offices. Though many offices manage to keep up and maintain their places with ease, the main problem is actually of storing documents which can really give the best of managers a headache.

File Storage in Abu Dhabi
Source: abbotgroup.co.uk
Despite technology taking us to a level where recording and maintaining data is as easy as a click of the button, the reality remains that many of them have to be archived in document form and it’s not really possible to store as much as one would like to.

Storage units in Abu Dhabi understand the need of the situation and demand by these corporate offices and have started providing document storage and maintenance which is a blessing in disguise for these offices as they are at their wits end when it comes to finding the right way to store their important documents.

Many of these storage units have professional teams which not only provide excellent infrastructure for storing files but also facilities for scanning important documents but also documents shredding, documents recycling and document compliances. 

The idea is to store your documents in these units which will secure your important data with vigilant 24 x 7 securities and logged CCTV camera surveillance so that you know if anyone unauthorized has tried to access your sensitive information.

Another important aspect is that they also provide affordable document shredding facilities when you know you don’t need the documents but it is sensitive enough to get them destroyed elsewhere. A thorough secrecy is maintained so that none of your information is leaked out.

This is an ideal facility for corporate offices who face the problem of storing their documents in one roof.
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Apr 25, 2014

Different Kinds of Security Systems Used In a Storage Unit – A Key Factor

Security is given the utmost priority by all storage providers. In the recent
Source: loknstore.co.uk
days, there are many technologies developed for providing users with the ultimate security. Before you sign up with a storage provider, you need to see how all the security features are implemented. Though insurance is an option you have in case of damage or theft, you need to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place. Mentioned below are some of the newest technologies used for securing a storage unit.

1.    Alarm systems – Each unit has an alarm system that is linked to the local police station. Anyone trying to manhandle the goods can be caught red handed with the security guards constantly monitoring the alarm systems.

2.    CCTV recording – The CCTV captures the entry and exit of all the people invading the premises. That’s one of the main sources that help to prevent any kind of mischief from happening in the ambience.

3.    Fire alarms – In case of natural calamities, fire alarms are bound to work. Moreover, most of the storage companies ban smoking on the site to prevent any kind of untoward incident from happening.

4.    Biometric access system – Biometric access systems are one of the most advanced systems operating in the storage premises. With such a technology, people’s retina or fingerprints function as passwords to gain entry into the storage unit. That’s the ultimate level of security adopted by companies to ensure that a person gets exclusive access to the stored goods.        

5.    Intercom systems – Intercom systems are also deployed to monitor people’s entry and exit.

6.    Concrete walls or fencing – Such walls or fences are generally created to provide additional security to the stored items.

7.    Password system – Each person has a unique password for gaining access to his or her goods. This helps to keep all the goods in a secured way and helps you to remain sure about the protection of your goods. 

However, you shouldn’t blindly rely on these advanced systems. Instead you should visit the premises to check if all these technologies are implemented in the right manner.
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Apr 21, 2014

Know More about Self Storage – Get Your Facts Right Now

Self storage has evolved all through the years and has now become one of the most profitable businesses in the world. In these modern days, self storage is
used by people to serve as an extension to their homes and offices. With new technologies coming up, security has become the ultimate priority of storage providers. Self storage has a long history tagging along it which brings us to some interesting facts about the same.  Read on to know more.

1.    It originated in China – Self storage first began in China where underground areas would be used to store food and other goods. As the middle age stepped into the picture, the British men would offer crates to people holding senior posts and noblemen who used to stay away from their homes for a long period of time. However, the emergence of modern day storage facilities began in the US where metal garages were rented out to people in need of more space. Presently, the number of storage facilities is touching new heights with each passing day.

2.    It is generally used for personal purposes – Self storage primarily developed as a means to store things that cannot be fitted within the four walls of the house. Some of the other reasons people give while renting a storage unit is reorganizing the home, shifting places, buying a new house and so on. Businessmen generally opt for such facilities to store their manufactured goods. Considering that the items are produced on a large scale, they generally opt for the large warehouse sheds.

3.    It was also used for strange purposes – Apparently, people have been using storage units as their home till the time they were caught. Even criminals use it for hiding purposes but are finally caught red handed. Some of the people have gone to the extent of converting such spaces into meth labs. There are also people using it for running illegal businesses and unlicensed work.

The storage industry is a flourishing one and it has now gained immense prominence in our lives. So when are you planning to rent one to store your belongings?
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Mar 26, 2014

Tips to Store Cheese – Keep the Taste Intact

Cheese is a commodity that’s used widely for both commercial and domestic purposes. That’s the reason why you need to store it in optimum conditions so that it does not get spoilt in any way. Mentioned below are a few tips on how to store cheese to keep it fresh and make it last longer.

Any kind of cheese, be it hard, semi-soft or semi-hard, you need to
store it within a temperature of 46 degree Celsius to 55 degree Celsius.

Solid cheese should ideally be stored at room temperature as refrigerating it may lead to condensation that will make the cheese sticky.

Do not keep the cheese in the freezer as it could lead to changes in its exterior and flavor. However, you can keep grated cheese in the freezer and use it directly for cooking.

Wrap the cheese using an aluminum foil, or waxed paper to allow proper air ventilation. For long term storage of solid and semi-solid cheese, you need to wrap them in a paper towel topped off with cider vinegar and then place it in a plastic sealed bag. This kind of packaging will prevent the growth of micro-organisms.

It is best to store fresh cheese in its original container and in the coldest area of your fridge.

Avoid storing cheese with strong flavored food items such as garlic, ginger and others as the cheese is likely to absorb the aroma and get spoilt thereafter.

If you have a huge slab of cheese at your disposal, then you can cut it and use only the part that you require. Frequently removing the cheese in and out of the refrigerator is likely to spoil it.

You need to keep the shelf life of the cheese in mind. Soft cheese has a short shelf life while hard cheese can be used on a long term basis.

Keep the above tips in mind before you store cheese this season.
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Mar 20, 2014

Tips to Reduce Spoilage during Storage – Quality Comes First

There are many things that commercial storage providers need to consider in order to minimize food wastage and spoilage. Even a little wastage can lead to immense loss of money and resources. Therefore it is essential to keep certain factors in mind to minimize losses. Read on to know more.

Conduct a thorough inspection of the goods – It is extremely important to conduct a thorough inspection of the goods as soon as they reach your storage unit. You also need to inspect the travel temperature as there is a good chance of spoilage during transportation. There are many traveling temperature recording devices which help to gauge the temperature while the goods are being transported.

Do not compromise on quality – Once all the goods are produced, it becomes the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to opt for optimum storage measures. There are a number of factors such as temperature, security and more that need to be taken into account before storing the goods. You need to ensure that the quality of the goods is not compromised in any way.

Opt for a larger space – Spoilage is likely to happen more when the storage unit is not spacious enough.  That is why you need to ensure that the storage units are well spaced out and organized in order to prevent spoilage. The more cluttered a storage space is, the more chances of wastage are experienced.

You can use temperature alarms – Temperature alarms are the best way to know the temperature of the stored goods at any point of time. These alarms display a warning when the right temperature is not maintained. Thus, such a system can easily detect all kinds of temperature fluctuations so as to avoid any kind of spoilage.

Check out the products’ manufacture and expiry dates – Once the products reach the storage unit, you must make it a point to check their manufacture and expiry dates, and arrange the goods accordingly. This will help you to sell out the newer goods first followed by the items that can last longer.

Thus, keep the above factors in mind to reduce spoilage of perishable goods.
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Feb 19, 2014

Perks of Self Storage - Gives You Space to Breathe

Self storage is the best way to store your stuff safely on a temporary basis. It helps you to sort out the clutter in your home or office and lets you live in a spacious ambiance. The acquired space can then be used fruitfully either for setting up new pieces of furniture or allotting a separate room for dining, sleeping and so on. Mentioned below are a few benefits of self storage.

You get more space in your home and office – Whether you are opting for personal storage or commercial storage, you get more space to use it for some other purposes. Your home looks less congested and therefore work gets done quickly and efficiently.

You get to access the stored goods as and when you want – Most of the storage companies offer the 24 hour access facility that allows you to access your goods whenever you want. You can access the stored goods anytime and keep a check on them as well.

Your beloved possessions are not lost – This is one of the most important benefits of opting for self storage. Your priced possessions that have a great value in your life are stored safely in the storage unit. You don’t have to discard them and they are kept in the storage unit in their best form.

The entire experience is very convenient – There are times when there’s a family crisis, a death in the family, or an auspicious occasion like marriage, when you need to store goods in some place at least temporarily. That’s when renting a storage unit can be extremely convenient for you. You can store all the things temporarily and then retrieve them as soon as your work gets done.

These are some of the benefits of self storage that make it a comfortable option for many.
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Feb 7, 2014

Reasons why you should move during the summer – The peak time

Summer time is one of the most important seasons for moving in to a new house. There are many reasons why moving during summer is a good idea, some of which are stated below:

1. Children have holidays – It is best to move when kids have holidays as they will have plenty of time to arrange all their stuff. Relocating while they are attending school will lead to unnecessary chaos and confusion. Hence to avoid these issues, it is best to move during summer.

2. It’s the marriage season – Often you will have to move to a new place post marriage. Summer is the time when most marriages happen, so you can conveniently move to the new house in this season.

3. The weather is pleasant – In winter, the weather is too cold to move to a new place. However, when it comes to summer, the weather is pleasant enough for people to move out. Moreover, health issues such as cold and flu will not be a hindrance in the summer season.

4. It’s also the real estate season – The summer season is when people either sell or buy a new property. Hence relocating in this season is a good idea. 

5. It’s the self storage season - Even if you wish to opt for a storage unit, you can do so comfortably in the summer season. Considering it’s the peak time, there are a number of offers and discounts in the self storage industry. So you can comfortably opt for self storage around this time.

These are some of the reasons why summer is considered to be the ideal time for moving from one place to another. It is also the right time to opt for a self storage facility. 

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Jan 28, 2014

How to rent the right moving truck while relocating?

In case you’re not hiring professional moving services, you have to rent a truck
all by yourself. There are two important factors that need to be considered in this case. One is how long you will go and how much of space do you need. Mentioned below are a few tips for renting the right storage truck.

  1. Decide how much time you require the truck for – You need to not only determine the duration  of the travel but you have to take the route into consideration as well. This will then help you select the right kind of truck for the right rental.
  2. Talk to the rental agencies – Select about 5 rental agencies and decide on the best one. It is not necessary that the cheapest will be the best. Therefore, think properly and decide on the best alternative and ask if there are discounts available. Generally if you rent a truck at a specific time like a festive season or any other occasion, you are likely to get discounts.
  3. Reserve your truck – After selecting the right agency, go online and reserve your truck at least 2 weeks prior to your actual move. There may be seasonal discounts that you need to take note of.
  4. Provide all the necessary details to the agency - The agency people are mostly concerned with the timing and the destination of your travel. They will also want to know when you’ll be returning the vehicle to them.
  5. Check the vehicle thoroughly - Before signing the contract, make it a point to check the vehicle thoroughly. Check for any scratches or breakage as you have to keep all your belongings in the truck. If you are driving the vehicle, make sure you have your driver’s license and all the other documents in place.

Keep the above tips in mind before you rent a moving truck while relocating.   
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How important is self storage for roommates?

Moving in with a room partner is one of the hardest things in life. Up till now
you have been living with your own parents in your own home. All of a sudden, things are changing. You can’t simply put on loud music at 2 am in the night or have a bath for two hours. You have to adjust with your roommate in every matter right from dining and cleaning to washing of clothes and storage. Below mentioned are a few reasons why self storage is important for roommates.

  1. Storage is one of the most important things you need to discuss with your room partner. Chances are great that the things owned by both of you will be overlapping. For example, if your room partner gets a rug, you too may get a rug and so on. That’s when you need to sit down with her and discuss what item needs to be stored and what needs to be in the house. 
  2. You need to get your way out of excessive clutter. Since the two of you are residing in a single apartment, you may be crunched for space. That’s when sorting out all the important things in a place and keeping the rest in a storage unit works. In this way, your house doesn’t look cluttered and is compact and nice. That’s when a storage facility works wonders for you and your roommate.
  3. Since you guys are sharing the money, renting a storage unit won’t be much of a trouble. However, you need to select the right storage unit with the right size. It may just be a cabinet or an extra set of silverware that your friend must have carried. So it won’t make sense to hire an extremely large unit for storing the same. Nowadays, storage units are available in a wide range of sizes and so you need to select the storage space intelligently.

In this way, you can comfortably use a storage unit for all your needs in a budget friendly way.
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