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Feb 14, 2012

Need a place to store your tools?

DIYers are everywhere; people today want to learn to do things themselves. This not only gives them a sense of achievement but also helps in developing one’s life skills. Learning to paint, fix things at home, and even taking up a home renovation project helps one learn and understand about the complexities of such tasks and eventually overcome them; while also reducing maintenance costs around the house.

DIYers are a whole different breed of individuals; they take pride in knowing and perfecting their skills. Skills that involve and cover a lot of hobbies and household chores also involve a cart load of tools, which is why they end up with more garage space and less living space.

A good solution for such individuals is to rent with us here at The Box. Our personal storage units in Abu Dhabi make for the perfect solutions when it comes to storing all sorts of tools and equipment. Available in a variety of sizes from small to medium and large, covering an area ranging from 25 to 155+ square feet, we make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking out for in terms of space; while the wastage of space at our facility is reduced. Moreover, our climate-controlled facilities ensure that all of your tools remain in the exact same state that they were, when they were brought in. The best in safety and security ensure that all the all of your precious tools and equipment remains safe in our facilities.

To know more about our Abu Dhabi storage facilities or to book our professional movers and packer’s services, kindly visit us online at: https://www.storageinabudhabi.com
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