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Dec 18, 2013

How to store your electronic equipment smartly?

The electronic industry is growing by leaps and bounds and so are the different types of packaging materials and boxes for storing electronic goods. Considering the high cost of electronic goods, it becomes very essential to store them the right way as repairing is not a good option you have. Mentioned below are a few tips to store your electronic equipment smartly.

1.       Ensure that the electronic products are free of dust and other dirt particles. This is one of the most important rules that you need to follow. Dust and dirt can hamper the electronic goods completely. Make sure the electronic goods are thoroughly clean and dry before placing them in any of the storage units. 

2.       Glass items or devices such as the iPad or any other tablet should be first covered using bubble wrap and then placed on to the respective boxes while shifting from one place to another. 

3.       Make sure you remove the batteries and other accessories attached to the items properly before storage. This will avoid the clutter while storing goods as no wires or connections will be hanging out in the process of shifting.

4.       It is important that you label all the boxes properly before stashing them in any of the boxes. The more time you take in unpacking all the goods, the greater are the chances of them getting damaged. Not labeling the goods properly will also cause a lot of confusion.

Therefore keep the devices well covered and pack them compactly for a smart shifting experience. Follow these simple storage tips for your electronic goods and save money.

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Store your clothes the right way this winter

With the winter sun touching upon our lives, it’s time to pack away all the summer clothes. However, you may need them again as the seasons change, hence it is important to store them properly during winter. The below mentioned tips will show you how you can store your clothes in winter.

Decide on the clothes that have to be dumped first - Once your wardrobe is free of clutter, your clothes can have a breath of fresh air in the form of winter clothes. You can donate the unwanted clothes, so that you have plenty of space for keeping your winter clothes such as jackets, sweaters and so on.

Decide on a storage space - Depending upon the kind of clothing, you need to decide on the place where you’ll be storing it. First off, wash the winter clothes properly and see if there are any holes or blemishes in them. If they are present, you can take some time and sew them up or even tell your local tailor to do it for you. Once the winter clothes are free of any glitches, you need to think about a storage space for them. Make sure you store them in a place where there is no chance of moisture coming in as it could lead to infestation by fungi and bacteria.

Don’t wear your winter clothes for days on end - This is the worst thing you can do with your winter clothes. You need to regularly wash your sweaters and jackets as they are likely to become sweaty and smelly while being worn regularly during winters. Hence, take the time to wash the winter clothes often and store them neatly in a cabinet that will eliminate any kind of foul smell and keep them fresh and clean.
Keep these simple tips in mind and let your winter clothes breathe!  

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Nov 13, 2013

Smart tips to store food in the refrigerator

Every day you eat to your heart’s content, so it becomes immensely important to store food the right way. Often you do not know what to do with leftover food and end up throwing them which is not a good idea. Listed below is a set of smart tips for storing food in your refrigerator:

1.      Fruits and vegetables - Keep fruits and vegetables separately in the section given for them.  Make sure apples are kept with apples, pears with pears and so on. Do not mix up all the fruits as they may get spoilt easily in that case.

2.      Leftovers – Remember that leftovers cannot remain in good shape for long, so it’s never a good idea to keep them stored for long. Keep them in the fridge for a day or two depending upon the nature of the food. Store the leftover food in airtight containers and make sure you use them up soon. 

3.      Meat and poultry - Though non-vegetarian stuff such as fish, chicken and others can be easily stowed in the freezer, you need to make sure that they are not mixed with other products. Often ice-creams and milk shakes are also stored in the freezer. Your ice-creams may end up getting spoilt if they come into contact with the non-vegetarian stuff. That’s why there are refrigerators which have a separate section altogether for meat and poultry. 

4.      Dairy products - Store all the dairy products such as milk, cream and cheese in their respective containers. But once they are out in a bowl or any other vessel, do not put them back into their containers as there are chances of spoilage. Instead simply cover the container with a foil or any other protective material and keep the container compact and clean.

Keep these simple tips in mind before you refrigerate your food at home.

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Tips to store sports gear in fall

There are different kinds of games that can be played during fall. However, if you have kids who throw away sports equipment in and around the house, it can transform your living space into a sports ground. And that is exactly what you do not want. So here we provide you with some tips to store your sports gear during fall.
1.       Allot some space for the gear - Keep some space separate for sports stuff. In this way, it doesn’t disturb all the other essentials and d├ęcor of the house. You can use a rack or a box or a partitioned area to fit in all the sports equipment such as balls, bats, caps, knee pads and so on.

2.       Buy a storage unit - If you buy a storage unit and allow your kids to throw away their stuff in there, your entire house will remain untouched and free of mess. Do not forget to keep all the things in proper order and tag them. Unless you keep the storage unit tidy, the look of your house may get spoilt.

3.       Keep them in a drying rack - Often sports gear can get completely spoilt if you place it in a humid place. So make sure you put all the things in a drying rack so that they are clean and dry. The equipment will then be ideal for further use.

4.      Keep them in a roofed balcony - You can simply store your equipment in a roofed balcony so that it functions like a separate section altogether for your gear. 

All in all, you need to remember that you have to keep the sports gear away from moisture by all means. Once a lot of moisture accumulates in your equipment, the sports gear can get destroyed completely.  Till then, enjoy the fall!

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Oct 23, 2013

Importance of listing out your storage items

People tend to be very much in a hurry when it comes to stowing their beloved devices. In a bid to store things quickly, they tend to miss out on quite a few important aspects. One of them is listing out the things that have to be stored. Sometimes you may just forget that such a thing ever existed in the first place. Hence it is very important that you list things out in a brief and concise manner.

The human mind is extremely absent-minded. You normally tend to forget things that are in your house. So how do you think, you‘ll remember where you kept your antique and fancy objects. You may begin to question your own memory and may simply conclude that you gave it off to some other people, while it’s still there somewhere in the package.

It is this time that a handy piece of paper with all the things enlisted can come to your rescue. The places in your house that you frequent a lot are the ones where you would be putting up your list. You need to write down all the articles stored in the system along with the place where they are exactly stowed.

Places such as the cabinet door or the main door are ideal for the list to be put up.  Once you think about a particular object, you should comfortably be able to locate the thing as soon as you see the sheet.  Do not write in such handwriting that you yourself cannot read. Write it in a clean and precise fashion that would help you reach out to the required object as quickly as possible.

So do not let the objects play hide and seek with you. Win the game and get your work done smartly.

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Evading mould growth on storage items

Mould growth is really a pain in the neck for all householders as well as those who shift from one place to another. The main reason for mould growth is accumulation of moisture. This can happen when you do not wipe utensils and articles properly before storing them. Here we provide you with some simple tips to evade mould growth while storing items.

1.    Ensure proper circulation of air - Air circulation is one of the main reasons why mould growth takes place.  You can use a variety of things such as exhaust fans in the kitchen and in the bathroom to prevent mould growth.

2.    Keep all the articles fresh and dry- Even if it’s a very small thing, simply wipe it off and keep all your stuff clean and dry.

3.    Make use of anti-resistant paints – Anti-resistant paints are made to keep all sorts of bacteria at bay. So you can comfortably use them on the walls of your storage unit or houses to not just ward off bacteria but to kill those that are already there too.

4.    Keep a watch on any kind of wetness – Be wary of water leakage in all the goods stored.  Sometimes food kept in a storage system can get spoilt and it can damage the things around.

5.    Check the expiry date of eatables before storing them – Sometimes things that have surpassed the expiry date get spoilt automatically and the bacteria can spread to other items in the storage too.

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Sep 20, 2013

How Important Is Self Storage For Newly Weds

The first thing you need to do after tying the knot is looking for an affordable self storage system. There are so many things to dismantle and move around while shifting to your first home sweet home.  Right from the kitchen cutlery to your books to the heavier goods such as your cabinet, refrigerator and so on, need nothing but space.

Moreover, you have to give up your ‘single’ status and think about the two of you.  A difference of opinion in terms of the things to be sent for self storage and about those to keep is bound to occur. You may never want to give up your giant teddy bear that you once had during childhood. Your husband may not want to give up on his beloved and huge stack of clothing.

Especially if you’re a couple that wishes to stay away from parents, then packing and moving stuff is really going to be a task. After renting an apartment, you may soon find that the room is small and your belongings are more. In such a case, you need to select your self storage system intelligently.  A proper self storage system will not just give you a chance to keep your most prized possessions in place but it may also free your house of excessive clutter. 

The next thing you need to do is secure your belongings. The self storage system will come with locks and other protective mechanisms. In this way, all the stuff you can comfortably manage to keep in your house is there with you, while the others you love but didn’t wish to throw away are resting peacefully in a self storage system. You can simply bank on the self storage service be it a room, a canister or anything else and enjoy a hassle free married life.

As we all know, marriage does not spell just love but responsibility too. Self storage is therefore an essential aspect while moving on to a new place after marriage.
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