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Aug 31, 2009

One Unit, Many Uses

It is always wiser to choose a storage company with many facilities and provisions. But there are storage units in Abu Dhabi that provide only some of the facilities that a full-fledged storage unit would. Some storage companies provide only moving services. But what will you do during those times when you don’t have enough room to store you belongings while relocating?

Then there are other companies that solely offer storage facilities. This service also branches off as either short term or long term storage. Within these there are facilities that offer only document storage, personal storage or vehicle storage in UAE. Some provide climate controlled facilities, while others don’t. Therefore before you decide upon which storage company’s services you will be using, do your research and find one that offers all round storage and removal services in Abu Dhabi. This way your benefits will increase by many folds. You will also be able to save the time and energy used to search a different company for a different kind of storage. Since there are only a few storage companies in Abu Dhabi offering many facilities under one roof, your search for multiple storage and removal options in one facility becomes easier.

Our storage company The Box located in Abu Dhabi, provides all the facilities you might require while relocating. Even if you are looking for a suitable place to keep your personal items and goods that may need special care and attention, our storage facility in Abu Dhabi has it all.

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Long Live your Possessions!

The extra storage spaces people have in their homes are proving to be inadequate by the day. The amount of things we want to preserve are increasing and the amount of empty space to store our favourite items are decreasing. For this reason, storage facilities offer a variety of storage options including climate controlled facilities as well as different storage unit sizes in Abu Dhabi. Climate controlled storage may cost a little more than standard storage units. But when it comes to preserving your possessions, they are more advantageous.

Only a few storage solutions in Abu Dhabi provide climate controlled environments. The main advantage of such an environment is protection of your sensitive belongings (antiques, musical instruments) from the elements. Storage facilities are usually built in a way to protect your goods from the rain. Their roofs are impermeable and the facility is usually built at a height to prevent floods from damaging your goods. The temperature in your storage facility is also controlled, as extreme temperatures cause woodworks, musical instruments and antiques to spoil. This facility is required especially in long term storage units. Regulated facilities also provide the huge advantage of preventing termites from thriving and eating into items made of wood. Pests are also kept at bay through tough concrete and metal construction.

We provide all these facilities at our Abu Dhabi storage company known as The Box. We understand that other than these facilities, ‘peace of mind’ is the main advantage that any customer looks for. This is why we do our best to let your priced possessions live long…

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Aug 30, 2009

Car Storage

Do you have a classic car that needs special care?

Or is there a car that is waiting to be sold?

Cars need to be driven. A car would succumb to a whole set of problems when it is kept lying in one place, unattended. Rust, mildew, corrosion, gum, varnish, sunlight, etc. can harm the interiors and exteriors of your car, deteriorating it considerably. Thus special care needs to be taken when it comes to vehicle storage in Abu Dhabi especially because of the extreme weather conditions of this place. This is why most people take the help of those who know how to care of a car, professionally. They take the help of a vehicle storage facility in UAE.

A vehicle storage unit will be able to store your car well, in spite of the harsh weather conditions like scorching sunlight in UAE. Such facilities prepare the vehicle storage unit in a way to shield your car from atrophying. They will store your car in a cool, dark and dry place where nothing can cause it any harm.

Our vehicle storage facility in Abu Dhabi makes special provisions to take care of different vehicles like cars, bikes, boats or even jet skis. Apart from creating the necessary climatic conditions, we also make use of other precautions to keep your car in good shape.

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Storage Company Hunting in Abu Dhabi

Renting an off-site storage unit is a convenience any day, as such units provide additional benefits compared to those received by storing goods in your home/apartment. Besides, storage facilities have become so popular that it isn’t difficult to find one, nor is it difficult to rent one.

Things to consider while hunting for a storage company in Abu Dhabi:

-You need to take the location of the storage company into consideration before renting one. Should it be within your city/area, close to your place of business or near your home?

-Choosing a storage facility will also depend upon what you are storing. In the case of personal items, you will need to access your storage unit quite often. Thus it would be better for you to keep your items in a personal storage facility within Abu Dhabi near your home.

-In the same way, choose a company depending on whether you require short term or long term storage. It would be great if you found one that offered both.

-Another aspect you need to consider is the construction of the facility. This should be done to convince yourself about the safety of your belongings from water or molds.

-Go through the rules and regulations of the company and check if the facility is insured incase of a fire or any other disaster. Security alone is the most important aspect that should be incorporated in the storage company you choose. This is why The Box, our storage solution in Abu Dhabi follows a number of innovative safety measures to ensure that the goods entrusted to us are always safe.

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Aug 29, 2009

Why use Document Storage Facilities?

It is important to store financial documents or even personal records for that matter, for the safety of your business or for your own good. Medical records, customer details, company details, etc. are all essential. Laws surrounding financial documents have also made it official for businesses to stack every inch of detail gathered since 10 years ago. You might think that it is easy to store these documents somewhere in your office, after which you will not have to worry about a thing. But the truth of the matter is that document storage is not an easy task.
Reasons why you require an off-site storage facility:
You may not realize, but not taking the necessary precautions while storing paper documents can be fatal. For example: There have been many cases of paper money and documents been eaten by insects. Paper documents also lose clarity and quality over time if stored under unsuitable temperatures. An off-site document storage facility stores your documents in a secure environment. Only a few storage facilities in Abu Dhabi provide high security through 24-hour CCTV surveillance, alarms and fire protection systems. Such facilities always provide you with peace of mind. Our storage facility in Abu Dhabi The Box, not only ensures the security of your valuable documents but also stores them in a climate controlled environment.
Storing your documents in an off-site storage facility can makes document scanning and document archiving a lot easier. Our Abu Dhabi storage company also includes document storage services like document recycling services, document scanning and document shredding. Contact our record management consultants for assistance.
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