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Jul 26, 2021

A Guide For Long Time Storage Packing

Want to put some unwanted items away from your house for a long time? Or are you going overseas for a few months and want to store your items?

Long Time Storage is always the best solution! Long Time Storage is stuffing your goods away for a longer-term in a storage unit. Many storage companies offer different types of storage period options.

But, you have to be careful as the goods should be well packed and stored in the unit to avoid any damage due to moisture and dust.

To pack the goods appropriately, follow the below guide on packing.


List The Items

First and foremost, make a detailed list of all the items you want to stack away in the storage unit so that you won’t miss out on any. Then, accordingly, you can purchase the materials you will require to pack your items with.


Cover Storage Unit Floor

Make sure you cover the storage unit floor with a plastic sheet or a canvas tarp below your large and heavy items. This will stop any dampness affecting the items and help in proper ventilation


Good Quality Boxes

Wooden boxes are perfect for long time storage. Unline cardboard boxes, they are not weak and rarely get affected by moisture and dust. Their strong and long-lasting features protect the goods for a longer time. Any damages are avoided.


Use of Pallets

Piling items on pallets will reduce any dampness or moisture in the unit and allow proper ventilation around it. Also, moving the items will be easy and this will also give quick access to around the unit.


Careful With Fragile Items

As fragile items are more susceptible to damage, bubble wraps, tissue paper and clothe wraps should be enveloped around them. The boxes in which the fragile items will be stored must be properly labelled. Labelling will avoid mixing up fragile with non-fragile items.


Disassemble Larger Furniture

It is feasible to disassemble the heavy furniture for easy and damage-free movement.


Do Not Use Plastic Bags

Wrapping items with plastic bags often traps the moisture inside. This can lead to the growth of fungus. That is why It is better is to wrap your items with paper rather than plastic bags.


Vacuum Sealed Bags

All the items of cloth must be stored in a vacuumed sealed bags. Any amount of moisture can help moulds and other funguses to grow on these items. Such vacuumed sealed bags can safeguard these items from moisture.


Cleaned Electric Appliances

Before packing and storing any electric appliances, they should be minutely cleaned with baking soda or bleach. This process will kill all the bacterias and avoid any moulds to grow and will protect these appliances.


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