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Jul 16, 2021

Packing Supplies List: An Extensive Guide

Packing is no less than the tussle. You have to plan out what you want to pack, how you will do it, and what items you require for it. Once you have decided what you want for packing, all you need are the items for it.

Below are the essential packing things that one will need.

It is the most commonly used packing material. Different types of boxes products are available.

a. Cardboard Boxes: They are the most common and classic packing material. It ranges from small, medium to large sizes, used for packing. Holding some heavy items becomes easy with these boxes.

b. Archive Boxes: These boxes are ideal for transporting crucial business or company papers like documents, magazines, and recording discs. These boxes help in easy and safe transportation and storage.

c. Port-a-Robe Boxes: They are apt in transporting clothes. Here, clothes are hanged with the help of a rod and a few hangers, thus helping to keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

d. Slider Box: Basically, they are long and thin boxes that are the best for packing TV, paintings and other thin fragile items. 

e. Home Moving Packs: They are box sets containing small, medium and large packing boxes with packing tapes and five moving bags. Being most cost-effective and secure, they are apt for packing bedroom contents.

2. Bags & Covers.

a. Moving Bags: They are carrying bags with two comfortable handles and a zip at the top. They can hold light and frail items like shoes, toys, clothes and many more. As they are washable, they are reusable. They are foldable and can be stored anywhere. 

b. Bed Covers: A good quality bed cover can help in keeping your mattress dusty free during transportation as well as storing. The different sizes of bedcovers are Single size, Queen size and King size bed covers.

c. Moving Blankets: They are used to cover furniture, protecting them against scratches, damage and dust during transit and storage. 

3. Packing Papers:   

Packing Papers are enveloped around the contents. Thus this minimizes their unnecessary movement within the boxes during transit. 

4. Padlocks. 

Padlocks are one of the vital packing supplies that help to ensure the safety and security of your goods when they are stored. You can either opt for a  Standard Key-Locked Padlock or a Combination Lock. 

5. Bubble Wraps.

Bubble wraps are used to cover around delicate and fragile goods like crockery sets, mirrors and other glass items. They work as a cushion and protect the contents from getting any scratches or breaking. 

6. Packing Accessories.

a. Tape Dispenser: Tape Dispensers help mark the boxes well. Do make sure that the boxes are well closed and tightly taped.

b. Fragile Tapes: One of the most tedious tasks is to transport fragile items. Fragile tapes mark the boxes carrying fragile and delicate items, distinguishing them from all the other boxes.

c. Packing Knife: They help unbox the contents of the package, making sure they don’t get damaged.

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