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Dec 28, 2020

The top 6 mobile storage benefits you should consider


Mobile storage is becoming the favourite mode of storage for many as it offers security, convenience, and affordable options all at once. Here’s a low-down on top mobile storage benefits. Let’s delve.

Absolutely safe 

When looking for self-storage options, one thing that you would want to ensure is the safety of your belongings while in storage. In this regard, mobile storage scores high. It’s because one of the key aspects of mobile storage is the absence of double handling. What is double handling? When a person moves an item to a wrong place and then someone needs to redo the work and move it to the correct storage space, it is called double handing. It is extremely problematic as double handling increases the risk of items getting damaged. 

When it comes to mobile storage, the POD is delivered to your location, packed on the spot with your items, loaded into the moving vehicle and stored at the state-of-the-art warehouse where your items remain safe and readily available. You see, no double handling of your valued possessions! Since there is no room for loading or unloading items in and out of various trucks, warehouse units, and storage units, mobile storage makes for a secure storage option.

Sense of assurance

You should choose a mobile storage facility that offers high-quality plywood PODS that breathe and therefore keep valuables inside in a healthy condition. It’s because plywood is a material that creates a perfect environment for things to stay in good shape. It’s sealed from all sides which keeps the dust and pests at bay.


This is yet another mobile storage benefit – ease of use.

Unlike many other storage options, mobile storage is like being spoon-fed, literally, but in a good way. All you have to do is select the things you want to store. Next, call your mobile storage company to collect those things. And then sit back and watch those professionals as they neatly pack your mobile storage POD and load it onto the moving vehicle to transport it to their state-of-the-art storage warehouse where your items will remain safe and easily accessible 24X7.


Mobile storage isn’t like a mutual funds lock-in contract. You will be charged only by the day as per your usage. A simple pay-as-you-go model makes it way cheaper than other self-storage options.

No transport hassle

In mobile storage, you don’t need to worry about your storage unit’s safe delivery to its storage site. This saves you the extra burden of trying to find a moving truck. You also don’t need to worry about the truck’s unloading process once it reaches the storage facility (which, mind you, may cost you extra!). Oh, and yes, the double handing part. In mobile storage, it’s gone! It’s because, with portable mobile storage, your POD is shifted exactly as you packed it. It gets delivered to its storage site intact without any movement of things in and out of the POD. This omits the need to find separate transport means to move your stored items. Everything happens in one easy, smooth manner with portable mobile storage.


One of the greatest mobile storage benefits is its flexibility. If you want to store your mobile storage POD around your location, you can do so. This is of great benefit during events like if your home is under renovation and you need extra space to house your things until the renovation process is finished.

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Dec 16, 2020

Amazing tips to get organised before the New Year comes knocking on your door!


The coming of New Year always kindles a spark of enthusiasm and hope. People make resolutions, and prepare to welcome new ideas and changes. In support of this receptive spirit of new beginnings, we’ve curated a list of effective tips to help you get organised this year.

1. Dejunk

First up in our list of getting organised tips is - sorting out the clutter. Clear the space in your house or office by disposing of clutter and other unwanted possessions. You may have already finished this once before Christmas, but if you look around you will find more items that need to be purged from your space as well as your life to welcome the New Year. It will only help you to get organised.

Pro tip -

Allocate mess into categories – Retain. Throw. Sell. Donate.

Result? It will leave behind a new, fresh, organised house!

2. Get your kitchen organised

An organised kitchen is not just about closed doors and drawers. You need to make sure that every nook and cranny of the kitchen is free from clutter as it’s a high-traffic space used by almost everyone in the house. To start organising your kitchen in an effective as well as efficient manner with the least amount of anxiety it is best to start in an area where it’s easy to conquer clutter. For instance, you can start with the drawer that holds utensils (if you don’t have one, make one only dedicated to utensils). Empty it, clean all the utensils, wipe them thoroughly, sort out the things you’ve gotten out, and put back only those which fit the purpose – only utensils like serving plates and other flatware.

Next, enlarge your focus area. Start emptying every drawer and category wise put the things on the platform. Once you have emptied all the drawers, start to review every category and edit stuff that you no longer need or want.

After you are done with drawers, start with cabinets and so on.

You will see eventually you will have organised your entire kitchen! But, don’t go overboard - one area at a time!

3. Purge your files

Your folders, as well as cabinets, can become a breeding ground for obsolete papers and documents. This is the best time to get rid of the old (and unwanted) thus making room for the fresh and new.

We recommend you to start with records related to old client projects and finance. You just have to ask yourself this question – Am I going to need these documents in the New Year?

4. Get organised in style

Getting organised is no more a functional thing; it is nowadays being taken up to enhance style across space. Let’s look at a few such stylish yet simple and innovative storage means to get organised.

Storage containers – Not only are they practical but also provide creative as well as unique decorating options. You should look for quality shelving and storage container options online or offline.

Galvanised boxes – They’re ideal to hold everything from farming gear to cleaning supplies. You can get them at specialty stores and flea markets at cheaper rates. Apart from storing and organising things, they enhance the aesthetics of a place.

Baskets – You can easily tuck in items of craft, toiletries as well as magazines in some cute looking baskets.

Concluding bonus tip –

Looking for something cheaper? Get your hands on transparent plastic shoeboxes. They are perfect to store office supplies, items of craft and they stack up wonderfully.

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Dec 14, 2020

Top 9 Document Scanning Benefits For Businesses


Still on the fence about whether to go paperless or not? Why not when your business can benefit from it so much? Here are the top reasons why you should go paperless and switch to document scanning. Let’s delve.

Frees up valuable office space

One of the major document scanning benefits is that it frees up space.

If prime office property is put to use to store business documents then it’s a costly affair. Instead, empty the space and allocate it for some other productive purpose that will generate more revenue for your business. And transfer those huge record cabinets to a single server led document scanning software.

Enhances security

Document scanning supports the digitisation of records. This helps to prevent a breach of records or any kind of manipulation. Mind you, every time you see a printout or a file on an office desk, it is a security breach! Anybody can take a glance and know something by reading which they shouldn’t have known. Document scanning ensures information is accessible to only people who are entitled to it, therefore keeping it safely away from snooping eyes.

Cranks up the ability to search

Sometimes it just so happens that you don’t remember the name or title of the document you need to search, but you do remember a few keywords from the document. With this, if you go looking for a physical document, it can take hours to get your hands on it. But document scanning enables you to store and save each file with keywords. In this way, you can skip all that scrambling through the sea of archives as the relevant document just pops instantly.

Prevents documents from getting misplaced

Whatever business you are in – law, finance, or medical, you don’t want your business to be held up for not adhering to legal protocols because of failure of timely submittal of required documents.

Paper records are not only difficult to organise and maintain but also easy to misplace. Document scanning makes for secure access to all your confidential files, that too whenever you need it. So, when the time comes to comply with the demands of the most stringent legal officer or yearly reviews, you are fully prepped.

Makes customers happy

In these times, there is a huge demand for quick solutions as the attention and tolerance span of customers is decreasing. They want a faster resolution of all their issues. Document scanning gives your employees access to important information instantly, enabling them to attend to and resolve customer disputes faster and in an efficient manner. This will naturally enhance your business service as well as customer satisfaction.

Increases productivity

document scanning system allows an employee to focus her time and effort on business-at-hand, rather than endless and senseless search for documents. It will allow your business to share electronic records with several employees across multiple geographical locations, all at once. This will streamline your business processes in a practical, constructive, and collaborative way.

Purges unwanted documents

Does your business have to face the burden of storing annual, quarterly, or monthly reports and is looking for a solution that can clean up old files? Document scanning will save the day for you by eliminating duplicate copies and storing things on the cloud which would otherwise occupy your company’s expensive property. 

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Dec 9, 2020

What Can I Store In A Self Storage Unit?


Storage units are great storage options. They help you to save space in either your house or office. A storage unit provides you with a space to store things whenever you are moving to a new place. It’s a perfect place to tuck in seasonal things like holiday decorations or valuable possessions like paintings or artifacts which may require a special climate-controlled environment. A storage unit also comes in handy during renovations when you need a space to hold everyday items until the renovation is done. 

Now, let’s take a look at what all you can store in the self-storage unit (and what you cannot). Let’s delve. 

First, let’s consider a few examples of things that are fit to be stored in a self-storage unit. They are as follows-

Storage units are great storage options for seasonal things

Things used regularly like clothes

Toys of children

Tomes (books)

CDs and DVDs

Crockery items

Vehicles like cars, motorcycles, motorboats




Commercial office or home supplies

PCs and laptops


Furniture and bedding




Pendulum clocks (especially those vintage ones which you don’t want to purge but preserve due to a special emotional bond with them)

Considerations to take into account when storing in a storage unit

Before moving any kind of vessel or equipment that has been in contact with gasoline or any other flammable fluid, make sure you clean that thing completely. This is crucial so that the vessel or the equipment is free from any residual stains of the flammable fluid. 

*When it comes to appliances, make sure you clean them thoroughly and leave them for drying. Don’t forget to dry out their insides as well before moving them into a storage unit. 

Pro tip –

If, at any point in time, you are not sure about whether a particular item can be stored in a storage unit or not, don’t be shilly-shally about consulting a professional. You will find one at your self-storage unit facility itself. He will give you proper guidance so that you make the most of storage units as great storage options without compromising on safety. 

Now, let’s look at the range of things that don’t qualify to go to a self-storage unit. You can find the list of ‘things that cannot be stored in a self-storage unit’ below:

Anything with the label- inflammable, flammable, incendiary, or combustible – basically anything that can easily set on fire

Perishable things especially food that is likely to rot or turn bad rapidly

Living animals or creatures of any kind

Dangerous substances that are of toxic nature 

Illegal items


Storage units make for great storage options. They’re perfect for moving and storing things like furniture, tomes, and usual household clutter (especially things which you are not going to need for a long time and are taking up too much space but will come in handy later). 

You can use a storage unit to easily de-clutter and make your garage, home, or office spacious.  

If you’re a student, you can also use a self-storage unit to store your furniture and other belongings when you are going to be away during university breaks and get them back when you return without having to buy them all again. This is way cheaper!

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Nov 27, 2020

Why storing forklifts at a forklifts storage facility is highly beneficial?


Forklifts are built for rugged outdoor work so they are made to be more resilient than their indoor counterparts. Having said that, you do not want to leave your forklift in a highly vulnerable position outside. Aside from the fact that there is always the threat of vandalism to your business property, there is a constant concern of rain, humidity, snow, or heat damaging your forklift through corrosion that can wear on the forklift’s exterior and interior parts.

Besides, a forklift is an expensive machine, so the cost of repairing or replacing it can become quite expensive. This is where forklifts storage facility can save the day for you. The storage facility will help you to protect your forklifts when it is not in use. In this article, you can get the low-down on what makes a forklifts storage facility a haven for company forklifts. Let’s delve.

The benefit of storing forklifts indoors

Indoor storage is not a necessary thing for storing forklifts. However, storing forklifts in a forklifts storage facility is recommended. It’s because a forklift storage facility protects forklifts against weather conditions which can take their toll on the forklift’s exterior as well as the interior.

The chains of the forklift, in particular, are vulnerable to rust when left in snowy or rainy conditions. If it happens you will have to replace the chains more often than not – and that is a costly matter. Worse, oils in the forklift’s hydraulic system lose their lubricant abilities and overall strength after getting contaminated in a hot and humid environment. So, make sure your forklifts are not sitting idle over a long period amid a hot climate.

Now that you know the possible dangers to forklifts when they sit outdoors for long durations of time, it only makes sense to move your forklift into an indoor climate-controlled forklifts storage facility.

Pro tip-

Before you shift your forklift to a forklift storage facility for a long duration, we recommend you to run it out of fuel first and then detach its batteries. You can store the batteries on plastic – it will act as a barrier against moisture. Doing this will protect the fuel and batteries against spoilage during long stretches of storage time. It also keeps the forklift out of condensation damage.

What should be the size of the forklifts storage facility?

If you’re choosing indoor storage it’s important to remember that the size of the storage space will depend on the size of your forklift in question. It also depends on the quantity of forklifts you want to store. If the forklift storage facility is providing storage units of the dimensions ranging from 10×25 to 10×35, it should work for storing forklifts. But if your business operates with forklifts of larger sizes or if there are many forklifts then you should look for a forklifts storage facility that offers storage units with dimensions 15×55 to 25×35.


Unit size is not the only important parameter to consider when looking for a forklift storage facility.

As forklifts are usually moved in trucks, we advise you to look for a forklift storage facility that offers wide aisles for easy drive-up access making it easy for trucks loaded with your forklifts to maneuver around without any trouble like getting blocked between units and so on.

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Nov 24, 2020

How a business storage unit can largely benefit small business owners


For small business owners, leasing or buying enough property for day-to-day operations may not always jibe with their budget. If you’re a small business owner looking for a cheaper alternative then a business storage unit is the way forward. This article articulates lucidly how a business storage unit can help your business. Let’s delve.

Choose a business storage unit that’s up to snuff

With necessary amenities for business operations like Wi-Fi, electrical sockets, and so on, a business storage unit is well equipped to support your operations and small business storage needs. Needless to say, it’s a much cheaper alternative to renting an office area.

Now, some may think that a business storage unit seems like a not-so-happening space to host your day-to-day business. In that case, choose a business storage unit that strives to offer its tenants advanced spaces that jibe with individual business requirements. There are many business storage unit facilities out there that offer more than just four walls and a lock on the gate.

Bonus tip –

Make sure to check if your business storage unit has a conference room with a projector and 24-hour access to the facility if it’s something your business needs to function regularly.

A business storage unit is secure

As a small business owner, or for that matter, an entrepreneur of any scale, security is of utmost priority to you. A good business storage unit offers not only gate codes surrounding its facility but also as a tenant you will have access to only those spaces where your units are situated. That means, no one else (who is not authorised) will be able to gain access to your business storage units.

A great option for small or first-time publishers

Are you an independent publisher who has quite a bit of physical commodity on your hands? Then a business storage unit is perfect for your small business storage needs. Just think about the huge piles of magazines, pamphlets, books, and brochures, which after printing, need to be shipped to a central location before sending out to their owners/readers or the retailers who want to sell them. Rather than using the attic or the basement area of for that matter any other space in and around your house which is not weatherproof the business storage unit will keep your items in a climate-controlled environment. In this way, your items will be better preserved for retail purposes.

Small business owners – online retailers

When your online shop finds success, you will feel the need to enhance your inventory by a great deal. It’s because when the people managing your small online business produce so much, they will need a space to store surplus inventory.

You may think of storing it in your garage or any other spare room but sooner or later they will grow out of those spaces. That is where business storage can come in handy.

Last but not least, ask the manager if you’re planning to implement the following changes to your business storage unit-

Install machinery or other-equipment

Arrange a meeting with customers in the business storage unit

Manage sales out of the business storage unit

Install electronic items like telephones and computers inside the business storage unit

Add any kind of extra wiring, socket, or other outlets apart from what is already inside the business storage unit

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Nov 19, 2020

Thrifting tips and tricks to upgrade your wardrobe

Going shopping at a thrift store has become a thing thanks to the rising popularity of thrift stores which offer gently used items at amazingly discounted prices. Thrifted items are those things that have been previously used by the owner, albeit are in good shape and therefore can be a good buy. But knowing how to go shopping at a thrift store is not as simple as it may sound – it takes a fair deal of know-how to make the thrifting experience worth your while. Here are some great tips to ensure you’re successful at thrifting and able to update your wardrobe seamlessly. Let’s delve.


This should be the first step. Decide what all places you want to hop to ahead of your thrifting trip. Make a list of all the stores you want to hit and then keep coming back to the list for the best thrift shops (after you cancel out those which you didn’t like of course) for future reference.

Pro tip – Remember, usually thrift stores are clustered together – knowing this will help you to not miss out on multiple thrifting opportunities in your area. It will also help you to shop efficiently and make the most of limited time. 

Browse through your wardrobe first

This is a great starting point if you are not sure what items to buy – it will assist you in determining what you need to update your wardrobe. It will also give you ideas on which items will gel well with what you already possess. 

Pro tip – 

You might find it useful to take photographs on your mobile of the clothes you’re aiming to match something with so that it helps you to thrift better and update your wardrobe.

Look and Feel 

Now, if you want to update your wardrobe, the first thing you’ll want is to raise (or maintain) the level of the clothes’ look and feel. You want your wardrobe additions to be made of comfortable, long-lasting materials. And the more you go thrift shopping, the better you get at getting your hands on good quality fabric be it silk, polyester, wool, or cotton.

Bonus tip – 

In the excitement of finding a 20,000$ coat at 20$ don’t forget to check the material for wear and tear or any other damage. 

Insider tip-

To zero in on a thrift store offering good-quality merchandise, this trick may work - find one that’s situated close to an affluent or an up-and-coming neighbourhood. Don’t take it as a surefire way of determining the credibility of the thrift store; always check the material thoroughly before making a purchase.

So that thrifting doesn’t become drifting

Shopping at thrift stores can get overwhelming. But, if you have a clear picture in your mind – like a t-shirt - you will know where to begin. On the other hand, if you don’t, you may find yourself drifting around aimlessly and involuntarily and eventually stepping out with nothing. Focus is important. So, if you want to buy coats to update your wardrobe then focus on the coat section, get a good deal and then jump on to other things on your list.

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Nov 12, 2020

How to store antiques and collectables safely? | Storing Vintage Tips


Living in a fast-paced world, many people either don’t get enough time to plan proper storage of their collectables or they consider storing collectables as meaningless trivia. However, you must know that by not storing them properly you’re damaging them. If you want your vintage antiques and collectables of high value to remain that way, you must get to organising your valuables the right way. We’ve curated a list of storing collectables tips for you. Let’s delve.

Make a list 

Keep a detailed inventory handy. You can use any of the many inventory software apps out there which can assist you in this regard. If you’re not comfortable with it, simply jot the items down on a paper. It will help you to keep track of where your collectables are stored. This will especially help you organise the items packed and stacked in boxes that remain out of sight for a long time. 

Keep it clutter-free

If you’re one of those who store collectibles alongside their possessions then sooner or later you will come across this reality check – while it may work for some time, such kind of consolidate storage habit will ultimately lead to sprouting up of space concerns, especially as collectables grow – thus increasing clutter. This can make it difficult for you to access your collectibles. 

So, it’s important to keep the clutter away for proper storage of antiques and collectibles. To begin with, start with this - clear out all the items you don’t need. You can even sell them and pump back the money into purchases you need. If you can’t sell, simply donate. Eventually, you’ll see that clearing the clutter will make it easier for you to store your collectables.

Safe display

This is one of the most important aspects of storing collectables tips. Properly displaying collectables is paramount for their safe storage. Here are some basic rules -

  • Use LED light bulbs instead of fluorescent ones for the display as the former produces fewer UV rays which decrease the chance of the light impacting the colours of collectables
  • Do not place your collectables in areas that are damp (not even on slightly wet walls!)
  • Keep artworks, in particular, away from areas that undergo fluctuating temperatures like the fireplace
  • Keep your collectables safely away from things that may knock the collectables over or damage them
  • Don’t congest display shelves or cabinets with antiques and collectables. This may lead to dents and scratches on your valued items. 

Sun can spoil the fun

Last but not least, you mustn’t place your collectables under direct exposure of sunlight. Although the sun shows up with varying degrees of intensity every day, when it comes to vintage antiques and collectibles, the more direct sunlight they touch, the worse they get. It’s because sunlight dries out, fades or discolours collectables like furniture or vintage clothing or even paper items like certain books. Sunlight is also notorious for greatly diminishing the quality of fine wine. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So, to avoid all of this mess, store them in a place where there is minimal sun exposure like basement area, garage, or a space with curtained windows.

Pro tip – Place them in a secure self-storage unit that is 100% sealed-off from sunlight exposure!


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Oct 30, 2020

Storing your kayak and paddleboards made easy with our 4 effective tips!


Kayaks and paddleboards offer one of the best outdoor thrill and fun. But storing paddleboards and kayaks? Not really. If you use them more often than not then it may not be feasible to store them offsite in a storage unit. The following are some effective storage tips to keep your kayaks and paddleboards safe and sound in your garage without giving up any space taken by vehicles or other things. Let’s delve.

1. Hang them from walls

Let’s get this straight. How many of us have really…really put in the efforts to utilise wall space no matter how many times we’ve been told to do so either directly or indirectly. It’s easy to let wall space go unnoticed. Try harder this time or just do it. Hang your kayaks and paddleboards from the wall. It’s a great way of storing your paddleboards and kayak in which case floor space is retained.

All you need to do is get a rack or a shelf. You can even build one easily using a PVC pipe.

Steps to hang-

Suspend your kayaks and paddleboards over the rack in a horizontal manner (one below the other) rather than in a vertical position to save more space. 

First of all, fasten the stern. Then place your kayak with its cockpit pointing out. If there are many of them for keeps then it’s better to get a shelf that will hold multiple items.

2. Look above you

Another great way of storing your kayak and paddleboard is to suspend them from your garage ceiling. It’s easily possible using robust straps and eyebolts. If it is a kayak just remember to suspend it with its cockpit facing up.

Pro tip – You can store more than one kayaks or paddleboards in this manner. But, don’t hang them from one another. Each item must have its own set of straps and suspenders 

3. Say no to Bubble Wrap

You want to prevent your kayak or paddleboard from dents and scratches so you get it bubble-wrapped. But, this plastic may do more damage than good.

Usually, it sticks to boards made of plastic when you leave it on for long durations. Besides, bubble wrap melts and cooks your board when you leave it in the sun or a warm room. Instead, use towels or tarp or some soft fabric. It’ll keep your kayaks and paddleboards not only intact but also safe.

4. Find space outside

When there is not enough room for storage inside then it’s practical to look for space outside as long as you cover and position it properly. Many choose to store their boards on a rack or trailer.

Pro tip – Ever tried wrapping your paddleboard up in a tarp and then leaning it against a wall? Just do it and see the wonders of this little trick. For kayak, though, you would want to store it on a soft platform. The best way is to keep it vertically aligned or propped onto its side to save space. Don’t forget to wrap it in a tarp to insulate it against dents and scratches.

Happy storing!

Happy surfing!!

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Oct 28, 2020

Nursery Room Storage Hacks


Not enough nursery room storage in your house? Here are 6 top nursery storage hacks to save the day!

From a toy-strewn room to a litter of diapers, babies are little but they sure do need a lot of things! If you are residing in a compact space, dealing with all those diapers, wipes, Lego bricks, toys, tiny clothes and whatnots can be overwhelming. But worry not. We have got you covered with our carefully curated list of top nursery storage hacks. They will get even the tiniest nursery in order for you. Let’s delve.

1. Turn the unutilised area into a nursery room

Remember the space in your attic or under the stairs? Or anyplace else in your house that gets rarely used? Why not convert it to your nursery room! It might sound a bit weird to have your baby sleep there but with the right d├ęcor and suitable lighting, you’ll have a cozy little nursery room for your baby who will love it!

2. Think small

It was one of the most famous ads in the advertising campaign for the Volkswagen Beetle. And the soul of it applies here too. For instance, why get a giant baby crib when a small one is enough? Think small folks when it comes to baby wagons! Similarly, get furniture that folds or doesn’t take up much space.

3. The changing table is a fable

There’s no need for a separate changing table. So just get rid of it and you’ll be thankful for the amount of space it will leave behind.

Pro tip – Instead, get a portable changing desk, a multi-purpose crib, or a dressing table with a changing pad. There are ample options that’d make for your baby's changing space!

4. Add little baskets and wooden canisters for more storage

You will find many baby storage containers. They will help you keep your little nursery neat and organised. They’re perfect to hold toys, Lego bricks, diapers, towels, milk bottles, blankets, and more.

Pro tip – You will even find them handy for storing art and craft items as your baby grows!

5. Don’t miss out on the storage space on walls

The key is to select items that serve many functions and if possible, could be hanged on walls. For example, hang baby girl headbands and bows on the wall from a DIY hangar made using clips and a wooden rectangle frame which you might find in your attic. If you don’t want to make it, simply buy it. You can even get a customised one that has your little princess's name on it!

6. Use a tension rod to eliminate storage tension!

Teeny-weeny baby shoes. So cute and adorable they are, aren’t they? But the shape of these shoes makes them difficult to store. Not anymore. Keep the tiny baby footwear organised by simply dangling them from a tension rod. Not only does it keep baby footwear safe, but allows you to revel in the cuteness of those tiny feet!

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Oct 26, 2020

Moving office? Here’s the ultimate office moving checklist that will help everyone sail through it all!


Anybody who has partaken or been responsible for office moving knows how tedious it can be. A lot of things are on the move all at once – you need to ensure nothing is left behind, cast out things that are not going to the new place, and so on. And starting from the first day of the new office, you have to ensure everyone is nicely settled in while minimising downtime as much as possible. Overwhelming much? Don’t worry, our ultimate office moving checklist will sort you out. Besides, moving to a new office is a sign of progress, possibilities, and new beginnings! Let’s delve.

180 days before moving office

1. Go through your existing lease. Are you liable for a deposit charge if you snap your lease early? Are you on the hook for property damage like chipped walls or beaten light equipment? This also takes into account anything that crops up during the move.

2. Don’t settle for a moving company on the first click. Get more quotes. See whether the office moving company fits your budget. Do they service your area? Ask around, check genuine reviews for customer experience. And then select any three, compare, and take your pick. 

3. Have a list of current office furniture handy. Get in touch with a furniture company for new furniture. Place orders for new stationery if required. 

4. Make arrangements for external secure storage facilities if necessary.

5. Divide every department with a unique colour code. Work out a detailed floor plan. Assign coloured stickers to every department.

6. Demarcate communal spaces as a part of your newly revised floor plan. Get the official paperwork done and have the necessary permits and licenses in place.

7. Book cleaning services for your existing and new offices. 

8. Finalise codes for security and access to the new workplace.

9. Send out your exhaustive floor plan to your office moving company. You can even invite your movers over at the new office if required.

The big day

On a moving day, you will be relaxed and well-prepared. Let’s look into more ways to make sure everything turns out to be peachy.

1. Keep your emergency contact number handy

2. Allow your budget to fit in the cost of refreshments for your movers and employees involved.

3. Arrange for air conditioning during office moving if needed

4. Are all tech fixtures and equipment from computers to phones moved and fixed? If not then get to it right away!

5. Make sure your company representatives are present to oversee all the colour coded things land in their correct locations.

Make your new office welcoming!

Test your software and hardware to make sure the business gets back up and running in no time. Confirm (and reconfirm) termination of your previous lease. Notify your stakeholders of your move and update the address across all mediums, online, and offline.

Last but not least, make the arrival special by doing something welcoming like placing surprise treats on the desks of employees to get them to sail through a busy day!

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Oct 22, 2020

If the bike is your bae, here are effective tips for secure motorcycle storage


Even though bikes are quite robust machines, they need protection from certain elements for their upkeep. And that’s why motorcycle storage is paramount. It’s all about doing the right things with your bike so that it runs on the road with a roar for a longer period. Here are our top tips for effective motorcycle storage. Let’s delve.

For the short run

This section is especially for those who won’t be riding their motor machines for up to 14-15 days. The good news is that you won’t have to do too much work.

First things first, clean your motorbike to avoid mildew attack. And let it go through waxing to restore the paint's health and shine.

Pro tip – use a rubber conditioner to secure your motorcycle against the dampening effects of sun and sand (used for poetic effect, the sand here means dust). Don’t forget to cover your bae!

Ground rule – take the wheels off the ground!

This is often ignored. But trust us when we say that if you religiously follow this, make it a habit, your bike will thank you by staying smooth on the road and you will thank us!

Getting your bike's wheels lifted from the ground means the wheels are protected against the risk of wearing out, softening, and eroding over long periods of inertia. This is usually not a risk factor when you are planning to abandon your bike for say less than 15 days. But, if this is going to be over a long haul or if your motorcycle is going to stay outdoors in the summer on a pavement, consider getting your bike's feet off the ground!

Pro tip 1– You can let the battery stay in the motorcycle. No need to use a stabilizer or some ethanol-free gasoline to prevent fuel drain. Without doing any of this, your fuel will remain topped off!

Pro tip 2 – To avoid not-so-good surprises with your bike, consider storing your motorcycle in your secure garage or parking area.

For the long run

If you’re putting your bike away in storage for a longer period then you need to consider battery upkeep and maintenance. It’s one of the most essential things to effective motorcycle storage over the long haul.

Simplicity is key. So simply take the battery out and reattach it when you are going to hit the road again.

Pro tip - go for a maintenance charger. It is easy to use and connect. It will provide the necessary charge throughout the winter season without damaging your battery.

Ideal motorcycle storage place

It’s indoors! Your motorcycle is the safest and happiest and healthiest when parked inside.

Pro tip – keep your motorcycle away from windows or any such cavities that pose the risk of theft, moisture damage, and paintwork fading out.

Don’t have enough room for motorcycle storage at home or office? Storage in Abu Dhabi can help. Our secure storage units will protect your bike against all odds and seasons.

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Sep 17, 2020

Relocating to a smaller place? We’ve got the perfect downsizing tips you need!

How do you trim and move a generation of memories and possessions from a big family house to a compact space? It may seem daunting deciding what to carry along, what to flick away, and of course, dealing with a deluge of emotions especially if you have stayed for a long time. But, our expert tips for moving will help you sail through it all. Let’s delve.

Keep what’s important

When downsizing, ‘less is more’ is the buzzword. Get rid of things that are not important to you. Coronavirus lead pandemic has made us all realise that minimalist living is the way forward. That doesn’t mean you have to comprise your quality of life. So ensure you make arrangements for your must-haves in your new home.

For instance, as you get used to less room inside your new compact abode, you may feel like going out more. Check if the place around your neighbourhood has plenty to offer like recreational hubs like a clubhouse or a tennis court. In this way, you will always have that sense of community.

Office inside home

Moving to a smaller place may put a frown on your face as you wonder – “What about my office space?” Let’s turn that frown upside down. Just find a corner you like and bring in a desk set-up that would fit right. If you want a private room as an office, make sure to check if the new place has enough room.

Pro tip - If nothing works, look for other homes or rent/find a co-working space.

Be open-minded

Moving to a smaller place need not put walls around your mind. Don't feel restricted. You’ll feel lighter and unburdened eventually as you realise how many things that you never needed have been taken off your shoulders! You have a lot of things to fall in love with - less maintenance, no more pressure to host a large number of people, and relocating to urban places. The latter can reduce your car drives in a comforting way and bring you closer to your favourite malls, restaurants and cultural programmes.

We, at Storage in Abu Dhabi, focus on delivering secure ISO-certified storage services. We offer units ranging from little cabinets to mid-sized and large spaces. Our team understands that each client is unique, and accordingly offers tailored solutions.

We’re a one-stop-secure-shop with cutting-edge storage facilities and a caring and responsible staff. From the time a customer first contacts our company, our team at Storage in Abu Dhabi endeavours to provide a comfortable and secure experience that sets us apart from others in the market.

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Sep 9, 2020

How To Check If The Self-Storage Company In Dubai And Abu Dhabi Is Safe?


Around 15 years ago, self-storage in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other bustling cities of UAE was a bit more than a side business. Today self-storage has become one of the most essential services across UAE with ever-increasing customer demand. Having said that, there’s a rise in the number of self-storage players too which raise an important concern – Is my self-storage provider safe? We’ll help you sort that out through this article.

The trust factor

The wisest of the wise would tell you that you feel secure in a relationship when you trust the other person. Similarly, find out whether the customer base of your prospective self-storage in Abu Dhabi or Dubai company is built on trust or clickbait. Are they genuinely satisfied tenants? Does the self-storage provider have a history of creating strong bonds of trust with customers?

Meets every need

Another aspect of a secure self-storage company is its ability to meet customers’ needs in the long and short run. We advise you to choose a company that offers state-of-the-art security features like climate-controlled units, alarms, fences, and 24 hour CCTV. It should have a trained and experienced team of members who make sure they transport your valued possessions safely and securely using the latest packing and unpacking tools. Check if the self-storage company bases its services on sensitivity to individual needs and treats its clients and their goods with great care.

Social status

Don’t think for something as physical as a self-storage unit it need not score high on social. In this age of social media, it pays to check if the self-storage company has a good digital presence. Does the provider show signs of friendly, truthful, and responsive conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms? Does it talk to its customers rather than talking at them? 

Choose a self-storage company that has a refreshingly relaxed and engaging dialogue with its customers, answering all their queries, and addressing all their concerns promptly. If it provides storage tips and other related solutions in their blogs, that’s a plus!

We, at Storage in Abu Dhabi, focus on delivering secure ISO-certified storage services. We offer units ranging from little cabinets to mid-sized and large spaces. Our team understands that each client is unique, and accordingly offers tailored solutions.

We’re a one-stop-secure-shop with cutting-edge storage facilities and a caring and responsible staff. From the time a customer first contacts our company, our team at Storage in Abu Dhabi endeavours to provide a comfortable and secure experience that sets us apart from others in the market.

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