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May 25, 2021

How to pack without driving each other crazy

How does it feel?

Shifting places is a very hectic and frustrating job, especially for partners. It needs a lot of coordination and effort. People have got their relations in a lot of trouble because of it.

Since I’d rather cut off a finger than call moving companies, Nick gathered estimates, transferred utilities, and dealt with paperwork while I packed. Working on separate projects kept us out of each other’s hair and off each other’s backs.

Declutter as You Go

When you start packing make sure to plan the step and allocate each other's duties. This will help you got through the process in a better and easier way. Make sure that both complete the duties on time and without much of each other's interference. This will help keep you away from heated arguments and duplication of work.

 If pack your own

Before packing the common items pack for yourself. You have to start from somewhere why not own an item. This process will leave only the common things to be packed. When you pack your own stuff first it will take lesser time as you don't have to wait to discuss with someone or approval of the partner. It makes it stress-free and leaves more time for packing common or household items.

Make a List, Check it Twice

It all comes down to staying on the same page. Good relationships thrive on good communication, strong support, and working as a team The key to all of this is a solid moving plan.

Most people underestimate how long packing takes and overestimate how much free time they have. Movers can help with packing, but it’s harder to do last-minute. We suggest starting the process at least a few months in advance. You’ll need time for details like figuring out when you can move into the new place, reserving parking spots, and finding the best pros for the job. The less you leave to the last minute, the less frazzled you’ll be.

Let the Pros Help You Move Stuff

It is very important to choose reputable movers. It simply means they should meet your standards for trust, truth, and transparency and have better business practice,”

Before hiring a mover do a little research into it. Get a sense of their track record and recommendation from family & friends. Is it a place of business, an apartment, a mail drop? If you’re moving within your community, drive by and see that a real company exists, that real people work there. See that they have the equipment to do the job.”

Ask what services and packages they offer that can help in the relocation process. Some can help transfer utility services, some partner with real estate offices, etc. If not, they can often refer you to someone who can.”

Just takeout

Once you start the process make sure you forget about other stress like office work, cooking, etc. Just order for taking out of maybe heat a ready-to-eat mix. Your main focus is going to be packing. Treat it as a party and enjoy the process of moments together. The process involves a lot of physical as well as mental stress, make sure you eat and rest properly between breaks.

People underestimate how long it will take them to get unpacked. Moving day itself is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Supporting each family member is key in a successful move.

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May 20, 2021

How To Find an Affordable Self Storage

Whether you are moving, downsizing, relocating, renovating, or travelling you may require the storage unit. Self-storage facilities are everywhere these days, but how do you choose the right one? Perhaps more importantly, how do you find the best price? 

So we are listing out tips to decide the best for you:

1)      Choose the Correct Size

Storage units come in many different sizes and with many variations to choose from. Many storage units also provide customized sizes and services at an extra cost to suit your convenience.

It's important to choose your size wisely to define your size and options. Had the correct unit size has been chosen, and the unit packed efficiently, the customer could have saved a significant amount of money each month instead of wasting it on unused space.

2) Is the placement convenient?

It should go without saying that storage rentals will be more expensive in more convenient locations as well as high population areas. But did you know that storage unit rates will also vary based on the location within the facility itself? It also depends on your budget, area of convenience, placement of the unit, etc., depending on what is your priority.

3) Keep in mind any extra cost

Few people are aware that most self-storage facilities require you to maintain insurance during your rental period. Far too often this is not disclosed until you arrive at the storage facility to sign the paperwork. Conveniently enough, self-storage facilities will often have their coverage that they will sell to you on the spot. This might cause an increase in your budget, leading to a harder decision to make.

We too suggest a proper insurance plan, to keep your item safer. But confirm the conditions and coverage before you spend an extra penny on it.

4) Avoid Rate Increases

If you are planning a long-term agreement, make sure you consider the rental rising every year if any. Although these increases are usually small they can add up if you will be renting space for a long period. Although it is unlikely that you can avoid a rate increase, you can limit your exposure by choosing a facility that is less likely to do this. Start by asking the manager of each storage facility you are considering about their rate increase history, then check online review websites to see what experiences others have had.

5) Skip Unnecessary Features but Look for Perks

Get the most out of your storage facility by choosing a location that has the features you need as well as money-saving perks. For example, do you need a climate-controlled facility? If the answer is no then you should only shop for storage locations that do not offer that feature - why pay for something you do not need? Other popular features that likely contribute to a higher rent include gated access, 24-hour security, CCTV security, free pick up indoor versus outdoor, etc.

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May 12, 2021

Facilities we provide in our storage setup

Moving Home? Or Need a secure place to store your belongings while you take off on your dream trip? If you’re looking for self-storage in Abu Dhabi, then your search ends here.

The in and out of self-storage facilities:

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is a service offered by companies, wherein they provide dedicated storage spaces to be rented out to interested people for storage of their personal and valuable belongings. The ex-pat community has expanded in a big way all over the world, the sizes of the houses are shrinking and the things owned by people has gone up threefold.

Self-storage in Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern countries are becoming very popular owing to these reasons. One can choose a vendor depending on their requirements and location, providing them tailor-made solutions suiting their needs.

Self-storage solutions:

The self-storage demands are increasing. The need for storage of environmental goods as well as money sensitivity has gone up considerably. The self-storage companies have really taken personal self-storage to another level. A small list of facilities that companies like “The Box” provide are as follows:

Spaces can be rented depending on the size one requires. There is no need to invest in a minimum amount of storage whether required or not.

  • 24*7 access to the storage facility

  • Only authorized persons are allowed access to storage

  • Beefed up security with cameras and guards

  • Insured goods and option to buy additional insurance

  • Climate and temperature-controlled environment for optimal storage of goods

We’re operational 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our top-notch security arrangements include a fool-proof access system that comes complete with CCTV logs. This ensures that you and only you can access your storage unit, no one else.

Remember, your Search for the best self-storage space in Abu Dhabi is complete at Storage in Abudhabi – the small (and big) self-storage space provider that offers you the most peace of mind.

Moving & Storage Advantages

We help you to pack, move store and also after relocation services. This makes your moves easy and hassle-free. In today’s life where minutes have monetary value, one has no time to waste time on a task that is not fruitful or eat up your valuable time. We make sure that your time is put to the right use, while we pack and store for you.

Flexible facilities for all small self-storage needs

May it be a car or complete house furniture or just your valuable antiques, we make sure you fit in all with us at an affordable price. Your list your requirement, we will customise your space. We at Storage in Abudhabi take care of all your specification and quote you accordingly.

Air-Conditioned & Non-Air-Conditioned Units

Want temperature controlled unit? We are the right place for you. Storage is the best solution if you want to keep your items safe from all the climate and pressure condition.

Open 24 Hours, 7-Days a Week

We are open all throughout for your service. 24x7 access and security make it a convenient and efficient choice to choose the right storage.

We make sure that we cater to all your needs by giving you the best and more than what you ask for. We also have features like:

  • Additional self-storage insurance option

  • Affordable self-storage rates

  • Total Security with CCTV Logs

  • Online Payment Facility

  • Monthly Lease Option

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May 5, 2021

DIY for packing for a move

Shifting? Relocating? Travelling? Redecorating?  Whatever may be your reason, packing things to protect them is a must!! Packing important and valuable items is like ensuring them from various climatic and damaging conditions.

We are listing some tips to start with:

I don’t want it now?

Many items are not required for the coming season or maybe do not match with the current choice of redecoration. We recommend packing such an item first. They being seasonal may get damaged in another season.  Shoes, sweaters, umbrellas, fur coats, warm rugs, etc. such items are stored till next year and don't need immediate access.

My valuable collectibles!

We possess a lot of valuable possession or collectible or antiques etc. When sifting these may get damaged if not packed and handles properly. Such item also needs to pack properly to store for years and generation to come. This is due to their sentimental value attached to them. So we can pack these in bubble wrap, boxes, etc.

Use what is readily available the buying new.

A lot of local retailers and businesses have boxes and wrapping material stored with them. They discard it after one use. You can ask such vendors for the packing material. This will not make it hassle-free but also economical.

Multi packing

We have a lot of fragile packing to do at the time of shifting. Let us do multi- packing. Use cloths to wrap fragile items. Fill up pots and pans with spices containers, dish towels, and other kitchen items to save space.

Put stemware and glasses inside clean socks for extra padding. This will not also help you store your item but also no extra space for clothes.


Sort and List

Write the contents of each box on the box, or on an inventory list. Even better create an Excel document that tracks the contents of each box.

Label the sides of boxes so you can read the labels even when the boxes are stacked.

Unpack your boxes by room to prevent constant back and forth trips around the house, especially if you have stairs!

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