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Apr 26, 2021

Things to consider when choosing movers and packers


With globalization becoming the norm, it has become pretty common for people to move to a new place or city. The most common reason for people to move to a new place is that they live in a rented place, career and study advancement being the second common reason.

Thus it’s not surprising that movers and packers are in high demand. Not just for relocation of homes but also offices or commercial establishments.

There are several factors to consider when choosing movers & packers to help you out. Let’s take a look at them so you can make the best decision for your move.

Below are some points you must consider before you select your movers and packers:


The easiest way to trust a company is to check how genuine they are. And costly does not always mean genuine. Before choosing a packing company, you should check if the company has all the necessary licenses and documents in place. The bills generated need to have registration numbers and you must also check their trade licenses and service tax details.

Background check

Just like how you do a little background check of the company you’re going to work for, it’s imperative that you do the same for your moving company. You need to ask them for details of their past customers. Do not just believe the testimonials on their website, if you can, speak to the actual customers and take their feedback.


Just like in any profession, experience matters. Before choosing a packing company, you should find out how long they’ve done this service, are they new to the market or are they, well-established players! Also, if the movers and packers are new but have a good list of satisfied customers, competitive rates and all documentation in place, it is worth the try. Often, experienced and big brands take small shifting projects for granted and do not provide quality service.  

Team of workers

If you’re going to put your trust in a company, it’s crucial that you also know the people behind the company. More specifically, the people that are going to manage your move and handle your belongings. You need to make sure if the company has subcontractors or if they outsource some of the tasks. The process of packing requires special skills, you need to ensure that the team that’s going to handle your move are well-trained.

The Cost

If everything seems right about a company, the next obvious point to consider is the cost. Don’t simply go for a company that offers the lowest price. Consider the above points first and if all boxes are ticked then consider a vendor with the most reasonable cost. Even if the cost is slightly higher than your moving budget, it’ll be worth it in hindsight.

These are the most crucial points to consider when choosing movers & packers. Moving to a new place is daunting enough. Don’t let ‘moving’ be an unnecessary hurdle.

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Apr 24, 2021

The biggest mistakes to avoid while moving


They say mistakes are the best teacher. They act as a bridge between inexperience and experience.

But when you’re moving out of your home to a new place, it’s not the best time to take a trial and error approach. Some of the mistakes you might make while moving will not only cost you money but also your time, nerves and energy.

That is absolutely necessary to avoid mistakes while moving at all costs. Or you can try your best to reduce the number of errors and have a successful move.

If you’d like to be aware of all the potential issues that might come your way during your move, then read on.

Here are the most common mistakes you need to avoid:

Not researching your mover

If you want your things to safely move from point A to point B, it’s crucial to do your homework and a thorough background check of your mover before your moving day. Not doing so might create potential problems that will lead to stress and uncertainty. If you’re unsure about a company then look for a different one, compare prices, check reviews and the number of employees a company has. These factors can help you make the right decision.

Too much time for packing

Although packing is a very important part of the moving process, it’s not a smart move to dedicate all your time to packing. The most effective way to do the packing and not waste time is to do it systematically. Start from a single space, then a room and then move on to the next place. This way, you won’t lose or misplace any item as your attention will be focused. If you want to avoid mistakes while moving, do your packing the smart way.

Using the wrong moving boxes

While it is important to be efficient, you must not overdo a step - overpacking, overstuffing or worse, using the wrong sized box. While packing, you need to be mindful of the weight and size of the items you want to pack. According to experts, packing heavy items into small boxes and light items into large boxes will make them easy to move and handle. Whatever you do, never pack your precious items into questionable boxes and carefully choose the right box.

Forgetting to label your box

In the hustle and bustle of moving and packing, it’s inevitable that you’ll miss out on few things. But that does not mean it’s ok to misplace a precious item or improperly handle delicate stuff just because you forgot to label it. Labelling your boxes will make a huge difference and help you immensely. Labelling your boxes will help ease the unpacking process. With descriptive labels, you’ll know exactly where each box is supposed to go and which items inside. The time spent unpacking will be cut down and you won’t have to guess or be surprised at what each box contains.

Disrespecting your movers

Just because you are paying them, it’s not ideal or morally right to treat your movers ill or give them a hard time. They’re people too. The better you treat them, the better they will handle your belongings and help you out with your move. You should go the extra mile and help them with beverages and snacks whenever possible.

There you have it. These are the things you need to keep in mind to avoid mistakes while moving. Happy moving!

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Apr 22, 2021

What are the things to consider before selecting the storage unit company

The most important thing you should remember while choosing storage is your convenience. The accessibility is the prime reason you decide to rent as storage, For example, if it a Sunday a non-working day for you but if the storage is closed, you cannot access it.

You also need to consider other factors like:

 · Payment plan of the storage unit charge?

· How many can access it?

· Is the cancellation policy flexible?

· Is it available for use 24*7

After answering your own questionnaire, let see how to go about it.


In the world of digitalization, it is very important to check the authenticity and genuineness of the service provider. For example, if the location is near to your office or residence personally visiting the warehouse and makes sure that it is as per your requirements

Check reviews

The storage facility you have finalized may be a nationwide chain, but one should make sure to read the review and rating online. This helps to understand their quality of service delivered to previous clients. This gives a clearer picture of the services and amenities offered by them. 


The storage company provides many amenities inclusive or exclusive of the primary subscribed plan. You need to make sure if all the amenities are included as per your requirements. For example, temperature control, accessibility, cleanliness, etc


When an individual or office decides to hire a storage unit, it is to store something valuable to them. So we need to give utmost priority to the security of the belongings. Almost all the storage facilities provide good safety and your goods are generally protected.

It is important to check how advance is the security provided to units, like a security camera, alarm system, gate pass, qualified guards, etc. The electronics feature of the security also can provide live connectivity to the CCTV.


The companies also provide additional insurance in order to protect domestic and office goods. So, while you are deciding on finalizing, consider the insurance includes protection of your belongings from robbery/theft, water damage, and other unfortunate accidents. This will keep you at peace in extreme conditions.

Size of the unit

You can store a lot of items in the units from a painting, to a file to a table. Depending on the type and quantity of items you are planning to store in the storage unit, you should choose the storage unit size.

You may be planning to store a large item like a car or maybe a bicycle, unless you get extra space in the storage unit, it will be difficult to handle.

Maintenance of the facility

It is important that you check the actual appearance of the storage facility because they convey quite a lot about the way the owner runs the business. If the facility is well-maintained, then that is a smart rental, as it indicates that the caretakers are very particular about their maintenance and facilities. 

But if the facility has a lot of structural damages, like for example, molds, wet patches and

then holes, small insects, and pests it a not a good unit to choose from. 


Selecting the right storage facility is like insuring the belonging for the future. We today have many storage facilities which are good as you will have various options to choose from, but having so many options may often confuse you as well. 

We at StorageInAbhuDhabi make sure that we follow all the requirements laid down by the client, ensuring safe storage.

If you found this article to be informative and valuable, please do spread it among others so that more and more people can get benefitted from it.

Until then, stay safe and keep your belongings safe as well.

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Apr 20, 2021

The benefits of renting storage units – Get some extra space


Every item has a memory attached to it. When we are relocating or renovating or maybe just decluttering, the belonging needs to be stored as well. The main challenge is to be able to store it safely, but not in the house or office. The memory can be an antique study table or maybe a bicycle etc. – a storage unit is a solution. One of the USP of renting storage units is the extra space you have.

Depending on the size and quality of the unit, you might need to take special care of some belongings.  

Planning a move? Store the extra moving boxes

Planning to move to Abu Dabhi? The move in the boxes. It’s not just moving but moving safely... If you are moving your home, you might need to store your moving boxes before getting the keys to your new house. This not only helps you get things to settle on time but also helps to have a clear vision of what would fit in the new house out of the storage.

On the other hand, the most convenient solution for company relocation is storage units. Moving a business or starting a new franchise, you no more need to worry about things like office furniture and other inventory. Just call StorageInAbhuDhabi to help you move and store. Professionals help to transport as well as store the items in the right and safe way.

Good Quality Storage

Good storage is the one which has got the following things are done right:

  • Clean Space
  • Insurance of Goods
  • Good Lighting
  • The proper size
  • 24*7 access to the facility  
  • Climate Control units
  • Security Camera

Checking these out of the list makes sure that your items are safe and worth the money paid. The flexibility due to its customized storage option makes it worthy of hire.

Guaranteed Security

Storage facilities being a business offer more security than our homes.

The use of advanced technology makes the premises secure for storage. The technology included gadgets like surveillance cameras and exterior lighting to increase visibility, security fences as well as qualified security guards. Why compromise with the security by storing valuable items in a storage unit rather than in the garage or basement of our houses.

Seasonal storage e.g. during a long holiday

Many people are choosing the option of working home or maybe their work is travel. These categories choose short-term accommodation, which requires storing the purchased items a place while on wheels. StorageinAbuDabhi is the solution to such a dilemma. 

Increasing trend of work from home due to post-Covid, storage is going to be the future.

Temporary Arrangement:

Many offices have their presence over land and switched remote digital working. Such offices can store their cabinet files, unused office equipment, and other items which are of no use currently. 

As of now, they don't need a feel office it reduces storage cost. You will only incur a monthly rental fee only without the risk of losing your items whatsoever.

The same office can be rented to someone in need of an extra income.

Cost Benefits

Keeping all your items in storage rather than renting out an extra office is cheaper. Additionally, these facilities offer packing services s and hence if you need to store items, you will just require to just call StorageInAbuDhabi.

So for safe and convenient storage hire a professional.

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