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Oct 12, 2015

Your Home Is Worth More Than A Storage Unit!

“The spare corner or space in your home is worth more than some storage unit”

As you read this article further, you will get a clarity on the above statement as to what it really means and how it solves your storage concerns and also increase your earnings!


A Dubai resident Michael used to live in a 3 room house out of which only 2 serves for him as places of residence. The one left room was used to storebelongings like spare bed, furniture, his quad bike and so on, many of the things were not even used frequently and the room just turned out to be a dumping ground for redundant materials. All these things were veiling the “golden goose” Michael was sitting on!The golden goose was invisible for Michael until a light of wisdom struck Michael on his head through his fingers, something like this.

And then Michael figured this out:

Storing the contents in his spare room was giving him nothing. However, he realized that he could rent this room and earn around $900/month. Michael realized that even if he stores his belongings like quad bikes, furniture, paintings, and other things which he did not want to cast away in some storage and moving company Abu Dhabi, he will spend around $200/month. Michael would however make a profit of $700 dollars doing nothing every month!

Rest, Michael started living his life happily, enjoying his extra money, extra space and new friends who came in as tenants!

You can also live a happier life like Michael with the help of a reliable moving storage and moving company in Abu Dhabi
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