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Sep 27, 2009

Climate Controlled Storage

Many people believe that storing items in a climate controlled storage facility does not help or make much of a difference. Well, it is certainly not so. You will surely have to pay a bigger sum of money to keep your goods in one, but a climate controlled storage unit in Abu Dhabi is definitely worth the price.

Unlike what people think, ‘climate controlled’ storage doesn’t only differ from a standard storage unit in terms of temperature regulation. There is a lot more to this term than you think. This kind of facility also maintains the level of dust, humidity and wind along with the temperature in a storage unit. Many items require climate controlled storage. Some of those items are oil paintings, paper documents, clothing, furniture (leather, wooden), musical equipment, instruments, perishable items, etc. Only the experts at your storage facility in Abu Dhabi will be able to tell the necessary precautions that need to be taken in your unit for the item to be preserved. Before shifting your goods to a storage company you also need to check if the entire facility has a backup, in case the power runs out. This is the only way to trust a storage company.

The Box thinks of climate controlled storage as an investment and so does its customers. Our innovative ideas for storage in Abu Dhabi are sure to please you.

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