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Aug 14, 2012

Concerned about your car while you head for a vacation?

 Everyone loves summer. It’s the time to leave the city, country and go out for a long vacation. It’s a time to relax, unwind and forget about life’s troubles. Everyone loves to go on a vacation, except for car lovers.
Those who love their cars and work hard to keep them well-maintained in the best condition possible, also never want to leave them out of their sight. Moreover with most indoor parking lots already filled to the brim with Abu Dhabi’s existing citizens; it just does not feel right to leave your vehicle out in the dust exposed to the elements for an entire month; without any care or maintenance.
It a tough decision and most people end up leaving their prized possessions in such open parking lots where the intense heat and moisture damages the paint along with other exposed parts of the vehicle.
A smart move would be to simply hand over your car to the local mechanic and ask him to lend you some garage space for your vehicle. But not many maintenance shops want to take such responsibility. This is why it is smart to contact your local storage facility. Yes, if you haven’t heard of this before, storage facilities in Abu Dhabi do take care of vehicles. And by the word “take care” I do mean actually taking care of your vehicle in the form of tune-ups, keeping the motor running for some time everyday and even giving your car a wash or sending it to the detailers once a month.

What’s more is that you could store your vehicle with them for months and even years on end. Most vintage car collectors in fact prefer storing their vehicles at vehicle storage facilitiesin Abu Dhabi, because they offer climate-controlled, moisture-free storage facilities. This allows your car’s paint and parts to last longer, not giving into rust that easily damages your car and makes it age faster. In your case, you will just need to store your vehicle with them for a month. It makes for a safe and secure place to keep your car scratch-free and polished till the time you get back; while you enjoy your vacation without a hint of concern.
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