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Aug 18, 2015

How To Pack And Store Glass Artifacts Safely?

Anything made of glass beacons a red signal saying, “Handle with care”, in an implied manner. From packing to handling to delivering, glass objects need special care. Further, you can browse through a terse but useful list of important steps while packaging and storing glass articles-

Don’t cover with bubble wrap directly

Proper packing shields the glass material against potential breakage. However, don’t forget to cover the glass object with a paper before bubble wrapping it. Bubble wrapping directly on the glass object can leave a permanent smear. Therefore, first wrap it with a tissue paper, or newspaper followed by bubble wrap.

Ideal method-

After wrapping the glass object with one layer of paper, wrap three layers of bubble wrap. Stick it with a tape. The bubble wrap is the most suitable material to protect glass objects against wreckage as it gives the perfect cushioning.

Store it in a sturdy container

A strong and sturdy box is important to store the glass objects safely. To prevent objects colliding with each other during transit, insert a cardboard between adjacent glass items. Storage in Abu Dhabi provides boxes of varied shapes and sizes so that customers procure sufficient space to store and transport their glass items safely.

Add a fragile beacon

Label the box as “Fragile”. This alludes to anyone about the delicate material inside and therefore propels careful handling during transit.
Storage in Abu Dhabi provides storage units for safe storage of glass materials. It even provides a thorough assistance from careful packing, and handling to delivering glass objects to respective units.
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