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Apr 15, 2010

The Number One Storage Solution

It is quite easy to enter a competition but tougher part is winning the one. Every company aspires to be on the top but there is only single place at the top. When it comes to storage facilities in Abu Dhabi, The Box is the winner. We are the number one choice for residential/commercial storage and moving service in Abu Dhabi.

Since we launched our company we have set high standards for serving our clients. Many other companies try to replicate our standards to experience similar success as we do. We are very well known for the security measures that we offer and have reputation to protect. Even the most difficult job of storing and moving is done with ease by our professionals. We give variety of options to our customers so that they can take maximum advantage of the service we provide. We serve our customers with unique features which can get them customized service. The knowledge and sincerity that our professionals have, creates trust in the hearts of our customers. Booking a unit with us is very simple and fast. All these reasons have been responsible in making The Box the number one choice of people in Abu Dhabi.

So if you are looking for any type of packing, moving or storage facility in Abu Dhabi then visit The Box. We have been serving our customers efficiently since last few years. We have achieved tremendous success in a very short period of time. You can visit the below mentioned site to know more about the service we provide.


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Apr 14, 2010

The Box Accomplishes Your Wishes

There are many storage facilities in Abu Dhabi and people often find it difficult to choose. When you think of reserving a unit with a storage house, make sure that the company can provide you the facilities that you are looking for and not what they can offer. Most of the companies talk about various services but then they rarely keep their words. We at The Box are known for offering exceptional services to all our customers.

It is very easy to purchase packaging materials that are available at different shops. But only The Box can make the type of packaging material you want. Unlike other storage solutions in Abu Dhabi The Box has special feature for its customers. Generally boxes used for packing are available in two sizes, small and medium. But there are people who look for boxes with different sizes to fit in their belongings. We at The Box look after such special needs. Our company has a unique feature which can give our customers boxes of the size they need. Such customized boxes are available upon request. All you need to do is, inform our company professionals about the size of the box you want and we will get it done for you.

We at The Box always take extra care of our customers. Fulfilling every need of our customers is our top priority. It is not only about packing but we also look after every specific demand that comes in connection with storing and moving service in Abu Dhabi.

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Apr 13, 2010

Simple Way To Enter The Box

With so many storage houses available in UAE it is really difficult to choose the one that suits best to your requirements. Many things are taken into consideration before selecting a right type of storage solution in Abu Dhabi. Different people have different needs and they want their storage solution to meet with their expectations. But at The Box we provide all the possible facilities that can please each and every client.

One of the tedious and time consuming tasks of having a unit involves the procedure of reserving a unit. Many customers do not like to go through a long process of formalities before booking a unit. But we at The Box do realize worth of your time and have made reserving a unit quite easy and fast. You just need to follow three simple steps before you book a unit with us.

1. Choose your individual unit: out of a range of units we offer you have to choose the one that fits in perfectly for your requisition.

2. Complete the client sign up form: we have a very simple form for you which will not take much of your time. You can easily fill up client sign up form in few minutes.

3. Move in and access your unit: as soon as you finish filling up the form you are ready to access your unit. You can access your unit anytime, 24 hours a day.

Thus short term and long term storage units at The Box are available conveniently. You just need to follow some basic steps.

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Apr 12, 2010

CCTV Surveillance Is A Must

When people store their valuables in a storage facility in Abu Dhabi their major concern is safety. Important documents, expensive articles, rarely found antiques, costly furniture and many other things are stored in storage units in Abu Dhabi. Owners of such precious things need a place where higher security levels are provided. But unfortunately all storage houses do not equip themselves with proper security measures.

We at The Box understand our customers’ concerns and see to it that they get maximum satisfaction from the facilities we provide. Our company has always taken storage and security issues seriously and aims to give proper safety to all the materials that are stored in our units. For better safety measures we have installed CCTV cameras in our storage house. Many of our clients preferred keeping their belongings with us because we provide 24 hours CCTV surveillance. It becomes convenient for our professional to catch suspicious activities on CCTV. Moreover thieves and robbers avoid attacking those places where CCTV surveillance is available as it becomes the biggest proof against them. Along with CCTV our storage solution in Abu Dhabi maintains a round the clock access control log for each visit.

We at The Box keep our customers in the middle of each process and serve them with best solutions. We assure you that all your belongings would be stored properly and will receive superior protection. You can have a look at our self storage in Abu Dhabi and check out yourself the security measures we follow.

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