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Jul 26, 2021

A Guide For Long Time Storage Packing

Want to put some unwanted items away from your house for a long time? Or are you going overseas for a few months and want to store your items?

Long Time Storage is always the best solution! Long Time Storage is stuffing your goods away for a longer-term in a storage unit. Many storage companies offer different types of storage period options.

But, you have to be careful as the goods should be well packed and stored in the unit to avoid any damage due to moisture and dust.

To pack the goods appropriately, follow the below guide on packing.


List The Items

First and foremost, make a detailed list of all the items you want to stack away in the storage unit so that you won’t miss out on any. Then, accordingly, you can purchase the materials you will require to pack your items with.


Cover Storage Unit Floor

Make sure you cover the storage unit floor with a plastic sheet or a canvas tarp below your large and heavy items. This will stop any dampness affecting the items and help in proper ventilation


Good Quality Boxes

Wooden boxes are perfect for long time storage. Unline cardboard boxes, they are not weak and rarely get affected by moisture and dust. Their strong and long-lasting features protect the goods for a longer time. Any damages are avoided.


Use of Pallets

Piling items on pallets will reduce any dampness or moisture in the unit and allow proper ventilation around it. Also, moving the items will be easy and this will also give quick access to around the unit.


Careful With Fragile Items

As fragile items are more susceptible to damage, bubble wraps, tissue paper and clothe wraps should be enveloped around them. The boxes in which the fragile items will be stored must be properly labelled. Labelling will avoid mixing up fragile with non-fragile items.


Disassemble Larger Furniture

It is feasible to disassemble the heavy furniture for easy and damage-free movement.


Do Not Use Plastic Bags

Wrapping items with plastic bags often traps the moisture inside. This can lead to the growth of fungus. That is why It is better is to wrap your items with paper rather than plastic bags.


Vacuum Sealed Bags

All the items of cloth must be stored in a vacuumed sealed bags. Any amount of moisture can help moulds and other funguses to grow on these items. Such vacuumed sealed bags can safeguard these items from moisture.


Cleaned Electric Appliances

Before packing and storing any electric appliances, they should be minutely cleaned with baking soda or bleach. This process will kill all the bacterias and avoid any moulds to grow and will protect these appliances.


Abu Dhabi Storage 

The Box at Abu Dhabi offers different storage period contracts. You will find all the packing materials such as good quality wooden boxes, plastic sheets, paper bags, vacuum-sealed bags, bubble wraps, and many more at The Box Shop.


To get more details, Contact Us at +800843269 or email us at help@theboxme.com

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Jul 21, 2021

Storage Unit - A Substitute For Warehouse?

A new trend has emerged these days. As eCommerce companies and other small businesses are growing, they tend to opt for storage units, a substitute for warehouses. 


Its varieties of benefits! They are attracting more of these companies to their storage units. 

1. Power and Digital Connectivity

Storage Units have 24/7 electricity and wi-fi access. Proper security and other functions of the Storage Units depend on power. Since there’s no shortage of power, these functions don’t get hampered. eCommerce companies can have full-time access to these units through wi-fi, thus making these units secure and digital-friendly. Digital payment options are also one of the benefits. 

2. Organized Units

Each storage unit has layers of shelves for storage. These shelves cater for keeping the crucial documents and items in place and secure, thus helping in keeping the storage unit organized. 

3. Supply of Packing Materials

Storage companies offer packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape dispensers and storage boxes. As per the storage and packaging preferences, companies tailor their services to suit the customer’s needs. All the packing needs are fulfilled at the storage centre itself. 

4. Safety and Security

Warehouses do not have any advanced security features and a well-ventilated environment. On the other hand, Storage Units are well-equipped with 24/7 CCTV cameras and an automatic locking system. These units have air-conditioned climate-controlled sensors. Such sensors prevent moisture from forming and assist in protecting documents and items. 

5. Trolley and Forklift Facilities

Though warehouses provide this facility, Storage companies offer better accessibility options to their customers by giving their customers strong trucks and trolleys within their facilities. This facility is quite useful when the contents are in bulk or more in quantity. eCommerce companies do not have to worry because their products get stowed in the unit as soon as they arrive.

6. Different Storing Contracts

Storage companies provide different storage contract terms. One can either opt for the long-term contract for one year or a short term contract like a monthly lease. Even discounts are granted by the storage companies in the long-term contract. Warehouses do not provide monthly lease contracts like storage units.

7. Cost-Effective 

Fees charged by the Storage Units are much reasonable than warehouses. These units offer multiple payment options like Cash, Card Payments and even Online Payments. 

8. Receipt and dispatch

eCommerce Companies have to receive and send many packages, this being one of the most major and essential tasks. Storage Units ensure that receipt and dispatch services are available on the site, thus making it easy to send packages right from the unit.

9. Insurance Coverage

Third-party insurance is offered to the eCommerce companies to cover any loss or damage done from the storage company’s end in case of an unfortunate event. 

Which storage company provides the best storage unit services?

The Box, an ISO certified company, offers all the above benefits to their clients plus some more value-added services, 

Do visit https://www.storageinabudhabi.com/boxshop.php to book a storage unit.

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Jul 18, 2021

What To Choose? Storage Pod Or Storage Unit?

There can be numerous reasons one needs storage space, either for business purposes or moving to a different place or keeping unwanted stuff away from the house. But which storage option to choose? Storage Pod or Storage Unit?

Let us help you in choosing the right option!

*Storage Pods*

Storage Pods are huge storage containers in which you can store your contents. Then, you can either keep it in your yard or send it to your new destination or a warehouse for safekeeping.

Pack and Unpack Once

In the Storage Pods, the contents have to be packed and unpacked only once. The storage company performs the sealing and shipping work. 

Shipping to Long Destinations

If you are moving from one state to another, this option is apt for you. You can transport your contents easily between long destinations but only if the quantity is less.

Limited Size

They come in one 3 sizes- 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot. where all the content can be stored together.

Lack of Availability 

Storage Pods are limited. Unlike Storage Units, they are not available easily.  They depend according to their availability. 

Limited Access

If you want to store your items for a longer time, then Storage Pod is the best option. Storage Pods helps in storing the items for more time with limited access. If you have a yard in your house, it can be placed there. But, if you are living in an apartment, it will be difficult to keep the pods. 


These pods cannot protect the goods from climatic conditions for a longer time.  Contrary to Storage Units, Storage Pods are not equipped with security cameras and locks. They come with simple locks that can be easily pricked by thieves. 

Time and Cost

Storage Pods are more expensive and time-consuming. As Storage Pods travel longer distances, the company charges more fees.

*Storage Units* 

Storage Units, also known as Self Storage Units, are places where individuals or companies can rent a unit to store their goods securely. 

Storage types

Storage units come in varieties of options for businesses items, personal items and vehicles. For Wine Storage, one can either book a unit or a private vault for their expensive wine bottles. 


Smooth logistic services, 24×7 security storage units via monitored CCTV cameras at every entry and exit, climate-controlled units help to curb any manhandling, theft or damage to the vehicles. 

Reasonable Cost

Storage Units are less expensive than Storage Pods as they do not charge any transport fee.


These units come in different sizes - from 5’ x 5’ft(25sq.ft)  to 20’ x 20’(400sq.ft).  An approximate estimate of the size of the items you wish to store will accordingly help you to opt for the proper storage unit. 


These units are easily accessible for the renters as they have keys to their rented units.

As above the benefits of both the options are given out, now it will be easy for you to choose!

If you want to opt for a storage unit, you can book one at our Abu Dhabi Storage Company!

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Jul 16, 2021

Packing Supplies List: An Extensive Guide

Packing is no less than the tussle. You have to plan out what you want to pack, how you will do it, and what items you require for it. Once you have decided what you want for packing, all you need are the items for it.

Below are the essential packing things that one will need.

It is the most commonly used packing material. Different types of boxes products are available.

a. Cardboard Boxes: They are the most common and classic packing material. It ranges from small, medium to large sizes, used for packing. Holding some heavy items becomes easy with these boxes.

b. Archive Boxes: These boxes are ideal for transporting crucial business or company papers like documents, magazines, and recording discs. These boxes help in easy and safe transportation and storage.

c. Port-a-Robe Boxes: They are apt in transporting clothes. Here, clothes are hanged with the help of a rod and a few hangers, thus helping to keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

d. Slider Box: Basically, they are long and thin boxes that are the best for packing TV, paintings and other thin fragile items. 

e. Home Moving Packs: They are box sets containing small, medium and large packing boxes with packing tapes and five moving bags. Being most cost-effective and secure, they are apt for packing bedroom contents.

2. Bags & Covers.

a. Moving Bags: They are carrying bags with two comfortable handles and a zip at the top. They can hold light and frail items like shoes, toys, clothes and many more. As they are washable, they are reusable. They are foldable and can be stored anywhere. 

b. Bed Covers: A good quality bed cover can help in keeping your mattress dusty free during transportation as well as storing. The different sizes of bedcovers are Single size, Queen size and King size bed covers.

c. Moving Blankets: They are used to cover furniture, protecting them against scratches, damage and dust during transit and storage. 

3. Packing Papers:   

Packing Papers are enveloped around the contents. Thus this minimizes their unnecessary movement within the boxes during transit. 

4. Padlocks. 

Padlocks are one of the vital packing supplies that help to ensure the safety and security of your goods when they are stored. You can either opt for a  Standard Key-Locked Padlock or a Combination Lock. 

5. Bubble Wraps.

Bubble wraps are used to cover around delicate and fragile goods like crockery sets, mirrors and other glass items. They work as a cushion and protect the contents from getting any scratches or breaking. 

6. Packing Accessories.

a. Tape Dispenser: Tape Dispensers help mark the boxes well. Do make sure that the boxes are well closed and tightly taped.

b. Fragile Tapes: One of the most tedious tasks is to transport fragile items. Fragile tapes mark the boxes carrying fragile and delicate items, distinguishing them from all the other boxes.

c. Packing Knife: They help unbox the contents of the package, making sure they don’t get damaged.

Do visit StorageInAbuDhabi Box Shop to find all essential packing materials for moving.

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Jun 20, 2021

Long Term Car Storage Checklist & Advice

You may be having a 4 wheel vintage beauty or more than 1 car for a big family. If you don’t have a place in proper condition for Long Term Car Storage, soon they may turn into rusted scrap. A car is a mechanical object needing proper maintenance for them to be stored. You might have a vintage car that you only take out a few times in the summer for the car shows and cruise nights. Maybe you’re going on an extended vacation or work project abroad. Military deployment is another cause to look for long-term car storage.

Regardless of the reason, if you’re looking for long-term storage, you want your car to be protected and run well once you take it out. Here are a few long-term car storage tips to help you out.


Car Storage Checklist:

  • Fill up the tank: Be sure you have filled up the tank before parking the car in the storage for the long term. This will help you avoid rusting of the tank. Make sure you get your car services and corrosion-free before storing it. You shouldn’t plan to drive on it after several years and will need to empty your fuel tank and refill it.

  • Change the Oil: You are storing a car for the long term, but make sure you change the oil so you have less to worry about when you pull the car out a few months or years down the line. You can also apply lubricant to the other parts of your engine to keep them greased and clean.

  • Put the car on jacks: Do be aware of what type of car body you have. Some will not do well on jacks and could end up warping the structure. Check your car manual first to see if you find any information. You can also check online forums.

  • Wash and wax: When you service the car, make sure you have waxed it pre as well post-storage to avoid any scratched or damages. Dirt, grease, and other sorts of debris and dust on the car will wreak havoc long term. The wax adds another level of protection between the metal and the elements.

  • Plug the tailpipe: The tailpipe is the narrow and open end of the car. The Long Term Car Storage is well maintained but still, to avoid the risk of accumulation of dirt, critters and moist air out it is smart to plug the hole. You can plug the tailpipe with aluminium foil or a rag… just be sure to take it out before you drive again.

Another way to keep animals and bugs away from the car is to lay out mothballs or cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil around the perimeter of the car. Mousetraps work great for the bigger animals.

  • Don’t use the parking brake: If the parking brake connects for too long, it can fuse with the interior of the wheel. Instead, use a wheel chock, or just a simple piece of wood to stop the tires.

  • Park on a sheet: If any car leaks, then it will keep any drips off the floor. Also, a sheet will help keep the concrete or other types of floors fresh. Second, a sheet will prevent oils from the ground to creep up onto the wheels.

  • Clean and dust the interior: Maintenance is a key to any mechanical storage. You should vacuum and dust, as well as wash the interior windows. Make a proper check of the things you have stored in the car, especially if you have left any consumable item by mistake. 

  • Cover your car: Covering is the car is the most important aspect of the car storage checklist. We don’t know how a material will react over some time in a closed room. So make sure you cover your car with a specialized car cover that is made from fibres that are soft and breathable while still wrapping tightly around the car.

  • Park your vehicle in the right spot: When you park in a storage facility, returning for maintenance every 6 or 12 months is advisable. 

So you must park the car near to your place of residence, making it easy to visit the car storage on your next visit.

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Jun 17, 2021

Maximize Planning When Using a Movers Truck

Packing check! Labelling check! Calculating the vehicle size required check! So, what's the decision? Moving it yourself? Are you sure you are experienced enough for it? No, right? So extra pennies for using a moving truck be a smarter option to choose.

Moving trucks are convenient, but you’ll need a bit of know-how to pack one properly. Hiring Professional movers having years of experience in moving gives you a sense of relaxation in the already stressful process. With the help of this guide, you’ll be well on your way!

Below are some points you must consider before you select your movers and packers:


The easiest way to trust a company is to check how genuine they are. And costly does not always mean genuine. Before choosing a packing company, you should check if the company has all the necessary licenses and documents in place. The bills generated need to have registration numbers and you must also check their trade licenses and service tax details.

Background check

Just like how you do a little background check of the company you’re going to work for, you must do the same for your moving company. You need to ask them for details of their past customers. Do not just believe the testimonials on their website, if you can, speak to the actual customers and take their feedback.


Just like in any profession, experience matters. Before choosing a packing company, you should find out how long they’ve done this service, are they new to the market or are they, well-established players! Also, if the movers and packers are new but have a good list of satisfied customers, competitive rates, and all documentation in place, it is worth the try. Often, experienced and big brands take small shifting projects for granted and do not provide quality service.  

Team of workers

If you’re going to put your trust in a company, it’s crucial that you also know the people behind the company. More specifically, the people that are going to manage your move and handle your belongings. You need to make sure if the company has subcontractors or if they outsource some of the tasks. The process of packing requires special skills, you need to ensure that the team that’s going to handle your move is well-trained.

The Cost

If everything seems right about a company, the next obvious point to consider is the cost. Don’t simply go for a company that offers the lowest price. Consider the above points first and if all boxes are ticked then consider a vendor with the most reasonable cost. Even if the cost is slightly higher than your moving budget, it’ll be worth it in hindsight.

These are the most crucial points to consider when choosing movers & packers. Moving to a new place is daunting enough. Don’t let ‘moving’ be an unnecessary hurdle.

Timely reservation

Period as well as the place you book the moving service determines the cost. So Make sure to reserve your movers on time to avoid overpricing as well as the best service provider available. Avoid any situation where you can’t find a moving truck on your moving day by reserving your moving truck weeks in advance.

Keep ready beforehand

Packing a moving truck requires a step-by-step process that’s important to get right. Start by loading your home’s largest items such as refrigerators, armoires, couches, and desks into the back of the moving truck. The front of the truck (the stuff you load in last) should be reserved for stacked boxes, which we will talk about shortly.

Get Proper Packing Supplies

To maximize efficiency when using a moving truck, you first need to maximize efficiency when packing. Near the beginning of your moving process, figure out what supplies you need to move successfully. Sturdy moving boxes? Definitely. A dolly or a hand cart? Most likely. Tape, bubble wrap, and furniture covers? Yes, yes, and yes. Buy the smaller items and expendables; rent the larger stuff. You’ll want to get both from a place that specializes in moving. For one, that’s usually how you get the best deal on your supplies. For two, you’ll ensure that you’re getting high-quality moving supplies that won’t let you down during your move.

For more details visit us at https://www.storageinabudhabi.com/removals.php 

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Jun 13, 2021

Storage Guide for Military Employee

Members of the military are the pride of our country. But the problems they face due to duty calls are not like civil. They need to move to various cities and countries. They must do so without much hassle. Their families too face a variety of challenges that make day-to-day life a bit of an adventure. For instance, military servicemen and women move at least twice as often as civilians. Moving every two to three years and facing long-term deployment overseas can mean you need to find dependable storage options frequently and quickly. This guide will help you learn more about the active-duty storage options available.


Reasons You Need Military Storage While in the Military

Military moves often include complications like a transitional space between homes. Alternatively, you may face a trip overseas with limited space for possessions. 

Moving to a different 4base: When moving between bases, there could be a delay between leaving one home and the availability of the next. 

Overseas deployment: Vehicles and large quantities of possessions generally can’t travel with you overseas. 

Vehicle storage: It’s possible to have your vehicle shipped overseas, but driving requirements are often different in other countries.

Convenience for moving with a strict time limit: Deployment orders can require you to report to duty at a new military base with a timeframe as short as a few weeks to a few months. Placing items in temporary storage can help you avoid the clutter and hassle associated with the first days and weeks in a new home.

Storage Tips for Active-Duty Military Members

Storage for active-duty military personnel is a common need. But it represents potential challenges that don’t arise in most rental situations. While short-term storage for a move within the U.S. may not be difficult to find, long-term storage is typically needed. This means you need a dependable option to keep your possessions safe for long periods.

Storage features to consider

Military families are like civilian families in that they’re always growing and changing. Their priorities are different from the civilian. Lets list down some guiding factors storage unit of military personnel:

  • Location: If you’re facing deployment in various states or nations, you will accordingly have to choose between finding storage either near your permanent residence or area of deployment. It all depends on your period of deployment. This is usually close to the base, you’ll be stationed at upon your return if you have that information.
  • Climate control: If you have a lot of electronics we suggest looking for a storage unit with a proper climate control facility, to make sure they are in a safe condition. In the event of long-term storage, climate control is generally recommended, as well.
  • Accessibility: Once resumed on the base, it will be a rare scenario where you will require frequent visits and access to your storage unit. But an unplanned visit may be a major priority. So choose a unit giving you 24x7 accessibility.
  • Service and Military men discount: Many companies choose to respect their military personnel by giving those discounts for availing services. Look for companies giving such discounts to you. 

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Jun 9, 2021

Storage Unit Size Guide

Not sure what size the storage unit you need? Let us help! 

Before we finalize the storage unit size of our storage unit, let’s decide to what keep in the closet.


What to do before choosing the storage unit size:


Perform an inventory of your belongings. For choosing the right size you need to know what to store in the storage unit. The number of boxes or maybe the cars or maybe anything requiring temperature control like paintings etc.


What to keep and what not to:


Only because you had it doesn’t mean you still want. Make sure that you only store things you still want or want to preserve. Rest you can donate or just sell off online or in a garage sale. This will reduce your cost of storage and also will require smaller transportation.


Folds as much as you can:


Let’s make sure you pack smartly, reducing the space utilized for storage. Dismantle as many things as you can. Look for DIY folding and storing videos for better storage ideas. Use good quality packing materials to protect your items.

Calculate your space:

After you are done with deciding on what, how, and how much to store finalize the storage unit size. 

We are listing the sizes and the things that can be stored for you: 

5x5: about the size of a walk-in closet, best for storing extra items like 5-10 boxes, twin mattresses, and other small miscellaneous items.  

5x10: great for storing a bedroom or office, a couple of furniture items, and 10-15 boxes. 

5x15: ideal for storing a one-bedroom apartment with multiple furniture items. 

10x10: perfect for a two-bedroom, including large appliances and furniture pieces. 

10x15: great for two to three bedrooms with a lot of furniture and appliances. 

10x20: a good size for a whole house (3-4 beds) or cars, small boats, and other vehicles. 

10x30: ideal for larger vehicles and large items, with room to spare for a whole house's worth of items. 

Measure and calculate the actual storage unit size you may require to storage, as per standard storage options mentioned in our blog, find the right fit!  
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May 25, 2021

How to pack without driving each other crazy

How does it feel?

Shifting places is a very hectic and frustrating job, especially for partners. It needs a lot of coordination and effort. People have got their relations in a lot of trouble because of it.

Since I’d rather cut off a finger than call moving companies, Nick gathered estimates, transferred utilities, and dealt with paperwork while I packed. Working on separate projects kept us out of each other’s hair and off each other’s backs.

Declutter as You Go

When you start packing make sure to plan the step and allocate each other's duties. This will help you got through the process in a better and easier way. Make sure that both complete the duties on time and without much of each other's interference. This will help keep you away from heated arguments and duplication of work.

 If pack your own

Before packing the common items pack for yourself. You have to start from somewhere why not own an item. This process will leave only the common things to be packed. When you pack your own stuff first it will take lesser time as you don't have to wait to discuss with someone or approval of the partner. It makes it stress-free and leaves more time for packing common or household items.

Make a List, Check it Twice

It all comes down to staying on the same page. Good relationships thrive on good communication, strong support, and working as a team The key to all of this is a solid moving plan.

Most people underestimate how long packing takes and overestimate how much free time they have. Movers can help with packing, but it’s harder to do last-minute. We suggest starting the process at least a few months in advance. You’ll need time for details like figuring out when you can move into the new place, reserving parking spots, and finding the best pros for the job. The less you leave to the last minute, the less frazzled you’ll be.

Let the Pros Help You Move Stuff

It is very important to choose reputable movers. It simply means they should meet your standards for trust, truth, and transparency and have better business practice,”

Before hiring a mover do a little research into it. Get a sense of their track record and recommendation from family & friends. Is it a place of business, an apartment, a mail drop? If you’re moving within your community, drive by and see that a real company exists, that real people work there. See that they have the equipment to do the job.”

Ask what services and packages they offer that can help in the relocation process. Some can help transfer utility services, some partner with real estate offices, etc. If not, they can often refer you to someone who can.”

Just takeout

Once you start the process make sure you forget about other stress like office work, cooking, etc. Just order for taking out of maybe heat a ready-to-eat mix. Your main focus is going to be packing. Treat it as a party and enjoy the process of moments together. The process involves a lot of physical as well as mental stress, make sure you eat and rest properly between breaks.

People underestimate how long it will take them to get unpacked. Moving day itself is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Supporting each family member is key in a successful move.

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May 20, 2021

How To Find an Affordable Self Storage

Whether you are moving, downsizing, relocating, renovating, or travelling you may require the storage unit. Self-storage facilities are everywhere these days, but how do you choose the right one? Perhaps more importantly, how do you find the best price? 

So we are listing out tips to decide the best for you:

1)      Choose the Correct Size

Storage units come in many different sizes and with many variations to choose from. Many storage units also provide customized sizes and services at an extra cost to suit your convenience.

It's important to choose your size wisely to define your size and options. Had the correct unit size has been chosen, and the unit packed efficiently, the customer could have saved a significant amount of money each month instead of wasting it on unused space.

2) Is the placement convenient?

It should go without saying that storage rentals will be more expensive in more convenient locations as well as high population areas. But did you know that storage unit rates will also vary based on the location within the facility itself? It also depends on your budget, area of convenience, placement of the unit, etc., depending on what is your priority.

3) Keep in mind any extra cost

Few people are aware that most self-storage facilities require you to maintain insurance during your rental period. Far too often this is not disclosed until you arrive at the storage facility to sign the paperwork. Conveniently enough, self-storage facilities will often have their coverage that they will sell to you on the spot. This might cause an increase in your budget, leading to a harder decision to make.

We too suggest a proper insurance plan, to keep your item safer. But confirm the conditions and coverage before you spend an extra penny on it.

4) Avoid Rate Increases

If you are planning a long-term agreement, make sure you consider the rental rising every year if any. Although these increases are usually small they can add up if you will be renting space for a long period. Although it is unlikely that you can avoid a rate increase, you can limit your exposure by choosing a facility that is less likely to do this. Start by asking the manager of each storage facility you are considering about their rate increase history, then check online review websites to see what experiences others have had.

5) Skip Unnecessary Features but Look for Perks

Get the most out of your storage facility by choosing a location that has the features you need as well as money-saving perks. For example, do you need a climate-controlled facility? If the answer is no then you should only shop for storage locations that do not offer that feature - why pay for something you do not need? Other popular features that likely contribute to a higher rent include gated access, 24-hour security, CCTV security, free pick up indoor versus outdoor, etc.

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May 12, 2021

Facilities we provide in our storage setup

Moving Home? Or Need a secure place to store your belongings while you take off on your dream trip? If you’re looking for self-storage in Abu Dhabi, then your search ends here.

The in and out of self-storage facilities:

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is a service offered by companies, wherein they provide dedicated storage spaces to be rented out to interested people for storage of their personal and valuable belongings. The ex-pat community has expanded in a big way all over the world, the sizes of the houses are shrinking and the things owned by people has gone up threefold.

Self-storage in Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern countries are becoming very popular owing to these reasons. One can choose a vendor depending on their requirements and location, providing them tailor-made solutions suiting their needs.

Self-storage solutions:

The self-storage demands are increasing. The need for storage of environmental goods as well as money sensitivity has gone up considerably. The self-storage companies have really taken personal self-storage to another level. A small list of facilities that companies like “The Box” provide are as follows:

Spaces can be rented depending on the size one requires. There is no need to invest in a minimum amount of storage whether required or not.

  • 24*7 access to the storage facility

  • Only authorized persons are allowed access to storage

  • Beefed up security with cameras and guards

  • Insured goods and option to buy additional insurance

  • Climate and temperature-controlled environment for optimal storage of goods

We’re operational 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our top-notch security arrangements include a fool-proof access system that comes complete with CCTV logs. This ensures that you and only you can access your storage unit, no one else.

Remember, your Search for the best self-storage space in Abu Dhabi is complete at Storage in Abudhabi – the small (and big) self-storage space provider that offers you the most peace of mind.

Moving & Storage Advantages

We help you to pack, move store and also after relocation services. This makes your moves easy and hassle-free. In today’s life where minutes have monetary value, one has no time to waste time on a task that is not fruitful or eat up your valuable time. We make sure that your time is put to the right use, while we pack and store for you.

Flexible facilities for all small self-storage needs

May it be a car or complete house furniture or just your valuable antiques, we make sure you fit in all with us at an affordable price. Your list your requirement, we will customise your space. We at Storage in Abudhabi take care of all your specification and quote you accordingly.

Air-Conditioned & Non-Air-Conditioned Units

Want temperature controlled unit? We are the right place for you. Storage is the best solution if you want to keep your items safe from all the climate and pressure condition.

Open 24 Hours, 7-Days a Week

We are open all throughout for your service. 24x7 access and security make it a convenient and efficient choice to choose the right storage.

We make sure that we cater to all your needs by giving you the best and more than what you ask for. We also have features like:

  • Additional self-storage insurance option

  • Affordable self-storage rates

  • Total Security with CCTV Logs

  • Online Payment Facility

  • Monthly Lease Option

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May 5, 2021

DIY for packing for a move

Shifting? Relocating? Travelling? Redecorating?  Whatever may be your reason, packing things to protect them is a must!! Packing important and valuable items is like ensuring them from various climatic and damaging conditions.

We are listing some tips to start with:

I don’t want it now?

Many items are not required for the coming season or maybe do not match with the current choice of redecoration. We recommend packing such an item first. They being seasonal may get damaged in another season.  Shoes, sweaters, umbrellas, fur coats, warm rugs, etc. such items are stored till next year and don't need immediate access.

My valuable collectibles!

We possess a lot of valuable possession or collectible or antiques etc. When sifting these may get damaged if not packed and handles properly. Such item also needs to pack properly to store for years and generation to come. This is due to their sentimental value attached to them. So we can pack these in bubble wrap, boxes, etc.

Use what is readily available the buying new.

A lot of local retailers and businesses have boxes and wrapping material stored with them. They discard it after one use. You can ask such vendors for the packing material. This will not make it hassle-free but also economical.

Multi packing

We have a lot of fragile packing to do at the time of shifting. Let us do multi- packing. Use cloths to wrap fragile items. Fill up pots and pans with spices containers, dish towels, and other kitchen items to save space.

Put stemware and glasses inside clean socks for extra padding. This will not also help you store your item but also no extra space for clothes.


Sort and List

Write the contents of each box on the box, or on an inventory list. Even better create an Excel document that tracks the contents of each box.

Label the sides of boxes so you can read the labels even when the boxes are stacked.

Unpack your boxes by room to prevent constant back and forth trips around the house, especially if you have stairs!

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