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Oct 9, 2019

Here’s what you should know before using the self-storage services

The self-storageservices have made storing excessive items extremely easy and offers lots of benefits to the users. But it does have some guidelines or rules that need to be followed for proper storage of your items. 

For the users who have never used the service, this is entirely a new concept so naturally this will lead to some questions. So let us discuss the things you should know before using the self storage service in an efficient way.

Shelf life
The main objective of the service was to tackle the problem of storage of excessive items. This service is ideal for users who could not fit their furniture set in their apartment or want to store things that are unwanted at that particular time. Also people with different businesses use the service for storing goods that could be retrieved at a time ideal for their profit.

However, if you are looking to store items like vegetables or fruits, fish, dairy products etc that have an alarming shelf life then this service won’t do you any good. Since the services are usually availed for storage of items for 2-3 months, items with low shelf life should not be stored here.

Toxic Chemicals
The self storage service is used by different types of users with specific needs, which has made the service providers more efficient in terms of user experience. However if you are looking to store chemicals that could be toxic to your other stored goods or the storage itself then you should look for an alternative as this would not prove to be a good storage practice. 

You could go for specific facilities that specialize in storing chemicals.

The storage facility is ideal for storing goods like furniture, luggage or inventory items that could be used later at convenience. But if you are planning to store your valuables like cash, jewelry or any other financially important items then do not opt for the self storage service. 
Although the storage itself is secure it is not meant for your immediate valuables. So the optimum place would be your bank.

Arms and Ammunitions
For possessing a gun you need license and some businesses that deals with ammunitions do follow the guidelines laid by the government. If you own a business deals with arms and ammunitions then the self storage service is not for you. As mentioned before, the service is for general items and guns definitely do not come under the general category.
And as for explosives, NOT storing them in the self storage facility  would be a huge favour to everyone involved.

So if you are looking to use the self-storage service for items other than the ones mentioned above, then go ahead and store away.
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Sep 10, 2019

Things to remember when first moving

When you think of ‘packing’ your mind automatically does the eye rolling and tries to push back the event as far as possible to avoid any immediate efforts. Sadly most of us turn lazy when it comes to packing things for moving into a new residence or locality. But packing is an art that requires proper planning and attention so let us look at some hacks to remember when first moving.

The preparation

Like everything else, packing needs preparation. You need to make a comprehensive plan before moving anything. This is a simple step but will prove really effective in the long run. The plan could involve a to-do-list or a calendar that contains your daily moving tasks, this step will help you breakdown all the work so that you do not feel like you are drowning under the sea of boxes that needs to be moved.
While you are planning your list, you can go over the moving supplies that you already have or you might need for packing,supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap (and remember not to get distracted by this particular item) and materials required for cushioning fragile things etc.

Remember , ‘Well begun is half done’ 

Be an Early Bird

Now that you have your plan ready, you need to start immediately so no future work gets overlapped. Start with the small things that could be completed ahead of the planned schedule, this will make you confident and you can accordingly make adjustments if there are any delays in the future.
During this time you can prioritize your belongings and categorize wanted and unwanted things. Moving is a great time to clean up unwanted belongings. You can sort out the things you need to throw, donate or even want to sell. After sorting out, you will be relieved to see how easy the process has become and for that you can pat your back (if you have the time)


Assuming a comprehensive plan was made and you checked every box on the to-do-list, it is safe to say that the moving ‘will’ be hassle-free and organized. So do not procrastinate and get moving.
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