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Dec 28, 2020

The top 6 mobile storage benefits you should consider


Mobile storage is becoming the favourite mode of storage for many as it offers security, convenience, and affordable options all at once. Here’s a low-down on top mobile storage benefits. Let’s delve.

Absolutely safe 

When looking for self-storage options, one thing that you would want to ensure is the safety of your belongings while in storage. In this regard, mobile storage scores high. It’s because one of the key aspects of mobile storage is the absence of double handling. What is double handling? When a person moves an item to a wrong place and then someone needs to redo the work and move it to the correct storage space, it is called double handing. It is extremely problematic as double handling increases the risk of items getting damaged. 

When it comes to mobile storage, the POD is delivered to your location, packed on the spot with your items, loaded into the moving vehicle and stored at the state-of-the-art warehouse where your items remain safe and readily available. You see, no double handling of your valued possessions! Since there is no room for loading or unloading items in and out of various trucks, warehouse units, and storage units, mobile storage makes for a secure storage option.

Sense of assurance

You should choose a mobile storage facility that offers high-quality plywood PODS that breathe and therefore keep valuables inside in a healthy condition. It’s because plywood is a material that creates a perfect environment for things to stay in good shape. It’s sealed from all sides which keeps the dust and pests at bay.


This is yet another mobile storage benefit – ease of use.

Unlike many other storage options, mobile storage is like being spoon-fed, literally, but in a good way. All you have to do is select the things you want to store. Next, call your mobile storage company to collect those things. And then sit back and watch those professionals as they neatly pack your mobile storage POD and load it onto the moving vehicle to transport it to their state-of-the-art storage warehouse where your items will remain safe and easily accessible 24X7.


Mobile storage isn’t like a mutual funds lock-in contract. You will be charged only by the day as per your usage. A simple pay-as-you-go model makes it way cheaper than other self-storage options.

No transport hassle

In mobile storage, you don’t need to worry about your storage unit’s safe delivery to its storage site. This saves you the extra burden of trying to find a moving truck. You also don’t need to worry about the truck’s unloading process once it reaches the storage facility (which, mind you, may cost you extra!). Oh, and yes, the double handing part. In mobile storage, it’s gone! It’s because, with portable mobile storage, your POD is shifted exactly as you packed it. It gets delivered to its storage site intact without any movement of things in and out of the POD. This omits the need to find separate transport means to move your stored items. Everything happens in one easy, smooth manner with portable mobile storage.


One of the greatest mobile storage benefits is its flexibility. If you want to store your mobile storage POD around your location, you can do so. This is of great benefit during events like if your home is under renovation and you need extra space to house your things until the renovation process is finished.

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Dec 16, 2020

Amazing tips to get organised before the New Year comes knocking on your door!


The coming of New Year always kindles a spark of enthusiasm and hope. People make resolutions, and prepare to welcome new ideas and changes. In support of this receptive spirit of new beginnings, we’ve curated a list of effective tips to help you get organised this year.

1. Dejunk

First up in our list of getting organised tips is - sorting out the clutter. Clear the space in your house or office by disposing of clutter and other unwanted possessions. You may have already finished this once before Christmas, but if you look around you will find more items that need to be purged from your space as well as your life to welcome the New Year. It will only help you to get organised.

Pro tip -

Allocate mess into categories – Retain. Throw. Sell. Donate.

Result? It will leave behind a new, fresh, organised house!

2. Get your kitchen organised

An organised kitchen is not just about closed doors and drawers. You need to make sure that every nook and cranny of the kitchen is free from clutter as it’s a high-traffic space used by almost everyone in the house. To start organising your kitchen in an effective as well as efficient manner with the least amount of anxiety it is best to start in an area where it’s easy to conquer clutter. For instance, you can start with the drawer that holds utensils (if you don’t have one, make one only dedicated to utensils). Empty it, clean all the utensils, wipe them thoroughly, sort out the things you’ve gotten out, and put back only those which fit the purpose – only utensils like serving plates and other flatware.

Next, enlarge your focus area. Start emptying every drawer and category wise put the things on the platform. Once you have emptied all the drawers, start to review every category and edit stuff that you no longer need or want.

After you are done with drawers, start with cabinets and so on.

You will see eventually you will have organised your entire kitchen! But, don’t go overboard - one area at a time!

3. Purge your files

Your folders, as well as cabinets, can become a breeding ground for obsolete papers and documents. This is the best time to get rid of the old (and unwanted) thus making room for the fresh and new.

We recommend you to start with records related to old client projects and finance. You just have to ask yourself this question – Am I going to need these documents in the New Year?

4. Get organised in style

Getting organised is no more a functional thing; it is nowadays being taken up to enhance style across space. Let’s look at a few such stylish yet simple and innovative storage means to get organised.

Storage containers – Not only are they practical but also provide creative as well as unique decorating options. You should look for quality shelving and storage container options online or offline.

Galvanised boxes – They’re ideal to hold everything from farming gear to cleaning supplies. You can get them at specialty stores and flea markets at cheaper rates. Apart from storing and organising things, they enhance the aesthetics of a place.

Baskets – You can easily tuck in items of craft, toiletries as well as magazines in some cute looking baskets.

Concluding bonus tip –

Looking for something cheaper? Get your hands on transparent plastic shoeboxes. They are perfect to store office supplies, items of craft and they stack up wonderfully.

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Dec 14, 2020

Top 9 Document Scanning Benefits For Businesses


Still on the fence about whether to go paperless or not? Why not when your business can benefit from it so much? Here are the top reasons why you should go paperless and switch to document scanning. Let’s delve.

Frees up valuable office space

One of the major document scanning benefits is that it frees up space.

If prime office property is put to use to store business documents then it’s a costly affair. Instead, empty the space and allocate it for some other productive purpose that will generate more revenue for your business. And transfer those huge record cabinets to a single server led document scanning software.

Enhances security

Document scanning supports the digitisation of records. This helps to prevent a breach of records or any kind of manipulation. Mind you, every time you see a printout or a file on an office desk, it is a security breach! Anybody can take a glance and know something by reading which they shouldn’t have known. Document scanning ensures information is accessible to only people who are entitled to it, therefore keeping it safely away from snooping eyes.

Cranks up the ability to search

Sometimes it just so happens that you don’t remember the name or title of the document you need to search, but you do remember a few keywords from the document. With this, if you go looking for a physical document, it can take hours to get your hands on it. But document scanning enables you to store and save each file with keywords. In this way, you can skip all that scrambling through the sea of archives as the relevant document just pops instantly.

Prevents documents from getting misplaced

Whatever business you are in – law, finance, or medical, you don’t want your business to be held up for not adhering to legal protocols because of failure of timely submittal of required documents.

Paper records are not only difficult to organise and maintain but also easy to misplace. Document scanning makes for secure access to all your confidential files, that too whenever you need it. So, when the time comes to comply with the demands of the most stringent legal officer or yearly reviews, you are fully prepped.

Makes customers happy

In these times, there is a huge demand for quick solutions as the attention and tolerance span of customers is decreasing. They want a faster resolution of all their issues. Document scanning gives your employees access to important information instantly, enabling them to attend to and resolve customer disputes faster and in an efficient manner. This will naturally enhance your business service as well as customer satisfaction.

Increases productivity

document scanning system allows an employee to focus her time and effort on business-at-hand, rather than endless and senseless search for documents. It will allow your business to share electronic records with several employees across multiple geographical locations, all at once. This will streamline your business processes in a practical, constructive, and collaborative way.

Purges unwanted documents

Does your business have to face the burden of storing annual, quarterly, or monthly reports and is looking for a solution that can clean up old files? Document scanning will save the day for you by eliminating duplicate copies and storing things on the cloud which would otherwise occupy your company’s expensive property. 

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Dec 9, 2020

What Can I Store In A Self Storage Unit?


Storage units are great storage options. They help you to save space in either your house or office. A storage unit provides you with a space to store things whenever you are moving to a new place. It’s a perfect place to tuck in seasonal things like holiday decorations or valuable possessions like paintings or artifacts which may require a special climate-controlled environment. A storage unit also comes in handy during renovations when you need a space to hold everyday items until the renovation is done. 

Now, let’s take a look at what all you can store in the self-storage unit (and what you cannot). Let’s delve. 

First, let’s consider a few examples of things that are fit to be stored in a self-storage unit. They are as follows-

Storage units are great storage options for seasonal things

Things used regularly like clothes

Toys of children

Tomes (books)

CDs and DVDs

Crockery items

Vehicles like cars, motorcycles, motorboats




Commercial office or home supplies

PCs and laptops


Furniture and bedding




Pendulum clocks (especially those vintage ones which you don’t want to purge but preserve due to a special emotional bond with them)

Considerations to take into account when storing in a storage unit

Before moving any kind of vessel or equipment that has been in contact with gasoline or any other flammable fluid, make sure you clean that thing completely. This is crucial so that the vessel or the equipment is free from any residual stains of the flammable fluid. 

*When it comes to appliances, make sure you clean them thoroughly and leave them for drying. Don’t forget to dry out their insides as well before moving them into a storage unit. 

Pro tip –

If, at any point in time, you are not sure about whether a particular item can be stored in a storage unit or not, don’t be shilly-shally about consulting a professional. You will find one at your self-storage unit facility itself. He will give you proper guidance so that you make the most of storage units as great storage options without compromising on safety. 

Now, let’s look at the range of things that don’t qualify to go to a self-storage unit. You can find the list of ‘things that cannot be stored in a self-storage unit’ below:

Anything with the label- inflammable, flammable, incendiary, or combustible – basically anything that can easily set on fire

Perishable things especially food that is likely to rot or turn bad rapidly

Living animals or creatures of any kind

Dangerous substances that are of toxic nature 

Illegal items


Storage units make for great storage options. They’re perfect for moving and storing things like furniture, tomes, and usual household clutter (especially things which you are not going to need for a long time and are taking up too much space but will come in handy later). 

You can use a storage unit to easily de-clutter and make your garage, home, or office spacious.  

If you’re a student, you can also use a self-storage unit to store your furniture and other belongings when you are going to be away during university breaks and get them back when you return without having to buy them all again. This is way cheaper!

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