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Dec 10, 2012

How Do I Hire the Perfect Movers and Packers?

Moving, always involves a lot of hassle, stress, and of course expenses. To add to the anxiety, you find plenty of companies that say they will offer you the best deals in town. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to know precisely what are your needs and requirements so that you are not in the wrong hands. This blog’s aim is to help you in finding the perfect movers and packers by giving a few valuable tips that will help you steer your choices.

First and foremost, you need not rush into finalising a moving company just because you see a fancy advertisement. Avoid relying solely on advertisements that talk about always being on time, highly skilled and professional packers and movers, etc. Before the final deal is made, it is extremely vital you note down the names and contact numbers of at least five companies. This helps you enquire the rates and compare them with the other companies.

Once you have finalised the company and their prices, ask them to give you an estimate. Keep in mind, that you call them home, and not do it over the phone. Understand their package deals completely, while making sure of all the additional costs you may have to undertake. For instance, extra expenses if they are to cover a certain distance; or if the goods are over a certain weight.

Confirm with them whether they provide insurance. You could probably ask them general questions, like what happens if the goods are broken during transportation, under what all circumstances will they be accountable, and for how much. You could also find out whether the relocation company has special tools and equipment to help make the move smooth and convenient.

As soon as you are done with the above, get a signed contract that involves the costs, the pick-up and delivery dates, along with their additional services if any. In any case, do not make final payment unless all your goods are delivered and a follow up has been done in case of damage.
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Dec 7, 2012

Storage Units: Perfect for Heritage Articles and Items!

We all love to collect stuff. The irreplaceable ones become the family heirloom and antiques. However, there are those times when you are compelled to put away some of your favourite stuff in order to make more room in the house. In cases like these, storing your family belongings in a self-storagefacility may perhaps be a fantastic idea. You may ask how are you to trust the storage company with your delicate and fragile items? Well, if the packing and storing is done correctly, you can be confident about their safety and maintenance.

Climate-controlled storage: Antiques are delicate and extremely susceptible to damage. You have to ensure that they are well-maintained, and for this storage ought to be climate-controlled. Severe temperatures can adversely affect them. Thus, maintaining a consistent temperature is ideal. This can be used for paintings, wooden articles, leather items, etc.

Ground floor units: You don’t want to spoil and damage delicate items while transporting them. So, look for a unit that has easy accessibility and is preferably on the ground floor.

Security and insurance: Burglar alarms, CCTVs, lock codes are very important when it comes to safety and security of goods. Also, ensure that you have taken insurance for all your valuables.

Now that you know what all needs to be done before renting a storageunit, let us find out the kind of storage you need to do so as to keep them in perfect condition.

At the outset, make certain that you have an entire record of the contents. Spray some furniture polish onto wooden items and furniture. Along with this, condition the leather products; and to prevent metal objects from rust, wipe them with oil. If you are to store mirrors and paintings, do so, on the end, but never let them lie down flat. Similarly, don’t stack the furniture. You could also pack the materials in boxes, bubble wrap, towels, etc for added safety for your valuables.

Storage companies are on the rise and have proven to be a brilliant way to save space and leave more room without having to do away with any of your valuables. 
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Nov 10, 2012

How to Find the Right Moving Company

The articles and items you have collected, over the years, often hold sentimental value and monetary worth. And when you are asked to move out to a new place, you feel tensed, you are apprehensive to trust the people who’d move it from point A to point B. Moving, in such times, can be a real hard time, but professional removal services can always lend a hand to alleviate the anxiety. Expert services can help you pack-up your items, load them and finally unload them and meet you at your destination. After all, it is their duty to make sure that your belongings are handled with care and are not damaged, wrecked or stolen in the process of transferring from one place to the other. The following can help you find the perfect moving services:

You can begin with calling the local real estate agents for references. They in all likelihood would have a list of upright and certified movers. Additionally, you could look up online for moving companies in your locale as well as on national levels. Once you have finalised a few of them you can contact them and ask for their license. Along with the license also; ask a few general questions depending upon your needs and requirements. Ask them about their rates, at the same time; be alert of any of their terms and clauses that may result in extra costs. For instance, moving to a certain distance; or carrying goods greater than the mentioned weight etc.

Find out, whether the moving company can provide estimation. Proposals will differ widely. Get several of them to find the best one; and the ones who don’t give should not be trusted. This is because, unless, you don’t get a precise estimate how will you know their costs? Lastly, get a signed agreement which involves the cost, the to and fro dates, services, insurance, etc. Take these steps, because whatever happens, you’ve got to make certain that the company has experience in the field and will do as per your needs and wants! 
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Nov 7, 2012

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

If you have previously moved before or probably helped your near and dear ones do the same, you must be well-aware of how tiring and stressful moving really is. As a result, a large number of people are signing up with moving services so that they can have a hassle-free transfer. So, if you are planning to move out anytime soon, do so with the help of professional movers. You may want to read below the number of advantages you will have when you hire the services of the experts:

1.      Less to no trouble for near and dear ones: When you move out, you don’t have to rely on your family and friends and burden them. Instead, call up the house moving companies, they’d be more than happy to help you. Also, you will be rest assured of the safety and security of your valuables as most of them will offer you insurance of goods.
2.      Simple and Handy: If you find yourself constantly relocating from one place to the other, you know how demanding and exhausting it really can get. After all, you have to consider so many things before you make the final move. Therefore, hiring an experienced mover amid scores of moving companies available will facilitate you and your family. They will help you in packing, labelling, as well as help you unpack at your destination. Thus, making things a lot easier than what they would have been, had you thought of doing it all by yourself.
3.      Stress-free: Initially a transfer sounds a lot of fun, you think of the new society, new people, etc., but then when it comes to packing up stuff that’s when it starts to take a toll on you. Small things start to trouble you and leave you stressed. However, when you have experts handling your work, you find yourself at peace and a lot more relaxed.
4.      Safety and Insurance: Hiring reliable movers and packers will ensure you that all your belongings are moved in one piece. As mentioned in the above point, most of the companies will offer you insurance in their contract, if they don’t, don’t sign up with them. Moreover, you can also pay for an additional insurance to recover the monetary value of damaged goods.

Packing and moving to a new place is not everyone's cup of tea. You need a lot of patience and the necessary skills to do it that only professional movers and packers can assure you! Happy Moving!
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Oct 12, 2012

Schedule Your Move Abu Dhabi Storage Company Moving Services

You are moving out, and in all likelihood you’d be excited, but at the same time have you thought about the complexities you would face? Quite honestly, very few of us enjoy transfers; be it in Abu Dhabi or anywhere across the globe, yet everybody loves being in a new place. However, the eagerness of a different and new place more often than not disappears when we realize the things that need to be covered when moving out. Subsequently, why not put in a little extra effort along with the removal company, by preparing a list to facilitate our moving process ?

Six Weeks: It may sound strange to you. You may be thinking what is the need to start the preparation six weeks in advance? But believe me packing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Take a look at all the stuff you have, and classify them in the items you want, and the ones you want to discard.

Five Weeks: Once you have sorted all your items, get all your records and documents photocopied and registered. These could include your insurance coverage, school and medical records, electricity and water bills etc.

Three Weeks: Avoid carrying stuff that will not be needed. It is no point in cluttering the new place with useless items. Remember movingcompanies are going to be charging you as per the number of boxes they have to pack for you, so the lesser the better for you.

Two Weeks: Confirm your relocation with the new place. Inform the various service operators about the due dates of your bills. You may also want to either close or transfer all your bank accounts. Make sure you pick up all your items from the storage units, if any, and the things you have loaned. In addition, make arrangements to stop all your utility and delivery services.

One Week: Pack up your personal luggage separately; the ones that you will need while travelling. The rest can be packed and labelled in boxes by the moving company in special corrugated containers and bubble wraps. Ask for utility connections at your new home, you don’t want to end up with no light and water on your first day at the new place. Pack up your medicines. Set aside clothing, toiletry, snacks, and additional items you will be taking.

One Day Before and On the Day of Move:  Make a last check of every room, closet, attic, and garage. Latch and lock all the windows and doors.

If you follow the above precisely, you would never go wrong! Happy Moving.

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Oct 11, 2012

Why Do I Need Storage Facilities?

As your business develops and grows, its manpower increases, and so does its spatial requirements. But, every time you add, new stuff, you can’t keep relocating to a new and bigger place can you? It is especially impossible, with the rising rates in the real estate market, to switch as and when you want. So, what do you do in situations like these? You certainly can’t continue paying heavy rentals! You just hire a storage company and drive away all your anxieties.

Corporate storage facilities allow you to have additional space away from your workplace. Read on to understand their role in our day to day life:-

Renovation: If you are considering a renovation of your office, or transferring to another work-place, hire a storeroom. You can make use of this space the way you want, and carry on with your other functions without being bothered.

Additional Tools: You can stock up your supply, promotional materials, official documents, merchandise and samples, along with various other office equipment. This saves you a lot of space as well as gives you an assurance of the security and proper maintenance of all your documents.

Archives: You may have documents or records which are decades old, which you need to maintain. Simply place them with a storage company and keep the rest of the important files with you. You can be sure of their safety and security, as most of these companies provide climate controlled rooms.

Seasonal Equipment: Quite a lot of us may need certain items and equipment only in a certain month. During the rest of the year, these catalogues and registers would merely occupy space. Make use of storage spaces and drive out the clutter.

So, who all can use these services? Just about anybody and everybody! If you own an apartment or an office, and you feel you have a lot of clutter in and around your space, you definitely need them.   
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Sep 13, 2012

Choosing the Right Moving Company in 5 Easy Steps in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is regarded as the centre of political & industrial activity in the region. In addition to this, it is also a major cultural and commercial centre for the United Arab Emirates. Every day there are thousands of people coming from different places that move in to Abu Dhabi. These people come with the hope of newer and better opportunities, or job transfers, or migration. With them they bring in quite a lot of goods, and belongings; making shifting a stressful and extremely uncomfortable task. Nevertheless, the flux in the moving in and out of homes and offices has only led to immense growth of movers and storage in AbuDhabi. With so many moving companies it becomes very difficult to choose the right one. This is especially when we have to make sure that the companies fit in the budget we have set. The following guidelines can help you choose better and fulfil your needs and requirements:
  • Local Location: Choose a company that is closest to your home or office. The closer the place the better it is to help in relocation. Choosing a local company is the first wise step in shifting. For instance, if you are in Dubai, you call out for services based in Dubai, and not Sharjah.
  • Facilities: Movers should be of assistance to you in the basic loading, unloading, packing, unpacking as well as transportation. They should be able to provide you movingand packing supplies. This could include bubble wraps for fragile items, big or small cartons in order to fit in items of all shapes and sizes etc. This makes certain that your shifting is smooth and efficient.
  • Certified and Insured: Before you sign up with a company make certain the company is certified. This company should be able to give you insurance for all your possessions and belongings.
  • Packaging: When you give the items for packaging one must ensure they are properly segregated and kept in the respective boxes. If the packing is not done properly it can result in damage of valuable goods.
  •  Transportation: Movers ought to give their clients transportation services. This implies that one essentially needs trucks that can come, pick, and collect items, and drop them off at their destinations. This has to be done safely and securely.

 So, you see these 5 tips can be really handy and convenient. They are not too difficult to find! A little research, and voila you will be making moving a lot smoother than you thought!
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Aug 14, 2012

Concerned about your car while you head for a vacation?

 Everyone loves summer. It’s the time to leave the city, country and go out for a long vacation. It’s a time to relax, unwind and forget about life’s troubles. Everyone loves to go on a vacation, except for car lovers.
Those who love their cars and work hard to keep them well-maintained in the best condition possible, also never want to leave them out of their sight. Moreover with most indoor parking lots already filled to the brim with Abu Dhabi’s existing citizens; it just does not feel right to leave your vehicle out in the dust exposed to the elements for an entire month; without any care or maintenance.
It a tough decision and most people end up leaving their prized possessions in such open parking lots where the intense heat and moisture damages the paint along with other exposed parts of the vehicle.
A smart move would be to simply hand over your car to the local mechanic and ask him to lend you some garage space for your vehicle. But not many maintenance shops want to take such responsibility. This is why it is smart to contact your local storage facility. Yes, if you haven’t heard of this before, storage facilities in Abu Dhabi do take care of vehicles. And by the word “take care” I do mean actually taking care of your vehicle in the form of tune-ups, keeping the motor running for some time everyday and even giving your car a wash or sending it to the detailers once a month.

What’s more is that you could store your vehicle with them for months and even years on end. Most vintage car collectors in fact prefer storing their vehicles at vehicle storage facilitiesin Abu Dhabi, because they offer climate-controlled, moisture-free storage facilities. This allows your car’s paint and parts to last longer, not giving into rust that easily damages your car and makes it age faster. In your case, you will just need to store your vehicle with them for a month. It makes for a safe and secure place to keep your car scratch-free and polished till the time you get back; while you enjoy your vacation without a hint of concern.
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Jul 11, 2012

Climate-controlled Storage works Best for Abu Dhabi’s moisture laden Climate

Abu Dhabi’s climate is not exactly the climate of choice when it comes to conveniently storing photographs, antiques, old furniture and even delicate clothing. The warm and arid climate and the ever present humidity tend to damage almost all of our precious belongings including electronic equipment, if stored for longer periods of time. Why then do we store such items in places like closets and lofts where we know that they will get brittle or get covered in mold due to the heat and the added humidity in the air?

One of the best places to store such items is a storage unit but you will need to make sure that it is a climate-controlled one. The difference between a climate-controlled storage unit and a normal one is that the air temperature does not vary or change like the weather outside. Such storage facilities in Abu Dhabi are usually sealed well keeping the inside temperature cool and moisture free, which avoids damage to delicate goods such as old photographs, leather goods, musical instruments and even old antique furniture. The reduced moisture in the air keeps the stored items free from fungus which eats into leathers, wood and important documents. Most personal storage facilities in Abu Dhabi do not offer such facilities. This is why they end up damaged or unusable, when they open up their units after extended periods of time.

This is why we at The Box offer climate controlled self storage in Abu Dhabi to ensure that our customers don’t end up with damaged goods when they return. Along with storage units we also offer concierge services in which we receive and accept goods on our customer’s behalf incase our customers are out of town.  We also provide trucks and trolleys in our facilities to help our customers to store their goods conveniently and effortlessly. 
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Jun 11, 2012

Hosting the Euro 2012 at home?

The Euro 2012 has just kicked-off? Who are you rooting for? Last year was a blast but you didn’t quite enjoy the sports bar so you decided to cheer right from the comfort of your own home and even call in your friends and office mates. So you’re planning the entire evening out with the gang—team flags all over the place—all decorated and ready. But then you suddenly realise, that your apartment is a bit too crowded and the interior decor has a high probability of being mangled with once everybody gets into the mood of the game. What do you do?
storage facility in Abu Dhabi,personal storage

 Why not rent out a storage unit at a storage facility in Abu Dhabi and store all of your valuable decor and unnecessary furniture out there and make more space at home for your mates? Apart from making some extra space at home, personal storage will also make your living space more functional and ‘game ready’.

As for your decor and all of the extra furniture, it will be safe and sound at your nearest storage facility in Abu Dhabi. If you store with us, at The Box in Abu Dhabi, we would more than glad to help you out in hauling in all those extra items from your home that occupy unnecessary space making your house look like a complete mess. For the DIYer, our facility is loaded with trolleys and trucks to help you move your goods within our facility with ease. You can also opt for climate-controlled storage just in case you need to store something delicate for a longer period of time. Feel free to contact us at our website www.storageinabudhabi.com for all your queries and we will be more than glad to get back to you.

the box storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

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May 14, 2012

What not to Store in your Self-Store Unit

Everyone loves having a self-storage space because it allows them to hold onto the stuff that they like and goods and objects that have sentimental value. Here in Abu Dhabi, the arid climate along with the moisture-laden winds that come in from the ocean create infinite number of problems when it comes to storage of almost any item be it food, furniture or even electronics.
This is why climate-controlled self-storage units in Abu Dhabi are a hit, simply because they present a simplified storage solution that acts as an extension of space to homes and offices and also provides the necessary protection to their goods.

So what should one not store in a personal storage unit? Well, when it comes to office equipment almost anything can be stored—be it supplies to old computers to bundles and bundles of printing paper. When it comes to personal/household storage one must simply avoid items food items of any sort (your storage unit is not a refrigerator). Other than that almost anything that you need to store can be stored out here; from clothing to appliances to exercise equipment right down old portraits and photographs.

We at The Box will also ensure that your items are left untouched just the way you left them in your personal storage unit in Abu Dhabi. We at The Box keep storage simple and convenient just the way you like it. 
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Self-Storage Should be User-Friendly

How many of us have entered a dark and dingy warehouse in the search for a self-storage solution in Abu Dhabi and simply stepped away from the entire idea? There are many people out there who do not even have a random idea about what personal storage is all about and how it has evolved.

Storage solutions today have changed for the good and are a stark contrast when compared to the old dungeon with a lock. Self-storage facilities are well lit up, designed keeping the customer in mind and have the best in security with password-protected magnetic card access. All one has to do is simply pack up all their goods that they need to store and either give us a call to pick up the goods; or simply come in your-self and get the job done personally.

Our facilities at The Box have been designed keeping the customer in mind with easy access and well lit up corridors along with a signage after every square meter so that you do not lose your way. Moreover, we even provide a long list of facilities including trolleys and trucks so that you can personally go to your storage unit and arrange everything the way you want it. Just think of our storage unit as an extension of your home.

The signing up process for our services has also been simplified, so that customers spend more time storing and forgetting; rather than filling in pages and pages of documentation.
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Apr 13, 2012

Always insure your goods when storing long-term

So you have just moved into your new home here in Abu Dhabi and have sorted out all of unnecessary items that you will not be using. The home decor from your old home which simply does not fit-in in the new house, or that antique vase that has been lying in your old home for generations (but you never cared to find out it value). You piled and packaged all the items and decided to tuck them away at a storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

Long-term storage units, usually allow customers to store their goods for extended periods of time. Most owners after doing so do not even care to visit their personal storage units in Abu Dhabi, until they really have a need for them and keep items such as expensive vases, art and much more in storage for decades on end.

Always check for the amount of coverage provided before signing on the dotted line, to avoid huge losses down the years. Of course, when you store with us here at The Box, we will by default ask you to insure your goods, giving you peace of mind and years of stress-free storage.In an unfortunate accident if a storage facility does happen to catch fire, they will lose their priceless artefacts, along with the value that was hidden with them. This is why it is always wise to insure your goods when you store with a storage facility; simply because you never know what may happen when. Most self-storage facilities in Abu Dhabi do offer third-party insurance which provides a good option for those looking for safe place to store something that is expensive and valuable—but you always have to ask.
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Mar 9, 2012

Relocating? Sounds like a good time to do some spring cleaning while you are at it

Relocations are a mess. Find a professional moving company in Abu Dhabi and they would take care about the packaging and moving helping you and your family relocate. But it is a new home a new beginning, so why should you carry all of your old furniture and belongings with you into your new home?

When families relocate they always do so for a reason, they often want to forget the past and look forward to a new future; one without the clutter of the life they had before. Then why carry everything with you when you move into a new home? Yes, some objects do hold sentimental value and may have been in your family for generations on end; but there are others that have just been lying in the corner of your home. Take for example that old corner table with a broken leg and scratched-off paint, that probably has nothing kept on it; but it simply stays there unused.

You eventually have to decide, what is required and what simply needs to go. But there is another option and that would be a self-storage unit in Abu Dhabi. Simply hire a personal storage unit from the many storage facilities in Abu Dhabi and that should take care of the furniture or objects that you may use in the near future. As for the rest, it must go. So be brave! Stop hoarding! And best of luck with that relocation!
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Feb 14, 2012

Need a place to store your tools?

DIYers are everywhere; people today want to learn to do things themselves. This not only gives them a sense of achievement but also helps in developing one’s life skills. Learning to paint, fix things at home, and even taking up a home renovation project helps one learn and understand about the complexities of such tasks and eventually overcome them; while also reducing maintenance costs around the house.

DIYers are a whole different breed of individuals; they take pride in knowing and perfecting their skills. Skills that involve and cover a lot of hobbies and household chores also involve a cart load of tools, which is why they end up with more garage space and less living space.

A good solution for such individuals is to rent with us here at The Box. Our personal storage units in Abu Dhabi make for the perfect solutions when it comes to storing all sorts of tools and equipment. Available in a variety of sizes from small to medium and large, covering an area ranging from 25 to 155+ square feet, we make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking out for in terms of space; while the wastage of space at our facility is reduced. Moreover, our climate-controlled facilities ensure that all of your tools remain in the exact same state that they were, when they were brought in. The best in safety and security ensure that all the all of your precious tools and equipment remains safe in our facilities.

To know more about our Abu Dhabi storage facilities or to book our professional movers and packer’s services, kindly visit us online at: https://www.storageinabudhabi.com
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Jan 16, 2012

A Personal storage solution makes a great idea for storing gifts in Abu Dhabi

Christmas may not be widely celebrated in Abu Dhabi but that does not stop the festivities and the celebrations out here. Ask anyone about Christmas and they will answer back with one simple word ‘GIFTS’. Yes people always have a lot of gifts to hide and on Christmas day distribute them.

Gifting is a universal symbol of love, friendship and caring and Christmas presents us with the best opportunities to spread the love. Buying gifts and gift-wrapping them is a different task, but what is more difficult is hiding all those gifts from the little ones at home. Small gifts can be stored in the closet but prying little eyes will always find them.

A personal storage solution poses as a great solution to keep all at home, away from their gifts until Christmas. Personal storage units provided by us at The Box are available in all sizes for all your storage needs including gifts of all sizes.

What’s more is that one can even store their home Christmas decor until that time of the year arrives again next year. To know more about The Box and our services kindly pay us a visit online at: www.storageinabudhabi.com
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