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Jul 31, 2014

7 Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Bathroom

Spaces you are not using in your bathroom. How to use those spaces to create more storage…..

1.  Shelf above the door.

Source: familyhandyman.com

2. The space above the commode can be used for stacking towels and even extra toiletries.

Source: peekyou.com

3. The sides of the washbasin cubicle can be used for storing your beauty and hygiene essentials.

Source: countryliving.com

4. The inside of the door of your medicine cabin is a good place for storing knicks knacks.

Source: ohua88.com

5. The fake drawer under the basin can be an ideal storage space for hair dresser/straightening irons.

Source: diyforlife.com

6. Side of commode. Extra roll storage.

Source: topinspired.com

7. This beautiful shower caddy allows you to store your shower essentials under the shower itself. 

Source: modcloth.com

Use these storage hacks to create some much-needed space in your bathroom.

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