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Feb 9, 2010

A Right Way To Maintain Your Electronics

Dubai Shopping Festival has started and is attracting many tourists to Dubai. This festival is one of the most famous festivals in the world. About 3 million tourists would gather here to buy as much stuff as they can. Gold ornaments, clothes, beauty products, home appliances, electronics and many more things would be sold in very reasonable price range. Moreover you will be able to buy best branded things in really less amount.

Have you purchased electronic goods like, camera, Plasma TV, mobile, digital notepad, calculator, latest gizmos and many other things like these? If yes, then how do you maintain them? Handling electronic items is really a challenge especially when you are living in small apartments. All you need to do is opt for storage facilities in Abu Dhabi and keep them safe. If you are visiting Dubai just to be a part of shopping festival then short term storage units will be a boon to you. Till the time you are here keep your belongings safe at self storage in Abu Dhabi, so that you can enjoy every moment without worrying about your goods. Expensive electronic items need special care and loosing them would be a great loss. So best is to keep them where you get the highest level of care and security.

Storage In Abu Dhabi is one such company which gives all types of facilities to pack, store and move things. The company has various sizes of units so you can select the one that suits you the best. We are one of the best moving services in Abu Dhabi and offer all types of packaging material in Abu Dhabi.

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Do You Have Space For New Attire?

Dubai Shopping Festival has much to offer for people belonging to different age group and with different interests. If you are a fashion freak you must be well aware about the fashion fiesta that would take place in DSF 2010. Like every year this year too there would be latest collection of dresses displayed by top models.

A new range of party wear, bridal collection and evening wear would catch the attention, when 16 models including Miss UK, Miss Germany and Miss India will walk the ramp. These designer collections are created by one of the most prominent designers in the world. There are many who buy different dresses from these fashion shows. But for them the concern is where to keep these expensive and rare collections. Even designers find it difficult to keep their creations safe before and after the event. The best idea is to store these expensive outfits in a self storage in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is very close from Dubai and most of the people visit Dubai during shopping festival. For the guests short term storage units would be very helpful. The easy accessibility will allow you to take and keep your belongings whenever you want.

Storage in Abu Dhabi has the facility to store your special wardrobe collection in a perfect way. The company also provides moving service in Abu Dhabi which makes shifting things comfortable. When you are busy shopping, all your costly articles will be safe at storage facilities in Abu Dhabi. This will make way for a stress free enjoyment for you at the event.

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Feb 3, 2010

Vehicles Are Opulent Keep Them Safe

Dubai Shopping Festival is a big attraction for everyone who loves shopping and entertainment. This festival is not only about shopping but also about many other entertainment factors. One such important part of this festival is Gulf Bike Festival 2010.

Bikers from different parts of the world come to be a part of this festival. This event is held in association with Harley Davidson. It becomes a concern for all the bikers to keep their two wheelers safe. The best solution is to opt for vehicle storage in UAE. This event is perfect for all the music lovers, sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Attractions include exciting biking experiences, freestyle bike demonstrations, spectacular stunt shows, and entertainment for adults and children. For all the bikers in the world bikes are their greatest passions and maintain them very well. No one would like to loose it or damage it. For protecting your bike from all the possible problems choose vehicle storage in Abu Dhabi. The company will take care of your bike while you are enjoying the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can easily access to your bike whenever you want. If you are a visitor then a short term storage unit would be best for you.

Storage in Abu Dhabi provides all the solutions to any type of packing, storing and moving issues. During such festivals our company understands your requirement and assures that all your belongings would be secured with us. Packaging materials in Abu Dhabi will make your packing perfect and easy.

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Self Storage In Abu Dhabi Makes Shopping Easy

Dubai is one of the exciting cities in the world. Entertainment is offered at its best in this fastest developing city. Dubai always welcomes its visitors with many festivals. During this month a lot of visitors and locals will crowd up all the malls in the city because it is time for Dubai Shopping Festival.

The city is known for its shopping addiction, not only residents but even guests around the world make it a point to be a part of this unconventional event. Those who are in Abu Dhabi visit Dubai for the whole month of February. Along with gold there is one more popular thing in Dubai, a carpet. At DSF 2010 many people would buy the rarest, largest and unique carpets and rugs in the world. It is difficult to store these heavy carpets which occupy thousands of square meters, so many have opted for household storage in Abu Dhabi. This gives a convenience to store large and costly carpets safely. Guests have selected to keep these artistic carpets and rugs in short term storage units. Don’t avoid buying this rare collection as they are specially designed from Iran, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. You won’t find it any where else in the world.

Storage in Abu Dhabi will make your shopping storage very easy. Moreover you will not have to worry about your valuables as the company provides a high level of security and easy accessibility to your account. For packing your goods you will also get all the packaging material in Abu Dhabi offered at our company.

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