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May 18, 2015

Clever Storage Hacks For This Summer

Summer is the time to sip on cool smoothies and watermelon juice. It is the time to take a swerve to the cool hill stations or a trekking expedition to the snowy mountains.

However, apart from all these, there is something else which needs to attention; “your home”. Further you will notice some clever storage hacks, which ought to take you share of summer activities to give your home an artistic makeover.

Buckle your bookshelf:

Running out of bookshelf space? Use leather belts to store your leftover books. Pretty smart, huh?

Magnetic brush:

Adding a magnet to paintbrush prevents its getting lost or frayed, also avoiding drips to scatter here and there.

Cute yarn jars:

This is perhaps the most cutest, tidiest and transparent way to store (mason jars) to store yarn.

Mini loaf pans, not just for loaves anymore!

You are well aware of these mini loaf pans. Often they go unused and thrown away not considering what marvelous storage items they can be. Don’t believe? Check the image below-

Mini loaf pans are just perfectly sized to store your valuable makeup kit, nail polishes and perfumes.

The most elegant makeup brush storage:

This is perfect in all aspects. Fill a glass vase like the above which is a common household item nowadays with beads. Volia! You have an amazing storage container to prevent your brushes from falling all over the place.

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