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Apr 13, 2010

Simple Way To Enter The Box

With so many storage houses available in UAE it is really difficult to choose the one that suits best to your requirements. Many things are taken into consideration before selecting a right type of storage solution in Abu Dhabi. Different people have different needs and they want their storage solution to meet with their expectations. But at The Box we provide all the possible facilities that can please each and every client.

One of the tedious and time consuming tasks of having a unit involves the procedure of reserving a unit. Many customers do not like to go through a long process of formalities before booking a unit. But we at The Box do realize worth of your time and have made reserving a unit quite easy and fast. You just need to follow three simple steps before you book a unit with us.

1. Choose your individual unit: out of a range of units we offer you have to choose the one that fits in perfectly for your requisition.

2. Complete the client sign up form: we have a very simple form for you which will not take much of your time. You can easily fill up client sign up form in few minutes.

3. Move in and access your unit: as soon as you finish filling up the form you are ready to access your unit. You can access your unit anytime, 24 hours a day.

Thus short term and long term storage units at The Box are available conveniently. You just need to follow some basic steps.

image credit: susannassketchbook.typepad.com

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