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May 20, 2021

How To Find an Affordable Self Storage

Whether you are moving, downsizing, relocating, renovating, or travelling you may require the storage unit. Self-storage facilities are everywhere these days, but how do you choose the right one? Perhaps more importantly, how do you find the best price? 

So we are listing out tips to decide the best for you:

1)      Choose the Correct Size

Storage units come in many different sizes and with many variations to choose from. Many storage units also provide customized sizes and services at an extra cost to suit your convenience.

It's important to choose your size wisely to define your size and options. Had the correct unit size has been chosen, and the unit packed efficiently, the customer could have saved a significant amount of money each month instead of wasting it on unused space.

2) Is the placement convenient?

It should go without saying that storage rentals will be more expensive in more convenient locations as well as high population areas. But did you know that storage unit rates will also vary based on the location within the facility itself? It also depends on your budget, area of convenience, placement of the unit, etc., depending on what is your priority.

3) Keep in mind any extra cost

Few people are aware that most self-storage facilities require you to maintain insurance during your rental period. Far too often this is not disclosed until you arrive at the storage facility to sign the paperwork. Conveniently enough, self-storage facilities will often have their coverage that they will sell to you on the spot. This might cause an increase in your budget, leading to a harder decision to make.

We too suggest a proper insurance plan, to keep your item safer. But confirm the conditions and coverage before you spend an extra penny on it.

4) Avoid Rate Increases

If you are planning a long-term agreement, make sure you consider the rental rising every year if any. Although these increases are usually small they can add up if you will be renting space for a long period. Although it is unlikely that you can avoid a rate increase, you can limit your exposure by choosing a facility that is less likely to do this. Start by asking the manager of each storage facility you are considering about their rate increase history, then check online review websites to see what experiences others have had.

5) Skip Unnecessary Features but Look for Perks

Get the most out of your storage facility by choosing a location that has the features you need as well as money-saving perks. For example, do you need a climate-controlled facility? If the answer is no then you should only shop for storage locations that do not offer that feature - why pay for something you do not need? Other popular features that likely contribute to a higher rent include gated access, 24-hour security, CCTV security, free pick up indoor versus outdoor, etc.

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