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Dec 20, 2016

Your Self Storage Questions Answered!

While you are busy finalising your storage company, here is a blog that you can have a quick sneak-peak to have all your common questions answered.

Can I store anything and everything with storage facilities?

You can store furniture, sports and gym equipment, documents, wines, office stock, and automobiles. But you cannot store things like paint, and gasoline that are highly inflammable.

How secure are storage units and warehouses?

If you choose a storage provider that is well-known and reliable, you can rely on the provider for 100% security. Here comes the much important task of sorting and arriving at your storage company wisely. This refers to getting all the details about past and present customer experiences, conditions of the company’s storage units, service quality, quality and know-how of the company executives and so on.

Bonus tip- Avoid a storage company that offers only padlocks and security gates as its most reliable safety gadgets.  It’s because these security manifestos can be easily breached by crooks and thieves. Look for storage companies that offer advanced and impenetrable security systems from cylinder locks and installed alarms to 360 degree rotating cameras.

Our team of Movers In Abu Dhabi offers secure and reliable self storage and commercial storage services.
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Nov 14, 2016

Must Know Indicators Of A Reliable Storage Company

There are many aspects of a good storage company. Have a look at those which will help you decide on a reliable storage company.

The units are in good shape:

Ensure that the buildings are well maintained. Make sure they don’t show any signs of falling apart or any kind of damage like holes or cracks it hints at the facility being vulnerable to leaking, or infestations of termites, pest and much more. The property should be kept clean and in a good state of repair. Dirty and messed up areas indicate lack of maintenance and amplified fire risks.

Proper arrangement of necessities is ensured:

This includes the availability of useful equipment, loading docks, parking, direct access to items, and sufficient lighting and safety precautions. There should be sufficient lighting to ensure easy handling of belongings regardless of day or night.

Occupancy rate | International Removal Services Abu Dhabi:

A high occupancy of storage units is another indicator to help decide the reliability of the storage and moving company. It is because a lack of occupancy indicates that the facility may have underlying issues. Also look out for a facility that employs friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff who’d help tenants or customers at various stages of storage or moving processes.
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Oct 18, 2016

Some Interesting Facts About Self Storage In Asia

Self-storage is acquiring an important place in the lives of people. Having being around for more than 50 years, self-storage companies continue to make the lives of citizens around the world spacious. Let’s explore some interesting know-how about self-storage.

Rising demand in Asia

It seems that people in Asia can’t get enough of storage facilities, saying so witnessing the ever increasing demand from people.

One of the biggest reasons is the alacrity of people for more space either for personal use or to set up a work-from home station. The needs differ but the solutions remains constant- A storage unit to de-clutter life and add space for productivity, or leisure.

Another thing is about the rising rentals. Instead of paying the high rental costs, individuals and businesses prefer storage spaces that are comparatively cheaper. The storage units are also equipped and secure. The need for a storage unit is not restricted to personal usage. People who want to open offices to work from home can transfer the not-so-often used materials to storage units and use the space for the purpose. Storage space has even gone commercial, with the services of storage companies appealing the corporate sector as well.

What are you waiting for? Explore our Movers & Packers Services Abu Dhabi services and make your life spacious and convenient.

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Sep 19, 2016

Tips To Store Excess Furniture Appropriately

Wanna store your excess furniture? Rent a storage facility and you get complete security, the storage units equipped with latest technology. But before you decide to move your furniture in the storage units, here are some tips to prevent any damage to your furniture.

• Elevate the units by placing ledges or boards that prevent floods.

• Prevent dust accumulation by covering the furniture with cotton fabric.

• Optimise space usage by making the mattresses and sofas stand.

• Disassemble all the furniture units possible and assemble them back once you’ve moved to the permanent location.

• Use bubble wrap to protect the corners and edges of your furniture.

More tips:

In the end don’t forget to ensure the following things-

• The doors of the facility are wide enough to easily let the furniture pass in and out without any damage.

• The storage units’ walls are strong and secure.

• There are no issues like water leakage which can ruin your furniture.

• The facility provides climate-controlled services.

• The facility provides facilities like mini storage, long term, short term, indoor and outdoor services to enable you to select which kind suits your needs the best. Also you can rely on the storage facility for ad-hoc storage needs, big or small.

Our relocation services In Abu Dhabi caters to all kinds of storage requirements. 
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Aug 22, 2016

Conducting Storage Process In An Appropriate Manner

Before moving, the first thing to ensure is whether your goods are prepared for moving and storage or not. Here are some important things to remember to prevent any damages to your things during and moving and storage process.

Tip 1
Ensure the upholstered furniture is properly wrapped with plastic to prevent liquids and sunlight from getting in contact with the fabric that covers the furniture. Liquids and sunrays can also lead to discoloration during the moving and storage process.

Tip 2
Don’t wrap any wooden furniture in plastic as it causes staining of the furniture do the wood breathing process. Put furniture pads that prevent unwanted marks and scratches on the furniture.

Tip 3
The remaining goods must be packed and moved in boxes stacked on one another in a way that won’t damage the contents inside the boxes. Why boxes? Because boxes enable goods to be arranged in a proper manner and also lets you identify which boxes contain what type of goods. (by writing on to it or labelling the boxes)

Tip 4
If you plan to move your goods into the storage unit by yourself, ensure you employ the above tips to prevent damage. On the other hand, if you want to take professional help of a moving and storage company to move your goods, our Relocation Services in Abu Dhabi are always available.
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Jul 25, 2016

Upgrading Outdoor Space With Easily Available Items

Is your outdoor space crammed with unwanted objects? How about upgrading your outdoor space using those objects? Yes, it is possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create useful furniture and improve your outdoor area.

1. Replace the cloth with something strong:

The indoor cloth that you use to cover your table and other furniture cannot bear the effects of rain and sunlight. This does not infer that your outdoor furniture cannot be protected. Chuck those indoor fabrics and replace them with tough outdoor cloths that are moisture and heat resistant. If you want to get the indoor feel, search for bright colours and designs.

2. Put the unused metal furniture to use:

Is there a furniture item made up of wrought iron or aluminium just rusting away in your storage cabinet? It’s time to get it out. It’s the perfect furniture for outdoors as heavy-wear items like them can easily last for years amidst the toughest environments.

Tip- Just ensure you cover these items to protect them against rain that can cause the furniture to rust and wear down. Such metal pieces of furniture can put life into your outdoor space.

We provide Relocation Services In Abu Dhabi helping people and businesses solve their storage and relocations problems.

Image Source:http://www.popsugar.com/home/Outdoor-Fabrics-from-DwellStudio-Robert-Allen-28697217
Image Source:http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/porch/outdoor-rooms/vintage-outdoor-living-ideas/?socsrc=bhgpin040215&crlt.pid=camp.1j37PWNJpFdG
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Jun 10, 2016

What Are The Advantages Of Storing Automobiles In Storage Facilities?

There are more benefits of storing automobiles in storage facilities than just saving or providing more space. We all know how difficult it is to find parking facilities around residential and official premises. In such circumstances, storage facilities are a boon. There is more than one such crucial reason that individuals and organizations seek automobile storage services. Let’s see what are they?


Any company wants to cut down its costs. The automobile parking facilities in an owned official premise can cost a bomb. Storage facilities are comparatively cheaper.

More Secure:

Storing your car in your garage may be a good as you’d have access to it as and when you want. But it can be disadvantageous as well. Considering the increasing amount of thefts, you cannot risk an asset that is worth lots of money, do you? The storage facilities are equipped with robust and advanced securities devices like alarms, rock solid locking systems, and surveillance. These devices if installed in a garage will cost you lot of money compared to the cost of storing your car safely in a good reliable storage facility. The storage facilities also protect the car against environmental and natural factors like rust, fire mishaps and so on that can damage your vehicle if proper safety measures are not present.

Not just your car:

Storage facilities like our team of Movers & Packers In Abu Dhabi provide secure storage services for not only automobiles but also boats, furniture, trucks, tractors, and yachts.

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May 11, 2016

What Are Storage Auctions And Storage Rental Periods?

Economists often advise on knowing the instrument you are going to invest in completely before investing. Similarly, investing in storage also requires you to know everything about storage so that you can make a sound decision and not get surprised on discovering facts later. In this blog, you will learn about the storage rental periods and storage auctions.

What are storage rental periods and how are they determined?

Storage facilities, most of them, require you to leave your items at least for a month at their storage facility or pay the amount equivalent to a month’s lease. You can store your things in the storage unit starting from one month which can go up to two months, a year and any time frame beyond the minimum requirement of one month. They are determined as per the item you are planning to store. For instance, people store their valuable paintings in climate control storage units for years to prevent any decay due to hot and humidity, rains, or moulds and mildews. You storage manager will help you to determine the storage time you should allocate for particular items.

What does self storage auction refer to?

Storage companies arrange for storage auctions when the owner fails to pay the rent for his stored goods and abandons the same. In this way, the storage company recovers its costs and unpaid rent. They even allow renters to auction off their goods to pay their bills.

If you are looking for implicit and affordable storage and moving solutions, contact our team of Movers & Packers In Abu Dhabi now!

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Apr 20, 2016

5 Important Tips To Stay Healthy While On The Move

Moving is an onerous task bound to make you feel nauseated sometimes. In any case, here are some simple tips to prevent health issues while moving.

Strengthen your back:

It usually happens that first time movers who don’t regularly exercise or not that fit experience back aches while moving. It is therefore recommended to do little stretching exercises before lifting heavy goods.

Wear right:

What you wear have a significant role to determine your wear and tear. In other words, wear loose clothes so that you feel comfortable always and closed shoes to avoid bumming into unseen objects on the ground and hurting your feet while carrying those boxes.

Don’t overfill:

Avoid filling the boxes to the brim as it is dangerous while carrying those boxes. Things might overtly fall from the boxes causing unnecessary injuries or repetition of mundane task of gathering things again and filling the box. The boxe can simply tear off from the bottom if you burden it with weights more than it can sustain.

Use helpful equipments:

For instance, dollies are a great help while moving heavy items like furniture. Use gloves to protect your soft hands and fingers from getting scraped or hurt. Another great set of tools are furniture sliders.


In the end our Movers & Packers In Abu Dhabi would recommend to keep small children and pets away during moving incidences. Keep them at friend’s place or get a babysitter for kids.

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Mar 14, 2016

3 memorable Items You Would Want to Store At Any Cost

As we grow older, we accumulate new things. But there are certain things with which we align our sweetest memories. It is these things that we admire, and cherish to live back the good old days. They also remind us of the blessings of our most loved ones.

Further, you can browse through 5 such memorable items that you would regret at a later stage if you throw them away.

1. Your children’s valued possessions:

It is your children that teach you that happiness is nowhere but outcome of time spent with them, with the entire family. Your children are your most precious possessions. Then why not value their precious possessions? For example, your daughter’s favourite doll or your son’s first art project. These things help you and your child cherish their sweetest childhood memories while they grow thus remembering and retaining the pristine relationship of parents-children.

2. Grandma’s recipe letters:

In today’s world of digital extravaganza, you will find the softcopies easier to follow and create dishes. However, the way your grandma cooks her recipes with nowhere-to-be found concoctions of spices, and fluids, and so on is inimitable. And the way to grandma’s secrets for years to come is only through her recipe letters written in her own charismatic handwriting, a mix of emotions and expertise! Preserve it and you’ll thank us!

3. Birthday cards:

Today’s age of forwards in terms of texts and e-cards makes birthday cards even more important. Handwritten birthday wishes are the truest form of one’s heart poured emotions for you that you would want to cherish for life!

Finding it difficult to store your possessions at your home? Our International Removal Services Abu Dhabi team will take care of that for you!

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Feb 15, 2016

4 Things You Should Do Before Moving

From the time you step your foot outside your current home to the time you reach your new home, the entire time you are experiencing mixed feelings. In order to ensure a desired experience, it is important to do a check on these factors to ensure you are moving to the right place.

1. Price

Some cities have low rentals while some have high rentals. So if you are moving to a new place, and planning to stay there on rent, check out the rentals across the city. And of you are planning to buy a house, calculate how much you can spend and can leave a comfortable life. The EMIs can make you go berserk sometimes. Hence, ensure you maintain a decent credit score to avoid higher EMI rates or rejection of your loan plea.

2. Estimates of essentials

Essentials comprise of list of items like basic utility items, health care, and groceries. The prices of these essentials multiply when you factor in the cost of travelling. Do you need to take public transport or private transport to access essentials? Can you walk to office or need a vehicle? Such factors hugely impact your monthly costs.

3.  Ensuring your lifestyle is retained

For instance, if a person goes to play tennis regularly around his current residence, he might want to ensure availability of a tennis ground nearby. Similarly, you might want to ensure easy access to cultural events, entertainment, parks, gyms, temples, or malls to prevent being estranged from your lifestyle. For this you can visit and explore the area before moving to get a feel of the place.

We are an acclaimed International Removal Services Abu Dhabi company to help people move without worrying about their things getting damaged.

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Jan 22, 2016

Sprucing Your Home During Winter In 3 Steps

Your home is decked up. “How shabby it looks, with those broken crooks,” you may say. But have you ever taken the plunge to clean it up? If not this winter is the right time to spruce up your home in 4 simple steps.

Produce a calendar for 2016

If you want each family member to stay organized, draft a family calendar. Hang this calendar in your shared space like hall so that everyone adds his or her important dates and events like dentist’s appointment, birthdays, school camps and so on. It will create a stress-free environment at your home and everyone will start organizing things as per set time lines.


There are so many things lying redundant for you but can be of great help for others. For example, you can donate clothes, toys, and furniture and so on to charitable organizations. In this you help the needy plus create space in your house.

Storage of costly items

It has been almost a month since Christmas. Many buy lot of expensive things on Christmas that remain as good as new. If you want to hear examples then there are things like ornaments, embellishments, Christmas trees, gifts, valuable paintings, and so on. You can send all these things to a safe storage unit. A storage warehouse is perfect place that will take care of all of them until the next Christmas arrives! This is much more cost-effective than having the things degrade and buy again next year.

Storage in Abu Dhabi offers comprehensive movers & packers services Abu Dhabi and effective storage solutions.

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