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Mar 14, 2016

3 memorable Items You Would Want to Store At Any Cost

As we grow older, we accumulate new things. But there are certain things with which we align our sweetest memories. It is these things that we admire, and cherish to live back the good old days. They also remind us of the blessings of our most loved ones.

Further, you can browse through 5 such memorable items that you would regret at a later stage if you throw them away.

1. Your children’s valued possessions:

It is your children that teach you that happiness is nowhere but outcome of time spent with them, with the entire family. Your children are your most precious possessions. Then why not value their precious possessions? For example, your daughter’s favourite doll or your son’s first art project. These things help you and your child cherish their sweetest childhood memories while they grow thus remembering and retaining the pristine relationship of parents-children.

2. Grandma’s recipe letters:

In today’s world of digital extravaganza, you will find the softcopies easier to follow and create dishes. However, the way your grandma cooks her recipes with nowhere-to-be found concoctions of spices, and fluids, and so on is inimitable. And the way to grandma’s secrets for years to come is only through her recipe letters written in her own charismatic handwriting, a mix of emotions and expertise! Preserve it and you’ll thank us!

3. Birthday cards:

Today’s age of forwards in terms of texts and e-cards makes birthday cards even more important. Handwritten birthday wishes are the truest form of one’s heart poured emotions for you that you would want to cherish for life!

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