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Aug 28, 2009

Are Bugs Feasting on your Paper Documents?

Everyone (from kids to businessmen) possesses paper documents. Paper documents not necessarily mean financial documents. It is a broad term that can include – tax returns, birth certificates, newspaper clippings and even old school projects like drawings that your kid or you yourself might want to cherish for a lifetime. Valued documents such as these are mostly not referred to in a long time. Thus they need to be preserved in an appropriate manner, in a well equipped document storage facility.

There have been many cases of artworks, canvases, paper money and documents been eaten by insects. These insects or termites would love to feast on your valued paper possession until the whole piece of work is consumed. Earlier, paper was handmade from plant fibers and hence was quite durable. But in modern machine-made paper, wood constitutes the major ingredient. As insects feed on wood, the documents we so wish to cherish are susceptible to insects. Therefore we need to leave our documents in the hands of a record management expert. Record management in Abu Dhabi storage facilities, offer the advantage of storing your documents in a climate controlled environment. The storage of your documents in a controlled environment is highly necessary, as insects thrive on particular materials and in certain conditions. Only a good storage facility in Abu Dhabi would be able to eliminate those conditions for you. They keep your documents safe by tuning the environment (temperature, light, etc.) inside your storage unit in a way to prevent insects from thriving.

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