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Jan 22, 2016

Sprucing Your Home During Winter In 3 Steps

Your home is decked up. “How shabby it looks, with those broken crooks,” you may say. But have you ever taken the plunge to clean it up? If not this winter is the right time to spruce up your home in 4 simple steps.

Produce a calendar for 2016

If you want each family member to stay organized, draft a family calendar. Hang this calendar in your shared space like hall so that everyone adds his or her important dates and events like dentist’s appointment, birthdays, school camps and so on. It will create a stress-free environment at your home and everyone will start organizing things as per set time lines.


There are so many things lying redundant for you but can be of great help for others. For example, you can donate clothes, toys, and furniture and so on to charitable organizations. In this you help the needy plus create space in your house.

Storage of costly items

It has been almost a month since Christmas. Many buy lot of expensive things on Christmas that remain as good as new. If you want to hear examples then there are things like ornaments, embellishments, Christmas trees, gifts, valuable paintings, and so on. You can send all these things to a safe storage unit. A storage warehouse is perfect place that will take care of all of them until the next Christmas arrives! This is much more cost-effective than having the things degrade and buy again next year.

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Image source: betterhomecleaning.com
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